2018 (MINI) Reunion


Various people have been responding in regards to our upcoming reunion,
I was at Rhein Main Air Base many - many years ago and I probably would not know anyone.
My response to them: You Are Welcome To Attend.
We all share Love & Precious Memories of Rhein Main Air Base.
Come as a Stranger and Leave as Rhein Main Family.

This will be a downsized reunion. Won't be like our regular reunions. Will be a simple fun time get together. 
(The Festhalle is somewhat similar to the one in Munich).

Anyone having been at Rhein Main AB, especially the Rhein Main Veterans,  Enroute Maintenance Reunion Group
and 630th MASS members, are invited to attend and enjoy the fun with the best Rhein Main folks you will ever meet.

27-30 September 2018 - Mark your calendars and make your hotel reservations -- ASAP.

Our Reunion HQ Hotel -- Helendorf Inn
Address: 33 Munich Strasse, Helen, GA 30545
Phone: (800) 445-2271 or (706) 878-2271


** CHECK out the hotel's website. They offer allot of GREAT information about the hotel and local area.

Make your own reservations. (Be sure to tell them,  you are with the Rhein Main Reunion Veteran's Group and ask for your military discount). (Hotels fill up quickly during the Helen Oktoberfest season)   You can always cancel. 
I guarentee our reunion hotel will be filled by mid June. MAKE YOUR RSVPS -- NOW!!

The FESTHALLE is (2) easy blocks from our hotel, which is also centrally located and easy to get to most places in town.


26 Wednesday 
- Anyone arriving early, are welcome to join me at Paul's Steakhouse.
(Located across the street from our hotel).
Time: 1800
They serve the best steaks and seafood in town. Also well know for their fantastic drink specials.

27 Thursday - People will start arriving. 
1700 - Meet/Greet in Hospitality Room and get the reunion started. 
(Bring your own bottle - BOB)

1900 - ** Very Special Guests will visit our Hospitality Room
2000 - ** Very Very Special Guest will visit our Hospitality Room

Members Choice - Stay in the Hospitality Room, Tour the City, Festhalle.

28 Friday - Tour the area / Stores / Group Meeting / FESTHALLE
1200 Hospitality Room Open. 
(Bring your own bottle - BOB)

I tried coordinating a group dinner for Friday evening, but due to the large amount of people in Helen for Oktoberfest, the restaurant I was planning to use, can't handle a large group, due to being Oktoberfest.
1630 -- I plan to go to Bigg Daddy's Restaurant. They have a great menu with many different types entree's and a superb variety of DRAFT German Beer. They are offering our members, 10% off your food items. Be sure to tell them, you are with the Rhein Main Air Base Veteran Reunion Group.
****  Bigg Daddy's     
807 Edelweiss Strasse, Helen, GA
****   Grab your friends and walk over to the restaurant and enjoy yourselfs   http://www.biggdaddys.com/
****  I also suggest dining in one of the many German Restaurants in town.
**** I've listed a couple of my favorite German Restaurants
**** Bodensee Restaurant - Across the street from our hotel.
(Saturday - our dinner location)
Old Bavarian Inn Restaurant --  Superb Food/Beer/Service  8619 N Main St, Helen, GA
**** https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g35004-d406861-Reviews-Old_Bavaria_Inn_and_Restaurant-Helen_Georgia.html
****  Members Choice - Stay in the Hospitality Room, Tour the City
2000 --  FESTHALLE

29 Saturday - Tour the area / Stores / Group Meeting / FESTHALLE.

1715 -- Group Photo in front of Helendorf Hotel Arch Muriel -- Helendorf Inn
1730 -- Social (1/2) Hour - It will take folks 5 minutes to walk to the Bodensee Restaurant from the photo site.

The bar area is small, so folks can pick up their drinks and walk about and start being seated.
1745 -- Start being seated
1800 -- Grace / be served

1930 -- Finish eating -- head over to the Festhalle, which will be a 5 minute easy walk.
I plan to request reserved seating for 90(+) folks.

Note: When the band is on break, Reunion Comments will be made.

30 Sunday - People will be going home



1. Your hotel room.  Depending which room you select at the Helendorf, the price will vary. Inform them you are with the Rhein Main Reunion Group - for a room discount.

2. Hospitality room:  I'm having to pay for it out of my pocket.
I will have donation jars for folks to donate, to help cover our hospitality room expense / Food Items.  

3. Hospitality room will have a 6 foot Sub Sandwich, Pizza, Chips, Dips, Soda's, etc. 
** Upon Arrival, Pick up your Helen Welcome Bag of Goodies. Your Saturday Dinner Tickets will be in 
    an envelope with your name on it.
** (Dinner/Group Rate tickets MUST be paid NLT 30 AUG 18)(I will tell you when to send your payments)
** If you paid for Group Rate tickets, they will be in your envelope.
** T-Shirts / Hats will be in the Hospitality Room. (Order info is listed below)
** Donations will be greatly appreciated.
** Members will need to bring their own alcohlic drinks.

All Active / Retired Military get free admission (w/ ID). 
Non (Military) Retiree's:       $8 - Thurs/Friday, $10 - Saturday  (See Group Rate Information)
Spouses/Family Members:  $8 - Thurs/Friday, $10 - Saturday  (See Group Rate Information)
Group Rate: In order to get a discounted rate for our for Non (Military) Retiree's, Spouses, and Guests, I will be taking names and prepayment.

*** Non (Military) Retiree's -- Veteran, but did not retire from the military.
*** FESTHALLE: Sells variety of beer / wine, Bratwurts (5 types of Brats) , Pretzels, Red Cabbage, Tea-Shirts and other Oktoberfest items.

5. Bodensee (German) Restaurant - (Saturday evening)
64 Munich Strasse, Helen, GA 30545
(Dinner tickets MUST be paid NLT 30 AUG 18).

$30.00 per person (Tax/Tip Included). Tea/Water provided, but Alcohol is extra per person.
The (German) meal will be served Family Style.
4 Guests will be set at each table.  (Tables will be moved together, so majority of everyone will be able to sit together as a group).The Restaurant will also be handling their large amount of regular customers.

Each table will have the following:

2 - Pork / 2 - Chicken Schnitzels, Smoked Pork Chops
4 - (small) Chicken Breasts with Creamy Mushroom Gravy
3 - Different Kind of Sausages: Knockwurst (Pork), Garlic Sausage (Pork-Beef and Garlic), and Weiss Wurst (Veal)
Sauerbraten (beef), Schweinebraten (Pork)

Sides:     Spaetzle (Homemade Noodles), Red Cabbage, Sauerkraut, German Potato Salad

Gravy's:  Creamy Mushroom Gravy, Creamy Bavarian Gravy, Creamy Onion Gravy

Everything will be served on Big Plate's (Family Style). 

Salad with Garlic - Dill Dressing and Freshly Baked Bread

** Everything is included except ALCOHOL.

** Table runs out of an item, they just ask for more.

** They are currently in the process of updating their website, so it will be back on line soon.

Note: I MUST have our people attending count/payment, NLT 30 AUG 18 to the restaurant.
I will be accepting payment later on.
I will be having knee replacement surgery, anticipating in mid June.
Once I'm in the recovery phase, I'll post information on how to pay for your meal.
BLUF -- Bottom Line -- No payments will be accepted after 30 AUG 18.
(I will need your payment, in order for you to attend the Saturday evening dinner.)

6.  Door Prizes: Accepting door prizes to be given out.
** Leon Farmer Beer Distributor donating a few door prizes. (Thank You)

7. I have had some emails asking about payment for the various reunion events.
** I will be accepting payment via PAY PAL at a later date. (PREFERED METHOD)
Note: Due to the Surcharge charged by  Pay Pal, there will be $2 Surcharge for each
PAY PAL payment.
** I will also be accepting checks, at a later date.

8. **** BREAKING NEWS ****
T-Shirts    -  If you want one, please send me your name, size and how many. Price: TBD
Ball Caps -  If you want one, please send me your name and amount. Price: TBD
The price will be included in your Saturday evening payment.

9. REUNION EVENTS / ITEMS REQUIRING PRE-PAYMENT (Will accept at a later date)
*** $30 Per Person --  Saturday Evening Dinner at the Bodensee Restaurant - (Must be paid NLT 30 AUG 18)
***  Group Payments -- for Non-Retired Military Veterans, your spouse / guests.
      Thurs/Friday - Festhalle -- $8.00    Saturday - $10.00 per person  (Working on Group Rate Discount)
*** Cost ?    T-Shirts -- Specify Size and how many.
*** Cost ?    Ball-Caps   Cost ?
*** Reunion Donations -- Would be greatly appreciated.
Total: $   Send Payment to    XXXXXXXX (Pay Pal) (PREFERED METHOD)  Will send out email, when ready for payments
               Send Payment (Checks)  to :                       Will send out email, when ready for payments
                     Stanley Miller
                 7213 Avila Drive
                 Fayetteville, NC 28314-5281

 10. Additional Information: Will be posting more information when it comes available.

Please review info regarding the Octoberfest

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Would be great to see the names of people that plan to attend.
This will help in the planning.
If you let me know, I will update the list with your names.


Stan Miller - Host
Deb Murphy - Co Host
Very Special Guests will be in our hospitality room around 1900 hours on Thursday
Very Special Guest will be in our hospitality room around 2000 hours on Thursday

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Jenkins - VIP's (Original Owner's of Fred's Famous Peanuts)
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne (Beth) Hurst - VIP's (Owner's of Fred's Famous Peanuts - Family of the Jenkins)
2 (possibly 3) Very Special Ladies

Mr. Don Ostrokski

Mr. & Mrs. D. Ball
Col & Mrs. D. Brewer
Mr. & Mrs. R. Brooks
Mr. & Mrs. B. Fessler
Richard "FIG"  Figueroa
Mr. & Mrs. N. Goforth
Mr. & Mrs. K. Heinemann
Mr. & Mrs. D. Hobley  (??)
Mr. & Mrs. F. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. D. Kelchner
Mr. & Mrs. J. Kettley
Mr. C. Leathers & son - Brian
Mr. & Mrs. M. Love
Mr. E. Martin
Mr. & Mrs. T. Mc Stott
Ms. M. Meyers
Chief T & Mrs. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. G. Moss 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Muehlberg
Mr. F. Norton
Mr. & Mrs. D. Smith
Mr. R. Stock
Mr. & Mrs J. Valentine
Many, Many More

At the top of the list, I have some VIP's listed.
The Jenkins/Hurst Family proudly supports the US Armed Forces.
Mr. Don Ostrokski proudly supports the US Armed Forces.
We Salute You, For ALL That You Do For our Military Forces.


Many folks have informed me they are planning to attend. If you plan to attend, please send me an email to stansvets@gmail.com  and I'll post your name.    WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A GREAT TIME.

-- PLUS REQUIRED PAYMENT (will inform you when to send)
-- Which Unit/Agency/etc - You were assigned to
-- What years were you at Rhein Main
I.E.  --   435th OMS Enroute Maintenance Section  -- 1980-1883
-- Which hotel you are staying, would be appreciated
-- Email Address - Reunion Updates will be emailed to Registered Guests
-- Please SEND your information before 15 August
-- This info is needed for the planning process

-- Send info to:  rmvets@gmail.com





Hope to see you in Helen, GA :)

Be sure to check out the numerous listings for Helen, GA (Google, Tripadvisor, etc) You will be glad that you did.


Rhein Main Veteran's Reunion Group would like to invite everyone to attend our MINI REUNION
in Helen, GA     27-30 SEPT 2018.

If you are not familiar with Helen, GA, please Google the City and you will be very impressed. 

Please make your room reservations ASAP. You can cancel up to 10 days prior. These rooms will soon be filled, because we are one of the closest hotels to the Festhalle and center of town. Be sure to tell them, you are with the Rhein Main Air Base Veterans Reunion Group.

Helendorf Inn
(706) 878-2271
Any questions, contact me.

Stan Miller   -- stansvets@gmail.com / rmvets@gmail.com


Greetings to all. Hope everyone is doing fine.

2018  “MINI – REUNION”  -- Helen, GA
27-30 SEPT 2018
Helendorf Inn – Reunion HQ
Address: 33 Munich Strasse, Helen, GA 30545
Phone: (800) 445-2271
Website: http://www.helendorf.com/
Room Cost will vary, depending which room you book. (view their website before calling)
(Approximately 90 miles NE of Atlanta)

For the folks not familiar with Helen, GA, this town was designed to look like a Bavarian town.
They have done a fantastic job and it will certainly remind you of all the memories of being Germany. 
(Please GOOGLE Helen, GA for additional information).  German restaurants, bakeries, stores, etc.

I’m calling this a MINI-REUNION, because this reunion is not our regular reunion held every two years.
This will a gathering of our Enroute Members, along with several members of the Rhein Main Veterans Reunion Group, in which I also Co-Host. This will be a downsized reunion. Will basically be a gathering of our members in a German environment and have allot of fun and fellowship with our Rhein Main Family.

Our hotel is (2) blocks from the FESTHALLE (similar to one the beer halls in Munich), which will have the German band  "PROST" performing our favorite German music and festival activities.
For the ones that are familiar with the fun several of our members had at the San Antonio Boardwalk German Festival (Reunion 2017), the Activities in Helen (GA) and FESTHALLE will out do those by many, many times.

PLEASE, PLEASE --- Make your hotel reservations ASAP. You can always cancel them prior the reunion.
These rooms are filling up quickly. Be sure to tell them, you are with the Rhein Main Veterans Reunion Group for your room discount.

Note: Parking is at a premium in Helen. Its free parking at our hotel as long as you are a hotel registered guest.
Rhein Main Reunion (Non-Hotel) Guest's will be able to park in Lots 3 & 4, but you will need to get with me, to obtain parking permit.
You are able to walk to nearly everywhere from the hotel.

Anyone wanting to join the Rhein Main Veterans Group is welcome to join.  Just send me an email stating that you would like to join.  Invite your friends to join.  (Stan Miller ---  stansvets@gmail.com  )


l ask for everyone’s names (information), that will be attending, so we will know who all is attending.
This info will be needed for our Saturday evening meal and planning purposes.
Feel free to send me your names/information now.  Thank You.

Anyone having questions about the reunion, please contact me.
Stan Miller – Reunion Host / Webmaster
stansvets@gmail.com or rmvets@gmail.com