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Gull Lake High School

Summer 2015

Greetings to all our classmates! 

After a year of planning, it finally happened this past weekend, and it was wonderful! 

A huge thank you goes to Dave and Jill Adamski.  They graciously invited us into their backyard and home the night before the reunion, and everyone had such a nice time. The food was incredible, the pool was nice to stick our feet in, and of course, the company was great.  Again, thank you Dave and Jill for putting up with us!

I guess he can't get enough of us, cause the next morning, Dave once again took the lead in the golf outing. We never did hear who "won", but it seemed like all that were involved had a good day (however hot it might have been!).  Thanks Dave. You ARE the golf master. :)

Saturday was perfect!  Well, there was a little rain, and then a little wind, and then a little storm. Actually it was bad enough to cause the bartenders to head indoors with the alcoholic beverages and whatever food we could salvage!  To any who didn't get dinner, we are very sorry, but someone must have been messin around with Mother Nature. Once inside, it was as if nothing happened. There was lots of talking and laughing, a little crying, and TONS of catching up.  We think this was the best attended reunion we've ever had. THANKS!!

So, we're looking to 2020 (that sounds so far away!) for our 45th reunion, and we sure hope each and every one of you can make it.  No idea what's happening, but we'll be in touch!  Speaking of which, please keep using Class Creator to keep us updated on you.  Many of us might be retiring and moving before the next gathering, so let us know where you are!  Please and thank you.  Also, don't forget to check the Missing Classmates page, and let us know if you know where any of them are.

The newest pictures have been loaded onto this site, as well as facebook, so give them a look-see.  Oh, if any of you have any pictures from our very first reunion (our 5th year, 1980, at the old Gull Lake View), please send me an electronic copy, or please make copies and send them.  I'll gladly reimburse you!  Stacey found about 6, and that's all we have. 

To end this, please know how much the committee (aka "the girls") enjoy working on these reunions. It's truly a labor of love and we feel so connected to you all, whether you come or not.  Stacey is absolutely correct in saying, we have the best class in the world!  If any of you out-of-towners ever find yourselves in the area throughout the years, please let us know.  We'll gather some friends and meet you for lunch or dinner! 

Love you guys!   PS I apologize for those of you who will receive several messages like this!     Julie

Stacey Freeland Clancy, 629-4646, 
MarriAnn Wagner Marshall, 941-475-4941,

Sally VeenKant Kenyon, 377-5436, 
Sylvia West Eichholz, 579-1357, 
Denise Roush Brockway, 671-4180, 
Jan Bogard Smiertka, 345-2050, 
Julie Blackburn Pixley, 671-4069,