67/68 50thReunionCommitte


At our meeting in December we agreed that we would aim to send out a save-the-date flyer to classmates in February announcing the reunion and encouraging early registration as there are code considerations regarding the number of attendees. We will stress that showing up and paying at the door is not an option.
Fees-  paid before April 1 will be $80.00 and $85.00 after April 1.  The final deadline for registration will be September 15, 2017.. We will stress that showing up and paying at the door is not an option.  Money will be sent to Sue Mann, with checks being made out to "John Marshall 50th Reunion".  Sue will open an account at Wells Fargo,
Dress Code - Business casual.  NO denim or sneakers.
Activities - The registration fee covers the evening event only.  There will be a cash bar.  Optional activities include use of the exercise facility, tennis, golf, and pickle ball.  We need to determine the costs for these and deadlines for signing up.
DVD - Earl will put together an updated DVD of photos compiled of what we have from the last reunion and other photos we can include.  Please, please send photos to Earl.  Evidently, Bob Pollard has many, many photos from our youth - Betty will contact him.
Class of 1967 Facebook Page - Richard will set up and administer a Facebook page.
List of Deceased Classmates - We will include a list of deceased classmates from both classes in our flyer.
Faculty Members - We know that the following faculty members are "still around" but we need addresses (physical and email) as indicated.  If you  know of any other faculty members we should contact, please provide me with their information.
Barbara Flinn Ford - have address
Hope Bayley Royer - have address
Bonnie Ramey Newell
Warren Carter - Bev has address
Bill Chambers - have address
Buddy Gregory
Class Lists - I have been plugging away trying to update the Class of 67 list.  I have made headway, but haven't gotten through it all.  Earl has the Class of 68  pretty much current.  Someone mentioned at the last meeting that Sandra Rowe Williams is a member of Hermitage Country Club - could one of you members pass along her contact information to Earl?
***We have not fully addressed what format we will use to publicize our reunion.    I'm thinking we should have a "multi-pronged" approach, by using US Mail, email, and Facebook.  We don't have one single format that reaches everyone.  Folks who graduated in the few years before and after our two classes have expressed interest in coming to our reunion.  We can post on their class pages and just tell folks about it when we see them.
I hope to see you tomorrow!

The committe wil be holding a meeting Oct 23 2016 at Hermitage County Club

Mankin/ Salbot .  If you would like volunteer to help within a committe contact

Nancy Allen Perrow  2292061.

Oct‘s meeting had discuss a limit on tickets and stopping the sell 2 weeks before the reunion so a final head count could go to the head chef to make his order.  Next meeting Dec. 4th 2017 4pm at Hermitage Country Club.



The 3rd planning meeting for our 67-68 50th reunion is scheduled for 4:00 p.m., Sunday, Dec 4th, 2016, at Hermitage Country Club, in the Fireside Lounge.  Many thanks to Dave Turner for arranging for us to use this space.  Please let either Dave, Betty Knox Milligan, or me know by Wednesday, Nov. 30th, whether or not you will be able to attend so HCC will set up the appropriate size space.


Dave also inquired about our target dates to hold the reunion and was able to secure the club (ball room, Fireside Lounge, and bar area) for Saturday, October 21, 2017.


Tom Collier volunteered to ask Bubba Crone if he is still doing DJ gigs.


Sue Murphy Mann has delved deeper into our financial status after the 2008 reunion and will bring us up to date at the meeting.


Pat Baker Turner volunteered to work with the Club to plan our menu.  Most likely we will have a menu similar to our 2008 reunion (heavy hors d'oeuvres, fruit & crudités, chocolate fountain, and cash bar).


The most current class list for the Class of 67 is attached.  I know I haven't given you a lot of time to start hunting for folks, but please do what you can.  It will be an ongoing task.  I have added a section for faculty members...please add to that as well!


I have a paper copy of the Class of 68 list (as of October 2008).  If any of you have a digital copy, will you send it to us by "reply all"?  If there is not an updated list, I will create a digital copy of the 2008 version and send it out.


Updating our contact lists is our most critical task right now.  


Directions to Hermitage Country Club


*From Route 288, exit onto Tuckahoe Creek Parkway West (this exit is between Broad Street Road (Route 250) and Patterson Avenue/River Road West (Route 6).


*Travel west on Tuckahoe Creek Parkway approximately 2 miles.  You will pass through a couple intersections.


*Tuckahoe Creek Parkway terminates at its intersection with Route 676 (Hermitage Road).


*Directly across Route 676 is the entrance to Hermitage Country Club.


*Proceed down the driveway until it ends at the main Club House entrance at the far left end of the building.


*Come in that entrance and into the circular foyer.  The Fireside Lounge is on the left.