Missing Classmates


Some music by Jason Mraz as you look over the names of Classmembers we can't locate:

a:Jason Thomas Mraz (pronounced /m??ræz/;born June 23, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter, born and raised in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Mraz attended Lee-Davis High School and graduated in 1995. Mraz is of Czech descent through his grandfather, who moved to the United States from Austria-Hungary ... See Morein 1915. His surname is Czech for "frost"_prince




 On the HomePage you will find the latest statistics of classmembers who have joined our website thus far.  over 100 members of our class have joined our site!   Please help us by letting all classmembers know of our website.  If a classmember does not have means to a computer they can either go to the local library and get a free email address from YAHOO, G-Mail or GOOGLE and log on or they can let YOU know of any updates and you can drop us a line and we would be happy to put the info in under their profile.  Please keep in mind that almost all of the classmembers that we had email addresses for and emailed have joined this site.  

  If you know of a classmate that we left off, please contact us and we will add them right away. 

 Thanks so much for your help!!!   : )


"Build it and they will come" 
Amazing! We began building this website November 18, 2008 and now almost 44.4% of our classmembers have registered already.  A average of 12 people (classmembers or visitors) log into this site daily! With your help to keep spreading the word, we will continue to see new classmembers checking in everyday! Let's keep it rolling... 


Susan Alexander (Quaiff)
Frederick Aloi
Anthony Anderson
Charles Anderson
Gary Baker
Allen Barnes
David Beadles
Frechena Berry (Howard)
Martha Booth (Donohue)
Carolyn Bradley
Ernest Brown
Karen Brown (Wentt)
Nancy Burnette (Scott)
Neppie Yolanda Burwell
Bonnie Chancey (Abbate)
Jenetta Charles (Todd)
Curtis Chisholm
David Cibo
William Cooke,III
Daniel Courtney
James Covington
Sue Cox (Eacho)
Deborah Crim
John Cruickshanks,III
Clark Davis
George Davis
Nancy Davis
Candita Dendtler (Streit)
Rosaland Dobson
Melinda Durvin (Leonard)
Margaret Dykes (Cook)
Sherrard Dyson
Linda Eades (Reyman)
Alfred Edwards, II
Martha Ellington (Baldwin)
Jacqueline Ensign (Williamson)
Sandra Evans (Anderson)
Joseph Fahed
Anna Falkman
Olesa Ferguson
Sandra Fields
Dennis Fisher
Jane Flounders
James Fox
Paulette Franchi
Barry Frazier
Wilbur French, Jr
Janice Fuqua (Mora)
Melanie Gamble (Walker)
Lynn(Cannon) Garber (Stackhouse)
Brenda Giannotti (Stankus)
Pearl Green
James Gregory
Donald Gresham
Brenda Harris
Patricia Harvey
Brenda Heath
Kenneth Hechler
Maureen Herndon (Hobgood)
Betty Hite
Ronald Holmes
Truman Houston
Michael Howlette
Phillip Jackson
Valerie Jackson
Clarinda James (Latifah Halim)
Francis Johnson (Quaadir Hasen)
Mary Ellen Johnson (Stroud)
Zenobia Johnson
Wade Johnson, III
Virginia Jones
John Jones, III
Margie Kast
Anne Keeberly (Vaughan)
Mark Keller
Steve Kincheloe
William Kindle, Jr.
Richard Lawrence, Jr.
Margery Lee
Patricia Lewis (Bruce)
Janie Lipscomb
James Martin
Nancy McGrath (Harris)
Constance McNeill
Juanita Meadors (Wrenn)
Kathy Mickle (Crouch)
Arthur Minter, Jr.
Linda Moritz
Frederick Morris
Carlton Myers
Donna Nelson (Remick)
Thomas Nelson
Jerome Nicholson
Timothy Nolan
Lynn Nunnally (Hooff)
Thomas Odom
Sammy Padrone
Gregory Patterson
Alice Paxton
John Pendleton
Mark Perkins
Earl Person
Patricia Phillips
Connie Phllips
Glenda Pleasants
Charles Poole
Joanne M Powers (Perry)
Johnetta Richards
Sandra Rowe
Barbara Sanderson (Allaire)
Barbara Scott (Fletcher)
Gertrude Scott
Barbara Shanes (Stainback)
Thomas Shaw, Jr.
Joseph Slay
Edwin Slipek, Jr.
Barbara Smith
Janet Smith
Kenneth Smith
Hunter Southworth
Robin Stevens (Lowery)
Thomas Stewart
Clyde Stewart, III
Gloria Stubblefield (Adam)
Norman Teal
Laura Thornton
David Towsey
Melvin Tucker
Frank Tunstall, III
Linda Uzel
Jacqueline Uzzle
Cindy Wade (Puryear)
Walter Walden
Douglas Waldruff
Linda Wallace (Cox)
Diana Weatherington (Harley)
Roger Webb
Dayle White
Spencer White
Beverly Whitman
Nancy Wickline
Duane Williams
Saundra Winston
Warren Winston, Jr.
John Woodard
Janet Woody
Gayle Wooten
Clyde Wynn (Freeman)

Guest Members

Joe (Griffin =JMHS 67)
Oliver (Hill =JMHS 67)
Sue (Mann=JMHS 67)
Willy Bach(JMHS-65)
Steve Balducci (TJHS 69)
Robin Beadles (Williams=JMHS 67)
Coach Billl Chambers (JMHS Class Of 60)
Steve Booth (=JMHS 67)
Coach Warren Carter
Tommy Collier (=JMHS 67)
Linda F. Curtis (Burke Jmhs67)
Judy Edwards (Fuller)
Patsy Finnegan (Jennings=JMHS 67)
Lewis Gilliam Jr. (JMHS 69)
Gary Hooper (JMHS 69)
Wade Hughes (Ld-1969)
Carole Kay(=JMHS 67)
Betty Knox (Milligan =JMHS 67)
Roger Myers (JMHS 65/66)
Sharon Nolan (Ladd =JMHS 67)
Charlotte O'Brien (Via =JMHS 67)
Debbie Porter (Robertson)
Bonnie Ramey (Newell)
Susan Roberts (Parks=JMHS 67)
Don Salotti (Jmhs66)
Sharon Scott (Blackman JMHS 1970)
Jimmy Spott(JMHS 69)