Facts about the site


Hello all,

Just a quick note to clarify some things about our site.

It is not like Facebook. ( It is more private and it is password protected).

As I was reminded lately, the site will not notify you of a post. You have to check in occasionally.

You can send personal notes and just hellos to any member who has signed up and activated their information. 1) Go to Claasmates. 2) Find and click on classmates' name. 3) Messages can be sent 2 ways; By private email ( that is seen by only the receiver) use Private Email , just under the classmates name and to the left; or by posting in the receiver comments. These comments will appear on the "Little Jeff chatterbox " page.

Its a good place to stay connected with each other and to let each of us know what's going on in your lives. Its a great place to post events. ( email me and I will make sure they are on the Home page).

The "Little jeff Chatterbox Page" is another way to stay in touch. Its a great place to leave pictures and a great place to leave articles of RVA and news of fellow classmates. Please keep it civil and clean. And see what is going on with each other.

The Birthday list on the right side of the Home page is a great way to remember our classmates' special day!

But I think it is a great place to find our classmates. And the easiest, because they are already listed for you. Know someone that isn't active and you are in touch with them. Tell them to join. Some of us really live far away from RVA and would love to hear about what's going on. Just email Holly Troubetskoy; she lives in the Netherlands and uses the web site often. Email her; I am sure she would love to hear from you !

Thank you to Bobby Farley and all of his hard work when we originally launched the site.

I try to up date and keep the site fresh every day.

 Want to make a suggestion; send it my way.

The site offers a recipe page ( ala BOBBY FARLEY and others).

Reunion information.

Information about us

A Photo Gallery and other interesting fun things.

Find out who is having birthdays. The list on the right side of the Home page is a great way to remember our classmates' special day!

Need a new password, ask, I will get it to you.

Hope to hear from you.

With my compliments,


Happy Summer !