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Rewind for 4/17/15



With the passing of Percy Sledge; who was your favorite R & B Singer?

  Percy Sledge
  Sam Cooke
  Jackie Wilson
  Brooke Benton
  Otis Redding
  James Brown


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Something different and Inspiring from
one of our classmates: JoJo Stanfield  (Joanne Derfel)

There’s an expression we use often in Woman Within called “compare and despair.”  It captures the essence of how we make ourselves feel “less than” others.  We notice qualities about them that we admire and when we look for those qualities in ourselves, we decide that we come up short.  It’s a great way to feel worse about ourselves and perpetuate low self esteem.

And there are other things that we do in examining ourselves in relationship to others:  compare and judge, compare and advise, compare and reject.  In all cases, we are using ourselves as a gauge, looking at others through our “self lens.”

What if, from this moment forward, we made a commitment to see everyone as completely unique?  What if we committed to celebrate the qualities that we admire in another by letting her know?  What if we told her that we view her as a role model as we work towards developing those qualities in ourselves?.  (Magic happens when we set and give voice to our intentions!)  And what if, as we honor others as individuals, we make a pact to release judgment, to stop trying to “fix” others with advice and to offer unconditional acceptance of their individuality?

And what if, in offering this unconditional acceptance of others, this respect and admiration, this release of judgment – what if we offered the same to ourselves?

What if?

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