Russell Flint

Profile Updated: April 7, 2009
Russell Flint
Residing In: Columbia, LA
Spouse/Partner: Amy
Occupation: Plant Technician for CenturyTel
Children: Andie, born Nov 5th 2003
Yes! Attending Reunion

Well I guess the normal things you do after High School. College, Marriage, Start a family. Still enjoy hunting and fishing. The most ful-filling thing though was becoming a father. God has blessed me with a wonderful family and a wonderful ministry working with the youth at our church.

School Story:

Skipping out on Ag and going to get a jumbo chili cheese dog from jitters was fun. Running aroung like an extremely bad dressed indian my senior year still causes some night mares. Many memories and fun times!!!!

Are you doing now what you thought you would be when you graduated? How's it different?

To be honest I didn't think I would ever leave Ringgold, but I did. God always knows what is best. Columbia is a wonderful place to live, and it has a wonderful little family in it that is all mine!!!!!

If you could build a second house or move anywhere, where would it be?

Have not built the first yet. We would like to build out in the country, or buy, so we can start the farm.

What was the last CD you bought or song you downloaded?

Aron Keys or Jeremy Camp. Last song downloaded was Chris Tomlin "Jesus Messiah"

What states/countries have you lived in?

Louisiana and Utah

What's your favorite vacation spot?

The mountains

Ever swam in the ocean? Details?


Ever laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? Details?

Yes and it was Mountain Dew

Ever danced your heart out? Details?

Back in college I wore out a lot of boots and one coffe table. I will let your imagination go from there.

Body piercings? (Besides ears) Details?

Are you crazy!!

Tattoos? Of What?


Ever steal traffic signs? Details?

I will stand by Rhonda on this one.

Ever been on TV or in a movie?

Yes. I was on a couple of news programs during my time as Assitant Livestock director with the State Fair.

When was the last time you belly laughed?

Just about every Sunday with the youth group.

Have you ever met someone famous? Details?

Jesus Christ, ZZ Top, George Strait, Tracy Byrd, Donald Trump, Faith Hill (rode horses with her), Garth Brooks, Tuff Heademan, Ty Murray

Ever been in a car accident? Details?

Yes, I ran around with the Tiptons. And they called me crash!

Although I was in a few of my own.

Have any nicknames?

Crash, June Bug, Dew Boy, Flintstone, and Saddleblanket.

What makes you laugh?

Watching Andie grow up and explore the joys of life.

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