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Cheryl Kenney (Lucion)

We are actual trying to find out for sure if Cheryl was in our class although we think that she was. Jim Helm has spoken with her father in Roanoke and he also thinks Cheryl was in our class. She has a older sister named Page from the class of 1976.

Cheryl married Joey Lucion and moved to Texas in 1979 where he was stationed in the army. Mr. Kenney said that Cheryl was killed in 1979 and that the murder has never been solved.

Our deepest sympathies to the family and if anyone has any other information or memories of Cheryl, please feel free to share them here.

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04/14/08 11:14 AM #1    

Christine Lingblom (Spoto)

Cheryl was in our class until she moved up a year to graduate early. I think we should still include her in our class, though.

I remember when I heard about this happening to Cheryl; what a shock, and I'm deeply saddened about it all over again. Continue to rest in peace, dear Cheryl.

04/17/08 12:46 PM #2    

Jimmy Higgins

I also remember Cheryl from the Hidden Valley days. We had classes and shared laughs together in those days. She was a good friend then. I believe she was a cheerleader too for the basketball team. In High School we ran in different crowds. Good call Christine remembering that she had graduated early. I think maybe Lonnie Shefler (sp.) may have some memories? Or Anne Baecher? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't her father of Kinney burgers?--those burgers were delicious--and my brother says you can still get them in Lexington and Buena Vista. Rest in Peace, Cheryl

04/19/08 02:30 AM #3    

Renay Fariss (Richardson)

Hey guys, Cheryl was a friend of mine also, a little elusive, and hard to get to know, but Jimmy Higgins is right, her parents were behind that fast food chain, and she died suddenly, in fact, the story was in the Roanoke paper, as I didn't leave Roanoke until I was 25, anyway, she was murdered, I saw that in the paper....I will NEVER forget her beautiful heart-shaped face...she was a gorgeous girl...and a little introverted, but, once you got to know her, she was your friend...Renay

04/19/08 02:27 PM #4    

Laura Lemon (Rhodes)

Cheryl was a friend of mine too; however, we went our separate ways our sophomore year at CSHS. She did graduate early and married Joey. I first met her at Oak Grove ES. We planned baby showers for Mrs Torian and Mrs Nancy Yancy. When I would go to play at Anne Baecher's house we would walk to Cheryl's and then head to Oak Grove to the baseball games to watch Dobby Dobyns and Paul Mayo play. I ate many a Kinney burger at her home. Cheryl's family did own the infamous Kinney Burgers joint on Brambleton Ave. Brambleton right? She had several siblings-her brother was the Knight back in the early 70's. And her sisters were in my sisters grade. I have kept notes that Cheryl and I used to pass in Mr Inman's class. We only got caught passing notes a few times. She was a real sweetie!! Lonnie Shefler, Lynne Rowsey, Toni Landau and Brooke Overby were friends with her too. Cheryl hosted the first BOY-GIRL party I ever attended!!

I remember hearing the news of her death and how terribly sad I was. I know the unsolved death must be very painful to her family even today so many years later.

God Bless Cheryl and the Kinney family.

05/01/08 11:42 AM #5    

Doug Dorman

Cheryl was a special friend of mine too, I remember me and Victor Bradley and Terry Peters use to take turns being her boyfriend in elementary school. I was at the party Laura was talking about too. The Spin the bottle partys and more. Cheryl use to give us Kenney Burger coupons for her birthday and ours. I played in those baseball games down at Oak Grove also and looked for Cheryl to be there. She usually was. I learned how to draw Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade and I made a sign on the chalk board advertising Cartoon drawing lessons .25 cents and Cheryl was my first customer. I would have paid her the .25 cents to show her how to draw cartoons. She took a different path our sophmore year and I didn't see her as much. I drive by her old house everyday on my way to work and back home and I am reminded of my memories of her often.
She was a beautiful and friendly girl, she is dearly missed.

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