Classmates who are attending

5/20/13 lastest update on money received from classmates. We're hoping more will attend. If you know someone's name is not on this list, please give them a call.

All classmates, please attend the Memorial 2:30pm Saturday June 1st at Glencairn Garden. No charge for this event. This is a wonderful time to pay our respect to our clssmates who are no longer with us. We love all our classmates who are veterans. Happy Memorial Day. Strong shoulders may be needed.  

                                               50th Reunion Attendees

 Classmate                                         Spouse/Guest                    

Margaret (Adams) Ticktin               Tommy Ticktin               

Anne (Arnold) Blake


Barbara (Blackwelder) Greeson    Rick Greeson

Lowell Bomar                                  Helen Bomar                     

Crawford Bookout                          Gail Bookout                      

David Byrum


Jane (Childers) Hayes                      Charlie Hayes     Class of 64

Salena (Coleman) Lynch                 Walter Lynch

Mary (Collins) Starnes                     Bill Starnes                         

Margaret (Currence) Hope                            

Lou (Cushman) Stevens                   Tommy Stevens


Roberta (Duncan) Wolfe


Barry Faile

Vada (Faulkner) Manus                  Mike Manus


Lem Gainey                                       Linda Gainey

Judy Roberts Gibson                        Jim Gibson

Hodge Golson

Mike Gordon                                     Ann Gordon

Louis Graves

Lanny Green

Eleanor (Greer) Logan                     Lee Logan

David Griffith                                    Majorie Griffith                  


Brenda Haile                                Miguel da Cunha                      

Judy (Harris) Bauer

Jack Healan                                 Karen Healan "Class of 64"

Carol Anne (Hope) Magann      Mac Magann

Judy (Horne) Hardison

Jane (Huey) Kernaghan             Brian Kernaghan                           

Betty (Hessenthaler) Rockholt   Bobby Rockholt

Claude "Butch" Hunter            Peggy Hunter "Class of 61"         

Jerry Hunter                               Carol Anne


Maxine (Jacobs) Mauney            Gary Mauney

Ronnie Jones                                Kathy Jones

Margaret "Sister" Johnson


Jim Kaylor                                   Connie Mayer

Mary Anne (Keating) Palmer     


Jack Leader                                                                                          

Patty (Leary) Boykin                                                                          

Lynda (Lofdahl) York

Carol Long                                    Pat Long "Class of 64"                

John Lumpkin


Janice McCarter Young

Buddy McDaniel

Jeanne Stutts McDaniel

Tommy Melton                                                                                    

John Middlebrook

Doris (Mitchum) Mckinney                                                                

Lovine Moss                                                                                          


Phil Peeler                                         Sherry Peeler                          

Barbara (Penick) McElveen                                                              

Marilyn (Petty) Smith                       Harry Smith                          

Rod Smith 

Larry Reynolds                                  Pam Reynolds                          

Ronnie Rinehart                                                                                   


Buck Schwing                                     Jean Schwing "Class of 65"

Donna (Simpson) King                      Cracker King "Class of 62"

Aileen (Smith) Varnadore                                                                   

Ken Smith                                           Carol Smith                           

Rod Smith                                           Barbara Smith                       

Neil Smoak                                          Sherry Smoak

Jane (Spurlock) Hobson                                                                     

Guy Stanley                                        Barbara Stanley                    

Cecilia (Boatwright) Strickland   

Harold Strickland                                                                                  

Jim Stringer                                         Ann Stringer

Carol (Sturgis) Cole


Gary Thompson

Becky (Troublefield) Davis                 Ron Davis "Class of 61"       


Jim Wallace                                        Kathy Wallace                                       

Bob Ward                                            Paula Ward                           

Keith Warmoth-Both Nights             Peggy Warmoth-Friday only

Robert Wells

Terry Wendt

Joan Marie (Williams) Platt              Michael Platt                        

Becky (Whitlock) Combs                   Thomas Combs

Judy (Wingate) Bundy                       Lawrence Bundy                  

Richard Wingate                                 Joyce Wingate

Mickey Woodhurst

Henry Woods                                      Gale Teaster                           


Class of 1962

Linda (Bailey) Moore                         Joe Moore

Wade Comer

Ronnie Connelly

Susan (Roberts) Gibson

Anne Rollins


Class of 1965

Sherry (Jackson) Glenn


Class of 1966

Brenda (Blackwelder) Drake


Special Guests                Saturday Evening


John Godbold                    Linda Godbold


83                                                           46                                          



                                            Friday Only


Nita (Arthur) Miller   Class of 64

Elliott "Ray" Baker         Linda Baker

Myrtle (Baker) Irvin

Patty (Becknell) Flint-Class of 62

Harriet (Byars) People

Paul Campbell                  Ali Campbell

Lorraine (Carnes) Gaynor

Ruth (Clinton) Hinson            Laxton Hinson - Class of 61

Vernon Costner                       Harriet Costner 

Elaine (Ferguson) Furr-Class of 62

Joe Greene

Hilda (Herdon) Miller             Jimmy Miller

Gary Jones                               Nancy Jones

Phyllis (Kimbrell) Gunderson

Leila Jane (Potts) Long          John Long

Rosanne (Moore) Dover        Class of 65

Francis Wilson -Class of 62




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