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02/09/09 12:59 PM #1    

Shirley Davidson (West)

Welcome to the Rupert High School Class Of 1954 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

07/12/09 11:39 PM #2    

Shirley Davidson (West)

For your interest those attending the 55th reunion were:
Donna Allen Mendenhall
Earlene Beeler Ricondo
Don Borchardt
Barbara Bott Searle
Fred Charles
Frances Charles Yadon
John Crowe
Shirley Davidson West
Tom & Virginia Stephens Day
Anna Mae Engkraf Rogers
Frank Freiburger
Marie Herbold Fikstad
Jane Hanson Axtman
Delores Hauck Henscheid
Walter Huber
Loa Mae Johnson Rutschke
Barbara Lee Studer
Kerma Little Pascavis
George Knoblauch
Philip D. "Skip" Nelson
Tom Markland
Doug May
Joan Moon Miller
Roy & Vivien McMillon Worthley
Sharon Muir Mooso
Charles Pickering
Norman Schoen
Lyman Short
Bert Stevenson
Ernest Sturart
Nadean Ulrich Moore
Robert Villet
John Weimer
Norma Zampedri Charles
Bill Zimmerman

01/01/11 11:11 AM #3    

Roy Worthley

Dear Classmates:

I did not figure on living this long or I would have planned to do more things.  Everyday is a surprise.  First off, I would like to encourage you to start doing something besides just breathing the air.  Being seniors should not mean we have lost the will to to get involved.  If nothing esle, raise hell.  I found retirement is just another phase of life that needs attention.  Doing something meaningful is absolutely necessary.  You may have to lower you expections a little, but not much.  I started an Online newsletter as a travel log and billboard for personal observations . . . and viola! It turned into a monthly newsletter of human interest.  Today THE ROVI NEWS reaches South America and Europe, and military personnel in far distance places.  It has given me friends I have never met and reconnected me with people I had forgotten. 

If you are ever in the Southwest deserts of Arizona, come and see us.  We live in Casa Grande south of Phoenix.  I hope your new year of 2011 is full of wonderful things. 

Sincerely, Classmate Roy A Worthley


01/24/11 10:26 AM #4    

Shirley Davidson (West)

Hi Roy & Vivien:

Thanks, for your response to the website.

It is a good place to stay in touch.

Winter is passing swiftly in our country (I hope) but to move it along faster we are planning a trip to the Southwest to checkout where some of our acquaintenances spend the winter or year round.

It will probably be sometime in February.

Hope you are doing well.

Shirley West


01/24/11 12:04 PM #5    

Roy Worthley

Dear Classmates:

A little bragging is in order.  Vivian McMillon and I celebrated our 57 Wedding Anniversary Januarty 16th.  We were unable to attend our graduation ceremony from high school because we were attending classes in college at the time.  Sorry, we missed that event.  However, we really enjoyed our class reunions.  Both of us will be 75 years old over the next thirty days.  We ought to have an "Old Gezzer's Reunion" while there are still some still breathing.

Roy & Vivian

05/03/12 08:17 PM #6    

Gerald "Jerry" R. Hill

From Jerry Hill to all my former classmates.  With your patience and permission, I would like to bring you up to date with an overview of my comings and goings after graduation.  I joined the U.S. Air Force in August 1954 and I stayed in the service for 20 years, retiring in 1974 as a Master Sergeant.  My Military assignments, (there were several), included a two year tour at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippine Islands, and from October 1959 to March 1967, I was stationed in The Pentagon, Washington D.C. I had the distinct pleasure and honor of serving there during the entire administration of President John F. Kennedy.  I was part of a task force breifing team during the "Bay Of Pigs" insident and The Cuban Crisis.  I had the honor of meeting President Kennedy on two different occassions, and my first wife, (whom I met in Washington D.C. and married in Sept. 1963, and I were priveledged to attend his funeral at Arlington National Cemetery in 1963.  After my retiremnet, I went to work for the Federal Government Civil Service and I retired from that in November 1993.  My first wife and I were divorced in 1986. We had been living in Midvale, Utah.  I moved to Tooele, Utah because I was working at the Tooele Army Depot, from where I eventually retired.  I met a great lady in Tooele.  We were married in 1988.  We were married for 22 years when she took ill from two strokes and passed away two years ago. All of my children from my first marriage, live in the Salt Lake City area, so I moved over here to be closer to them. I have had the pleasure of attending every class reunion up through the 40th, but after that I had some medical problems which kept me from attending the 50th, ( the big one that I did not want to miss), and any subsequent gatherings after that.  But I am grateful for this web site that I am now a part of, and I hope to hear from any of you who would like to get in touch.  Jerry Hill    3 May 2012. 

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