Joe Burl Davis

Profile Updated: August 7, 2017
Residing In: Flippin, AR USA
Spouse/Partner: Linda Kaye Davis
Occupation: Retired
Children: Jodi Lynn, born 1973; Dallas Dustin, born 1977; Jill Ann, born 1979
Military Service: US Army Infantry  
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Attending Reunion



My wife and I have just taken care of 5 grandchildren over a 3 week period during the summer. Love them all, but I am a nut case at the present moment. Can't handle all of the noise much anymore. Super kids though. My grand daughter, Dakota, constantly is saying "Grandma". My wife was in the restroom and Dakota was banging on the door, "Grandma, Grandma". I really think my wife was trying to hide from the grand daughter. Didn't work! Ha!
Went to Glacier National Park two weeks ago. If you haven't been it is tremendous. Couldn't spell goregous so I used the word tremendous. Any way, it is something you need to see. My son and his family was staying at a KOA in West Glacier, Montana and we rented a cabin in the park. If you like to hike, Glacier National Park is the place to go. We went on the Hidden Lake trail. I huffed and puffed but made it there. I know why they call it the Hidden Lake trail. Only mountain goats can get there. I made it. Guess that shows you that I am an old goat.
We hiked an "easy" hike called "Avalanche Lake" trail. They say it is easy so that people like me will take it. I call it an NDE hike (Near Death Experience). It is 3.1 miles, mostly uphill going in. We met people coming back that said it was worth the effort. It was. One of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen. One lady gave out at the lake and they sent 4 members of a rescue team to bring her back on a stretcher. I thought of an idea -- Why couldn't I say I needed a stretcher to take me up to the lake? Then I could come back down on my own. Might not have worked. Oh well, it was worth the effort anyway!
Went on up to Banff, Canada in Alberta. Saw Lake Louise that has been in a lot of movies. Didn't enjoy that part of the trip. Tons of tourists! We had to park in a parking lot quite a ways from Lake Louise and you guessed it -- walk up a mountain to get to it! I guess I am part goat, made it!! We rode a gondola up to the top of a mountain at Lake Louise. Supposed to be a tremendous view of animals, birds, etc. Didn't see anything!! Maybe it was my eyesight!! If you are going to go up the Banff Gondola, you are told to make a 48 hour reservation prior to getting on it! So that knocked us out of taking it. Beautiful country!!
My oldest daughter is the head girls basketball coach at Jonesboro High School. So proud of her. She is the only girls coach to win a state championship at the school. She expects to win at least two more state championships in the next three years. She said if she didn't, she should be fired. I told her not to be talking that way. A coaches best friend is a U-Haul trailer. Think the world of her, as all of you think of your kids.
Will be having my army reunion in San Antonia next summer. I really enjoy being with fellow soldiers that looked out for each other during the Vietnam War. Met some really super people during my tour of duty.
Guess I had better sign off. I hope all of you are having a wonderful life!

Have a beautiful day! Joe Burl

School Story:

I think alot of Mr. Price, Mr. Shepard, and Coach Horn and Coach Reese. I feel a deep regret that I did not get back to tell Mr. Price how much I appreciated his influence in my life. I was able to tell Hoslea. I am trying to live up to the standard that these teachers placed in me. I was so lucky to have them a part of my life. I also think of all of you and the great times we had. It is hard to believe that the time has gone by so fast. I still enjoy life. I have tried to make everyone around me to be in a happy state. I always surrounded myself with winners and all of you are a part of that circle

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Thought I better put you in a happy birthday greeting before I forget it. Boy, memory problems crop up as you get older. It has been a long time since I last saw you. I hope you have a super birthday!! Joe Burl

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Oct 23, 2017 at 11:15 AM

Have a happy birthday Luther. Thank you for your service in the armed services. Can't believe so many years have past by. Joe Burl

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Mar 28, 2017 at 10:16 AM

Finally found someone older than me!!! Hope you have a super birthday! Been a long time since we were in high school. Never thought we would be this old. Joe Burl Davis

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Happy Birthday young fella!!

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Hope you have a super birthday. I had my 70th in February. Didn't know I would ever be that old. Oh well, as Dicky Niven says, you are only as old as you feel. He's right. I hope you are feeling in your 20's. Hope to see you in the future. Joe Burl

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Happy Birthday, Jamie! You still look as I remember you in the past. Someone at the reunion told one person there that they looked just like they did in high school. Great answer!! "You mean I looked this old back then." Hope to see you in two years. Have a happy and successful future. Joe Burl

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Thinking about you two weeks ago. I had two extra tickets for the UA vs. Ole Miss. I would have been glad to give you the two if you and your husband had wanted them. Didn't know if you still had your seats at Fayetteville or not. I have had season tickets for the Fayetteville games for quite a while. Usually my son, grandson, and I are regular users of them. My wife goes to a maximum of two games a year. She had rather see the game on tv. I bought two more season tickets because of future grandchildren wanting to attend the games. I have 5 grandkids. One of them said he wasn't driving down from Kansas City (4 1/2 hours) with dad to watch a game and then drive back home. I don't guess he loves the hogs as much as I do. Ha!! He may be smarter than I.
Hope you have a wonderful birthday in a few days from now. Hope you have had a good life. Boy time sure flies. I am going under the knife for the first time on January 5. Left knee replacement. Other than that I am about the same as I was back when we knew each other. I know, still weird. Have a beautiful day. Joe B.