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06/04/09 08:55 AM #1    

Cynthia M Conner (Conley)

Mr. Giusti was the Principal of Hiram Johnson High School
back in 1994; don't know if he is still there or if they can help you get in touch with him.

09/04/09 12:44 AM #2    

John Gim Wong

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Jacqueline Ann Lee. Last time we were all still in high school. She stands out as one of the most resilant and strong gals I've ever met. Just love to catch up with her.

09/13/09 06:04 PM #3    

Tami C Leake (Stoddard)

We have a request from one of our classmates to find Jan Adams and Cathy Perkins. Has anyone one had any contact with them??? Also what about Jerry Hukaby and Jim Blomberg.

03/21/10 09:41 PM #4    

David Coulson

I'd be interested in reading the newsletter. Could you post it in Word or PDF? I don't want to miss out on what's going on. Thanks.

07/21/10 11:38 AM #5    

Dr Maurice Ritchot Ph. D.

To all of my classmates, from the Class of '69.....Most of you saw me at the reunion with a sling around my left shoulder. I had a severe accident, and was hit by a vehicle, in the parking lot of Wal-Mart, in Folsom, CA, where I reside. Driver was not paying attention and made a wide right turn and hit me on my left side, and I fell hard to the ground. I am trying hard not to say I got hit on my new harley. As a result of the accident, I endured a broken left shoulder, with a very severe torn rotator cuff. I received othroscopic surgery to repair the tear. It did not take, and now I am getting a new left shoulder. I also ended up with 3 compression fractures on my spine, my right hip was really killing Me, literally, and I had to have my right hip replaced, and that happened in Feb 10. I have totally recovered, however, I am getting a new left hip in Sept, and I need all the prayer I can get from those that are either spiritual or have religion of some sort. I am a Catholic, so I know that My fellow Brothers, of the Knights of Columbus, of the 4th Degree, and the 1st through 3rd degrees will spread prayer for me too. Then I will have my left shoulder replaced soon after that. As my Sweetie said, that 'I will be the new 6 Billion Dollar Man'...Ha!..That means in one year I will have received bilateral hip replacement, for those of you that are not familiar with the term, Bilateral, it means both hips, and a new left shoulder. I am now going to live to be a 100 years of age or older. Why? cause I got all new parts...Ha! A reminder for all of you, I took really great care of My body, Mother nature and genetics played a large role in replacing body parts. Ha!....My Mom had severe osteoarthritis, and low back pain, just as I do......Should I blame My Mom, absolutely NOT! So, now I will be able to snow ski, tubing in the snow, water ski, canoeing, and  kayaking, hiking, and much more. Se you all on the slopes in the Winter....Love Sir Maurice

08/23/10 12:59 AM #6    

Tami C Leake (Stoddard)

So sorry to hear of all that you have gone through and will be going through in September. I hope that you have much luck in healing and pray that your surgeons do a really good job. Keep us posted on how you are doing and will keep you in our prayers!!!

Tami and Class of 1969

10/31/10 02:59 AM #7    

Dr Maurice Ritchot Ph. D.

Well It's me once more posting some post op information....I had my right hip replaced in Feb 2010, and in Sept I had my left hip replaced. Now in Dec 2010, I will be having my left shoulder replaced....So, for Christmas I will be the 6 billion dollar man.....Maurice

12/06/10 12:47 AM #8    

Dr Maurice Ritchot Ph. D.

Hello! to all of my fellow classmates...The journey is over for me and my 16 months or so of pain and agony is over.....I just had my left shoulder replaced on Dec 1, 2010.....I am ready for a great Christmas and the happiest of New Years, and a swell 2011.....Maurice

02/08/11 07:52 PM #9    


Manuel Huerta Gutierrez

Hi ,again Very nice to read your message ,wow time sure slips away before you know it . I remember you well you were a good classmate that was always happy:)  Me  Jimmy Franco and Ruben Unzueta ,Richard Granados,Carlos Gonzales and the rest o the guys hung out together most of the time , I was into my guitar music with Ben Valencia .Had some great times in school

08/04/11 10:56 PM #10    


Patricia Ann Nilan (Albright)

Hey!  Does anyone know where Frankie Neito, Craig Kunibe and Jessie Navarro are?  I think Craig K. works for the State of California but he may have retired as he is an old person now (right Craig?)...just like the rest of us except for me as I was held back in 10th grade ten times!! So that makes me ten years younger than everyone else, right?

FYI for anyone interested:  Pam Babich, last I heard, lives and works as a government attorney somewhere in the State of Alaska.  Dennis McCann lives here in Sac somewhere.  Steve West, class of 1970, told me (before he passed away in 08) that Dennis lives in Sacto somewhere.

Also, I found Barbara Beale listed (and Jerry Huckaby too) listed at the and many others were listed at this site from from our class.  I don't remember joining this site but they claim I had in December 2008.   Nevertheless, if you do go there, there is not much info anyone listed  unless you join the site's membership for a fee charged by month or year.  It is  about 12- 14 dollars per month FYI.  

The may have info about some of our 'Missing Classmates'  if anyone is interested in joining to find out.  That's all for now dear people.  Take care and I'll be seeing U.




07/26/15 02:03 AM #11    

Paul J Rodgers

I know Mr. Giusti (Don I think) lives in Land Park, and his relatives still run Giusti's restaurant near Walnut Grove. If someone would call the restaurant, one of his family members working there would probably provide his phone number.

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