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Salina High School Salina, Kansas

Salina High School is located on the corner of Front and Crawford in Salina, Kansas and was opened in 1952.

Salina High was renamed Salina High Central (Salina Central) in 1971 after the opening of Salina High South.





LWIS(Last Weekend in September) Announcement!

Greetings to classmates from Salina High School in Salina, Kansas! We will be having our second LWIS get-together on the last weekend in September, 2020. Tentative plans are pretty simple. We'll gather at 4pm on Friday and scatter on Sunday after breakfast. I'm giving notification early so that you can put it on your calendars but will give final details later.

This event will be held here because there are a number of us living in the Kansas City area. I personally belong to the class of 1963. Anyone is welcome to attend but particularly members 5 years before and 5 years after my graduating class. Having said that, I wouldn't turn anyone away. Also, Mustangs outside of the Kansas City area are very welcome. I'd be thrilled to see any and all of you.

In fairness to the venue where the LWIS will be held, I will ask for a small reservation fee this time, probably $10 a person. Last year I told the restaurant a reservation number that shrank significantly by the time we got the door open. I didn't think that was fair to the establishment so I will give them the funds collected to make sure they are happy to host us. The Brass Rail was the location and might be the location again if they will accommodate us.

Please let me know asap if you are interested.

Stephanie Sampson Dahlberg


•   Karolyn Tompkins (Cooley)  5/19
•   Dennis Van Fossen  5/5
•   Karen Tompkins (Stafford)  5/2
•   Neil Witherspoon  4/29
•   Ralph Dyer  4/24
•   Carole Landon (Jacoby)  3/30
•   William (Bill) Dawdy  3/27
•   Roger Hatfield  3/22
•   Stephanie Sampson (Dahlberg)  3/21
•   Terry Glendening (Brightbill)  3/20
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•   Larry Lakin  2013
•   Tom Tolle  1989
•   Gary Watkins  1979
•   Jon Seusy  1973
•   Judy Robinson (Phillips)  1984
•   Susie Reed (Henderson)  2016
•   Fred Poland  1994
•   Michiel (Mike) Prochaska  2010
•   Kent Longbine  1963
•   Chester (Chet) Gilbreath  1965
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B:   285   Not Joined