School History

Tompkins High School has gone through many transitions.  Established in 1847, Tompkins High School began as an elementary school and was called Woodville Elementary School.  In 1947, the school was changed to Woodville High School.  Eight years later, the school's name was changed to Sophronia Tompkins High School, named after Sophronia M. Tompkins, principal of Woodville High and Elementary School.  In 1989, Tompkins High School transitioned back to a middle school and was called Tompkins Middle School.  After seven years, Tompkins merged with Scott Middle School and became Scott-Tompkins Middle School.  In 1999, the facility was renovated and renamed Tompkins Middle School.  In 2009, the facility was converted to house the new technical and career high school called Woodville-Tompkins Center and Technical Institute to honor the schools once housed there.