In Memory

Peter Helms

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02/24/15 04:42 PM #1    

Randy Sanders

I miss Peter. he was the 1st person I met at Saguaro hs. 1st day, 1st class, advanced freshman Math. They moved him into the upper Level Math soon after That. he was #1 in the entire state Math Contest as a freshman (all Levels), I was only #1 on the Freshman only Level. I had at least 1x class with Peter each year. (NO, not Math). He & I were Chemistry Lab partners as sophomores. he was #1 in the Nation in Math That Year. I got a C. he could write his equations and figure Them out in his head faster than I could write anything down. he had terrible hand writing, I Think he was a Lefty and scribbled. They knew I wasnt cheating because he got good grades. I did not.

The 1st TIme I saw Peter before the 1st day Math class started, there was only 1 chair to sit in that was still empty in Mrs. Sessions Math class. I stood looking at this nerd type guy working furiously on something (probably a Math question/problem) my vision went entirely neon pink, I could NOT see any Thing, This persisted for about 2 or 3 seconds. "There is something wrong with his blood." I said To myself. 

I wish I had known what it was Then, but I did not say any Thing, because I did not understand any Thing.

such a nice guy, I ended up studying Russian Language because of Peter's Influence. I am still a Langauge Learner. I have a Russian Language degree from ASU (2013). I only knew Peter at school. Total shock when I heard what had happened to him. He is such a nice guy.

06/11/20 02:12 PM #2    

Kent Ridgeway

Peter and I lettered iin Tennis together and he was a very bright guy.

He was so surprised when I turned up in his physics class (that I actually had a brain I guess).

His dad was my doctor for a while also.

The wondrous things Peter might have created had he survived leukemia is great loss to the world.

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