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Paula Floyd

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01/16/17 08:52 AM #1    

Aaron Polley

Paula Floyd died in a car accident in our jr. year 1967.

01/17/17 08:03 AM #2    

Leah K. Burns

Paula and I were best friends during our days at Ludlow. Our paths went in different directions once at Woodbury and Shaker, so we kind of drifted apart. But after all these years I still remember getting that news on the day it happened. She and another student, Kathy Tucker, were coming back from lunch.

01/18/17 12:31 PM #3    

Linda Alberty

Hi Leah!

I remember you and Paula being close, and Paula being a bit of a wild child.  That day of the accident I remember Mr. Meshenberg coming on the PA right after lunch and telling the teachers to report the names of any kids who were missing.  It was a tragedy for someone so young to lose her life - actually weren't there 3 girls who died?  

On a lighter note I hope all goes well with you.  I hope I'll see you again at some point.  Take good care!

01/19/17 01:11 PM #4    

Barbara Goldman

I was in homeroom with Paula in Junior High at Woodbury.  There was an announcement after lunch requesting everyone to return to homeroom.  We all knew something was wrong but no one knew exactly what happened until later.  One of those moments you never forget.


01/19/17 01:18 PM #5    

Douglas W. Scher

Dont remember Paula. I do remember hearing after lunch that a  Mustang hit a big old tree head on, folded like a tin can and 3 died. Quite the shock for us kids. For me JFK assassination (was at Byron), Mustang death crash, and Rodney Kane suicide were the 3 most intrusive adult realities of my school days. Prepared me for the Manson murders I guess. I'm thinking the tree is still there, and so are we.. Live true, love true, and let God take it from there...Peace out, Doug

01/19/17 08:41 PM #6    

Leah K. Burns

Hey Linda!! I hope to see you too one of these days. It was great catching up at the 40th reunion. Be well, Leah





09/08/17 09:24 AM #7    

Claudia Searcy (Hess)

I remember the day of the accident.  I was supposed to go to lunch with Paula and Kathy,  but I chose to eat in the cafeteria instead.  I will never forget the announcement over the PA System.   That was a horrible tragedy.  RIP Paula and Kathy.  

09/08/17 01:57 PM #8    

Dale A. Scully

I was about to ask Kathy Tucker out for a date and then I heard that 3 girls were killed in the accident not realizing it was Kathy until I saw it on the News that night or next day.

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