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03/21/08 07:41 PM #1    

Carla Schmidt (Olson)

Hey ya'll!! (OK, so I'm slowly picking up the whole "Southern" thang) ;)
Not sure if I'll make the reunion this time around, as Mark & I relocated to Savannah, GA in 2006. It'll be 2 years in July, and we are really loving life in the South......especially Nov - Mar! I hear it's been snowing like crazy today (over 10" in Shakopee) and here I am enjoying temps in the upper 60s-lower 70s!!
If I don't make it, I sure hope ya'll enjoy the weekend.

03/28/08 01:03 PM #2    

Belinda Bugalnuos (Hartl)

Hey everyone. Since Mr Hobday was so adept at deleting my first post lets see if he can leave this one alone. Still love ya John!
I am looking forward to seeing everyone in August. Life these days is pretty good. Loving my 40s much more than my HS days. Not to say that HS was bad, but growing up, having kids and soon to be a gramma are better.
Hope everyone is well and that we have a super turnout for the reunion. The plans sound great. Thanks John and Brenda for all your hard work and planning.
See you in August


04/21/08 11:15 AM #3    

Kurt Kassulke

Hey Everybody,

It seems like every time the reunion comes along, I've got some kind of busyness brewing. This one is no exception, with a 5-year-old, and a 6-month-old at home life is always full. We're all busy getting ready for kindergarten, starting to crawl (yes, too soon), trying to keep the house together (somehow everything keeps migrating), and just trying to keep music, food, swimming and fun going through the whole summer.

I'm sorry I'm not going to make it, I guess I'll just have to hope to see some of you guys at the 30th (or if you ever swing out here to So Cal). I left a few photos of life out here, so you can see I'm still me. Hope you all are well, and have a fantastic time!


04/22/08 01:04 PM #4    

Brenda Vizenor

Hi Everyone!!!

I just want to remind all of you to please refer any classmates you have contact with to this site or if you have any information you think I need to know please email me @ or call 612-998-2708 look forward to seeing you soon.

Thanks Brenda Vizenor

07/23/08 10:44 AM #5    

John Hobday

A big THANK YOU to **Ronda Darby Dessin** (now the Registrar at SHS) for comparing and cross-referencing our graduation program to all three of our high school yearbooks to create a list of "missing" classmates that did not officially graduate (or graduated from another school), but who went through school with us. That is the list of people listed on our classmate profile listing on this site. It was a lot of work, and we all appreciate it.

08/10/08 10:17 AM #6    

Gail Menke (Justin)

A big thanks to the planning committee for a successful 25th reunion. You all did an awesome job and I appreciate all of the work you did in making it a success. It was great catching up with everyone!

08/10/08 12:28 PM #7    

Brenda Vizenor

I want to Thank all of you for a wonderful class reunion!
Thanks to you that came from out of state I hope all of you have a safe trip home.

Special THANKS!!! to John Hobday for putting this together and Sheri Cronin, Janet Hallgren, Bob Christiansen, Cheryl Moriarity for all the help you guys are great!

Special Thanks for donations from Pat Plouman, Dale Parrot and John Link.

It was great to see you all and I look forward to the next reunion. Remember to keep updated on the website and to tell fellow classmates about the website.

Stay safe and healthy!!! Brenda Vizenor

10/29/08 09:56 AM #8    

Jodi Delbow (Hoffman)

I just found out this morning that Kurt Kussulke's dad passed away, I just want to send my condolenses at this what has to be a hard time for him and his family.
sincerly, Jodi Delbow Hoffman

10/30/08 09:13 AM #9    

Carla Schmidt (Olson)

I saw the notice for Kurt's Dad, Karl, as well. My heartfelt condolences to Kurt and his entire family.

11/04/08 01:18 PM #10    

Neal Anderson

Kurt, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

03/29/15 01:51 AM #11    

Bob Rowbal

You never know who you might run into in life. I was sitting at a Subway shop over lunch hour in Savannah, Ga and there were two young ladies sitting at a table next to me.  For some reason we struck up a conversation and I found out one of the ladies was from Minnesota and was from Shakopee, Minnesota.  Then I asked her what year she graduated (I know you're not supposed to ask that lol) and she said 1983 - I was blown away that I ran into Carla Schmidt Olson in Savannah, GA of all places.  We planned to reconnect and get out together with our spouses, but that never happened, and now I'm back in Austin, Minnesota.

Pretty neat thing to run into an old classmate over 1,000 miles from our highschool.  God works in amazing and wonderful ways.  God Bless you all.  Would be happy to hookup with any classmates reading this who are in Linkedin.  Take care,


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