This web page as run its course for helping us plan a successful 50th Reunion.  I will keep it active for a couple of months until everyone has made the transition to our new "meeting place" on Facebook.  May have noticed there are now ads on this page.  That's because after the reunion I switched to the free rather than paid version that I'd been paying.   Also discontinued the "domain name" charges.  But it is still available in this form for a well.  I think I can link it to the new FB page so we can still access classmate profiles etc.  

Now we have the new SHS68 facebook page up and running.  Janet Lay is the administrator.   Please go there and like and follow.  It is where all pictures, info, updates, birthdays, announcements will live in the future.  Dot runs one for SHS Class of 69 that is very sucessful.  If you are not a facebooker you can join and do nothing but view and post on our page.  The page is a great place to keep in touch with each other in the future.  

I will be posting the postcard pic from the station for your download on that site very soon, so check it out.  

Thanks again for everything, best time ever. 


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