1993 News Headlines

In 1993:

  • The population of the world was 5.522 billion people
  • The population of the United States was 257,746,103
  • Bill Clinton was President
  • Al Gore, Jr. was Vice-President
  • A first class stamp was $.29
  • A gallon of gas was $1.17
  • A gallon of milk was $2.50
  • Dallas won the Superbowl
  • Toronto won the World Series
  • The first human was cloned
  • The World Trade Center was bombed
  • The "World Wide Web" was born
  • Deaths:  Dizzy Gillespie, Audrey Hepburn, Pat Nixon, Thurgood Marshall
  • Movies:  Alladin, Sister Act, Schindler's List, A Few Good Men,
  • TV Shows:  Home Improvement, Fresh Prince, Full House, Coach