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03/27/09 09:57 PM #1    

Vicki Erickson (Sisson)

Welcome to the Spanish Fork High School Class Of 1980 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

04/19/09 01:11 AM #2    

Cathy Davies (Davies)

Just wanted to let you know that Melinda Huff (Davies),
is not a 1980 graduate. She is married to my brother-in-law. (Not sure when she graduated).
Thanks for creating this web site. It is fun to see what others are doing.

04/24/09 11:40 AM #3    

Clark Johnson


Thanks for setting this thing up. It's really cool.

I noticed that Scott Kempton is listed in our class. He was in the class of 81. He lived in my old neighborhood.


05/08/09 01:46 PM #4    

Bonnie Hillman (Zenker) (Hanks (Divorced))

I've been thinking about (and dreaming about)people from school.
I am so glad that Vicki let me be her friend on Facebook or I never would have known about this sight, other wise.
So.....THANKS. I would really like to get/stay in touch with most of my/our fellow classmates.

I wasn't sure of who's who (on because everyone looks so different. Even though the name is there.
So my apologies.


05/11/09 09:43 AM #5    

Vicki Erickson (Sisson)

Bonnie, I'm glad that you (and everyone else who has joined) are here! I hope everyone will fill out their profile; I love reading about where everyone is now and what they have been up to for the past 30 years. Also, please let anyone else from our class whom you're in contact with know about this site; you can use the link at the right on the home page to send invitations to other classmates.

Take care,

07/10/09 05:13 PM #6    

Clark Nielsen

Vicki -- Thanks for this site. You have obviously put in a lot of hard work on it. For those of us who have been away for a while and are just now getting back in touch it's a great thing to have. Keep up the good work, Clark

09/24/09 02:54 PM #7    

Patty Averett (Urrutia)

Vicki -
I just checked out the website - it's awesome! Thank you for putting this together.

I was drawn to the "memory" page, and when I think of deceased classmates, of course my mind always remembers Jesse Johnson because he died while we were all still in school. I was saddened to read of our lost classmates, but also thankful that you have included them.

I look forward to our 30-year!


10/16/09 11:16 AM #8    

Sandra Pulley (Bastian)

I also want to thank you for putting this web site together. It also encouraged me to get a facebook account. My kids think I'm so cool now! I think that this is the most amazing way to keep in touch with eachother. I bet that we have the best yet turnout at the class reunion due to this website. Thanks again. And Hello to everyone else. Sandra Pulley Bastian

11/10/09 05:01 PM #9    

Martin Hunsaker

This has been a ball reading up on everybody and seeing how they are doing after 29 and a half years (30 seams to big for me right now.) This probably wouldn't have worked 15 years ago though cause I think we would have been all comparing ourselves with each other and oh what a depressing thing that would have been (well for me anyways!) Thanks Vicki for your time and effort in this.

Marty "bugle boy" Hunsaker
(reference senior class yearbook - loved that picture!)

04/22/10 05:06 PM #10    

Juanita Billy

I would also like to thank everyone who worked on this website.  I have been trying for years to contact friends, even through my foster family.  I would love to hear from them if possible.  The webpage is really user friendly, I posted alot of my information in no time.  Hope to hear from you all soon.  Trying to work the Reunion into my schedule. 

Thank you,

01/01/11 06:04 PM #11    

Leslie Hatch (Hixson)

It would be great to hear from some who were able to attend the reunion!  If any pictures were taken and could be posted that would be the 'cherry on top'. : )


Leslie Hatch Hixson

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