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•   John Estrem  8/20
•   Ruth Nolte  8/19
•   Kathleen Brust (Pixley)  3/15
•   Robert Sylvester  3/11
•   Terry Dhein  7/20
•   Michael Wyatt  5/6
•   Marilyn Langmade (Lee)  2/6
•   Mike Delger  8/12
•   Susan Burman (Dunlop)  6/23
•   Veronica Netteberg (Johnson)  6/2
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2 live in Florida
40 live in Minnesota
1 lives in Oregon
1 lives in South Dakota
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1 lives in Alberta
9 location unknown


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 47.5%

A:   29   Joined
B:   32   Not Joined

St Francis High School
Class Of 1964

Welcome to the St Francis High Class Of 1964 web site.....

It's About Time.....

    I started this classcreator site so we could stay in touch with our old friends. In 2012 we lost Richie Brieland, Janice Thompson, Sheila Mothershed, and a former classmate, Doug McDougall.. I would like to think that someone might use this site to say Hi to an old buddy, maybe make a plan to visit....

    I sent a letter to those without email addresses, so they could join the Classcreator site if they wanted to....If you know someone who wants to join, please send an e-mail to my address,   with the persons email address, so I can send out the invitation, as the classmates' e-mail address must be put into the site before they can log on.

Please scroll down to see new announcements...

  Just for fun, click on The People History at the bottom of the  This day in History column....

There are Q & A there for every decade......


    Winter Lunch Gathering at Hidden Haven

          Thursday ~ December 8th, 2016

Hello everyone... Just a reminder for all who look at our site ...

 The Class of 1964 is having a Lunchtime Gathering on

     December 8th at Hidden Haven Restaurant  ~ 11 am

            20520 Polk St. NE  East Bethel MN  55011

Letters and emails have been sent with all the details.. 

If you did not get information, please go to Ruth Nolte's class page,

 to ask for the information..

A room has been reserved and there are several lunch choices, 

     Hot Turkey Sandwich- $8.95 or Broasted Chicken-$7.99.

 Please contact Ruth to allow them to get an idea of how many to

expect and to order your lunch choice..

I hope you all have a Really nice kick-off to Winter....




Old News~

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  5/19/15  

Hello everyone.... Sorry I didn't get a real update put

in last June after the reunion...  ( I ran a toothpick

into my foot 3 days after we got home, and as strange

as it may seem, I could not walk on it until mid August,

and had to keep it elevated after the surgery... hard

to use the computer like that..)  

But now I wanted to just let eveyone know that the

St.Francis car show has started again for the

summer, in case anyone wants to visit the car show

to see old friends...

I'm not trying to plan a gathering, but if anyone has

an idea they may be going on the 29th, I might see

you there... I'm waiting for info from a couple of the

car show regulars if they plan on being there....

I will update this info as soon as I hear from them... 



~~~~~~~~~~~~   Update   June 27, 2014  ~~~~~~~~~~~

 ....Veronica Johnson   shared this with you: 

 To View: Highlight the Vimeo site

 Right click, choose "Go To http://vimeo96525181 "

She assembled these photos for our class reunion...

Thank You Roni ! What a nice memory of our school days.. 


Our announcements below are pretty much a description of how we 

Did Celebrate...We had the rain on the car show, went to O'Brady's,

watched or rode in the Parade as Grand Marshals, met in Woodbury

Park, and Rum River Park, and still did not have

enough time together... Maybe we should meet more often.

../ Sheila









50th REUNION  -  CLASS OF 1964


Friday, June 6, 2014

5:00 p.m.             Classic Car Show at County Market

                              Parking Lot Hwy 47 west of the Middle


   Join other classmates and alumni for

    a summer evening of fun!


Saturday. June 7, 2014

1:00 p,m.           Pioneer Day Parade

                           Meet in Woodbury Park across from

                           St. Francis Hardware Store

                           Look for the Class of '64 Banner -

                           remember a chair!

After Parade     St. Francis Alumni Celebration honoring

                           Class of 1964 and 1954.

                           Visit with other alumni and

                           share stories.

3:00 to SUNSET  Class of 1964 Reunion continues at

                              Rum River Park North

                              Address:  23100 Rum River Blvd NW

                              Catered Dinner, Music and Visiting

                               until Sunset


    Beverages provided: water, coffee,



  COST:  $20.00 per person

                             (includes inside and outdoor shelters,

                               food, and program)


                                     PLEASE R.S.V.P. by APRIL 15, 201

                                               Make your check payable to -

                                               “Bert Anderson” and mail  to -

                                                Ginger Taff-Lagergren -

                                                2410 20th St NW,

                                                Rochester, MN  55901


     Please send the following to be included in the program:

           If unable to attend we will send you the program.

PARADE OPPORTUNITIES – You may drive your classic car

or walk in the parade as part of the Class of ’64. 

More details will be forwarded to those interested in doing this. 

     YES_____ Driving Classic Car in Parade                

     YES _____Walking in the Parade                    

Make & Model _______________________Year__________


Car Show, Pioneer Days Parade, 50th-60th Reunion- Woodbury Park

and  our 50th Reunion in Rum River Park


Hello everyone...

( I also used email, as some have not joined the class site... )... Will post here, as well, because I don't have all emails in my personal email..

I updated the survey from last fall, but I see the site automatically sent everyone a notice, as if it were new.... the survey really isn't up to date on the reunion plans....
  There will be a gathering at the car show on Friday night, June 6th, on Hwy 47 at the grocery store parking lot... You can bring an old car -no registration needed - and then locate others from our class to park near.... 
Cars start coming in around 4pm.... ( Ours is a 1967 Mustang convertible, black....  I hope to save some places near ours for other classmates  bringing cars so we can stay close together.....)
Anyone attending may want to bring a folding chair, if standing for a while is a problem... ( Last year, Greg Hanson generously let us sit on the back of his beautiful old flatbed truck... but standing for a long time can be tiring...   We can always take a break in a nearby bar/cafe, or shop the flower tent, and then get back out there ! ....)  We had a great time last year at the car show, and we may have an even larger turnout this year.... who knows... 
There will be a group from our class driving in the parade on Saturday... Roni will drive a car with our Homecoming Queen, Claudia, and some of the 4 other attendants..  We are driving our old Mustang home, so will drive it in the parade.... I have 4 from our class in it...
I previously asked some from our class who had old cars if they wanted to do this, but no one could do it... it's hard on old cars, for sure, to go really slow... But it doesn't have to be an old car to join in... Roni is renting a new convertible, and ours is old.. It doesn't have to be a convertible, either...
 We just wanted everyone to know that if they wanted to be in the parade, you can join the group... we just need to know who would do it, as we need to give your name to the Parade committee,  before they will place a vehicle, bike or walker into the parade, so they can allow for enough space in the lineup.... you can email Roni or me to let us know...
Parade Line-Up is at Noon, Parade at 1pm....the Woodbury Park gathering is right after the parade.....( classmates not in the parade may want to watch from the park, and  be already settled in for that may want to bring chairs ....)
 50th Reunion is at Rum River Park, right after the event at Woodbury Park.
The Woodbury Park gathering is new, to replace the one that used to be in the middle school. It will be a celebration of the Class of 1954 and our Class of 1964... The Pioneer Days committee has worked all year on making this new event... Norman Bahrs' wife, Deanna is on this committee, and has spent a lot of time working to make a nice event for the town to enjoy.... I'm so glad that Pioneer Days will continue on, because of great volunteers  working to create all the gatherings... which is how it started 50 years ago...
I hope to see you all at Pioneer Days and Reunion events.... Sheila

Hello everyone... I guess everyone who is planning to attend the car show already knows about the predicted rain for tonight and into Saturday... But, right now it looks nice,,, If it gets too wet to be out, I think we will just move on over to that bar/restaurant next to the gym, at the north end of the County Foods parking lot.. I think is is called O'Bradys...

I don't have a smart phone so can't get any messages on  email after we head to the car show..

But this is my mobile phone number, in case you are at the car show, and can't find the group....

971-207-0942...See you soon, I hope....Sheila  


  Car Show Gathering May 2013
To all of you who missed the car show ... We all missed you !.... There were 21 of us former students there...

Mike W, Jake R and brother Alan, Ron S, Glenn S, Don S, Don O, Lanny L, Harry E, ...... and Kathy Brust, Kathy Buchta, Eileen, Claudia, Barb K, Marge, Vernetta, Veronica, Ginger, Betty  and me.... and former classmates,  Mike Hanson, Norman Bahr, Donald Wilbur, and Rod Grams from '66.

 I know people called around to see if their friends knew about it, so it was impressive that everyone was working to make it be a larger turnout....

Graduation kept a lot of the usual car guys from the show, I guess, as everyone said usually, there were many more cars, but for our purpose it was perfect.... Thought it might rain, but Lanny, Norman, Eileen and Harry brought their cars anyway... Greg Hanson and Marshall Netteburg had their trucks there too... Everyone asked about old friends that weren't there....
I think a yearly car gathering is in order, since it's Free... and without need of anyone  Making something happen...  except the car guys, who are going to be there anyway....
I put some pictures into the Photo Gallery, but only the ones where we looked good !... Also, I ran out of battery, but I know there were a lot of photos being taken, so you can add any you have into the Photo Gallery by following the instructions.You can also add  pictures of previous reunions, ( class of 64 and 66 ), and Friends to the gallery. Storage is at 8% right now...
           ..........Everyone said they really enjoyed seeing so many classmates and spouses at the show.......

Don O and Jake were talking to Ginger and me about the reunion next year..,,, Don said if the class wanted to do the picnic again as before, he has made a giant BBQ and could do the pork... class would need to buy it...... Everyone could bring a dish or we could buy in bulk....some others thought the meal at the golf course we went to before would be good... I will be glad if they are still having Pioneer Days, as I keep hearing there is no one to do all the work to make it happen.... Next year will be it's 50th too. My parents were in on starting the first one in 1964......but I missed it as we were already in Oregon..

I am not sure who is on the reunion committee, not sure if Dean, Burt and Ginger said they would do it again or not.... But since Ginger was gone, I thought I would update the class list, which is as up to date now as I can make it....
There are still some lost classmates ...if anyone knows of one I have missed, please send their info to me...

People said they liked having this site.... Lots of room on here for survey, poll, reunion notice, announcements, pictures, contact a friend, music... and could be something a classmate might want to work on.... I'm not involved as a class officer, or reunion committee member.... so starting the site was just a gift to the usual workers who do all the work to make a reunion happen....... Whoever is on the committee should contact me so I can put them on as another site administrator, so they can use it for the reunion.
It was a real Joy seeing everyone this summer. ...Please... make the site work for you,... contact old friends....
And  use the survey to talk about what to do for our Big 50th Class Reunion.....    Sheila


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Lanny Larson  5/6
Philip Reynolds  5/19