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•   Dianna Smith Platz-Smith


•   Robert Sylvester  4/13
•   Sheila Tennison Caldwell  3/21
•   Dianna Smith Platz-Smith  3/21
•   Veronica Netteberg Johnson  3/11
•   Eileen Hall Crawford  3/10



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1 lives in Alabama
1 lives in Arizona
2 live in California
1 lives in Florida
42 live in Minnesota
1 lives in Oregon
1 lives in Washington
1 lives in Wisconsin
1 lives in Alberta
9 location unknown



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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 44.3%

A:   27   Joined
B:   34   Not Joined

St Francis High School
Class Of 1964

Welcome to the St Francis High Class Of 1964 web site..... It's About Time.....

    I started this classcreator site so we could stay in touch with our old friends. In 2012 we lost Richie Brieland, Janice Thompson, Sheila Mothershed, and a former classmate, Doug McDougall.. I would like to think that someone might use this site to say Hi to an old buddy, maybe make a plan to visit....Also, since our 50th class reunion is next year, I was hoping the site would make planning all future events a little easier.

    I am sending a letter to those without email addresses, so they can join the Classcreator site if they want to....If you want to join, please, send an e-mail to my address,   so I can send out the invitation, as the classmates' e-mail address must be put into the site before a person can log on.

    If you like the access this will give the class and want to help pay the $100 yearly fee, you can see me at the car show (announcement info below)  or send me a few dollars. Also, if we refer any other class or someone signs up to use Classcreator as a personal site, our class gets $50 toward supporting our site.

  Just for fun, click on The People History at the bottom of the  This day in History column....

There are Q & A there for every decade......

~~~~~~~~~~~~   Update   Feb 23, 2014  ~~~~~~~~~~~

 ....Veronica Johnson shared this with you:   It's the photo pages

she has assembled into a video for our class reunion...She is

still taking more pictures if you have some to on her

page, and ask how she wants you to send them to her.... 


Click on  ' 50 Year Class Reunion-2014 '  tab to answer survey questions about planning the reunion in June of 2014...





50th REUNION  -  CLASS OF 1964


Friday, June 6, 2014

5:00 p.m.             Classic Car Show at County Market

                              Parking Lot Hwy 47 west of the Middle


   Join other classmates and alumni for

    a summer evening of fun!


Saturday. June 7, 2014

1:00 p,m.           Pioneer Day Parade

                           Meet in Woodbury Park across from

                           St. Francis Hardware Store

                           Look for the Class of '64 Banner -

                           remember a chair!

After Parade     St. Francis Alumni Celebration honoring

                           Class of 1964 and 1954.

                           Visit with other alumni and

                           share stories.

3:00 to SUNSET  Class of 1964 Reunion continues at

                              Rum River Park North

                              Address:  23100 Rum River Blvd NW

                              Catered Dinner, Music and Visiting

                               until Sunset


    Beverages provided: water, coffee,



  COST:  $20.00 per person

                             (includes inside and outdoor shelters,

                               food, and program)


                                     PLEASE R.S.V.P. by APRIL 15, 201

                                               Make your check payable to -

                                               “Bert Anderson” and mail  to -

                                                Ginger Taff-Lagergren -

                                                2410 20th St NW,

                                                Rochester, MN  55901


     Please send the following to be included in the program:

           If unable to attend we will send you the program.

PARADE OPPORTUNITIES – You may drive your classic car

or walk in the parade as part of the Class of ’64. 

More details will be forwarded to those interested in doing this. 

     YES_____ Driving Classic Car in Parade                

     YES _____Walking in the Parade                    

Make & Model _______________________Year__________



Text Box:


Thank you for connecting via the class website which Sheila has so graciously set up, paid for and maintained!  Thanks, Sheila!!

With this major milestone in our lives approaching, we want to be sure we are all on 'the same page'.  You may have heard via this site or the grapevine that the date for our reunion was set for Saturday, June 14th, coinciding with St. Francis Pioneer Days.  We learned this week that Pioneer Days was moved to Saturday, June 7th so it doesn't interfere with Father's Day which is the weekend of the 14th/15th.   Therefore, we have changed the date of our 50th Reunion to Saturday, June 7th.

Pioneer Days organizers are planning a 'new celebration' for St. Francis Alumnni which will be held out doors in Woodbury Park across from the St. Francis Hardware, formerly Leathers' Grocery store.  Norman Bahr's wife, Deanna, is part of the committee.  She has wonderful ideas, talents and enthusiasm!  The celebration features our 50th Reunion Class.  We are in for a treat!  This celebration will follow the parade.  At this time I don't have specific times for each event, however, please "SAVE these DATES" :

FRIDAY, JUNE 6TH  -  The Classic Car Show which is held in the County Market parking lot on Hwy. 47 which starts about 6pm.  Please bring your classic car!

SATURDAY, JUNE 7TH - Pioneer Day Events.  Following the Alumni celebration in Woodbury Park our class reunion will begin at approximately 2:30pm in Rum River Park North where we've met for the past several reunions.

Our class survey indicates the majority do not want to ride on a float.  It you're willing to drive your classic car, please let me know - that would be fun!!   Your thoughts and ideas are welcome!!

If you have knowledge of any teachers addresses/phone numbers, please pass those along.  It would be great to invite them.  We do have information for Vern Gilbertson, Eugene Yanke, and Marion Schulz Jensen.  I hope we can find Jackie Mobley Sanchez.

More details will be posted soon, ie. times, cost, where to send a check and other particulars.




Thought I'd let you all know that Julie and I have moved from Utah (for the third time!) and are now living in Virginia. I have updated my contact information on this site. I am looking forward to our 50th reunion and plan to attend. My hope is that my 50th reunion from the school in Wisconsin (South Shore HS in Port Wing) will have our reunion close to the same time so I can attend both.



  Car Show Gathering May 2013
To all of you who missed the car show ... We all missed you !.... There were 21 of us former students there...

Mike W, Jake R and brother Alan, Ron S, Glenn S, Don S, Don O, Lanny L, Harry E, ...... and Kathy Brust, Kathy Buchta, Eileen, Claudia, Barb K, Marge, Vernetta, Veronica, Ginger, Betty  and me.... and former classmates,  Mike Hanson, Norman Bahr, Donald Wilbur, and Rod Grams from '66.

 I know people called around to see if their friends knew about it, so it was impressive that everyone was working to make it be a larger turnout....

Graduation kept a lot of the usual car guys from the show, I guess, as everyone said usually, there were many more cars, but for our purpose it was perfect.... Thought it might rain, but Lanny, Norman, Eileen and Harry brought their cars anyway... Greg Hanson and Marshall Netteburg had their trucks there too... Everyone asked about old friends that weren't there....
I think a yearly car gathering is in order, since it's Free... and without need of anyone  Making something happen...  except the car guys, who are going to be there anyway....
I put some pictures into the Photo Gallery, but only the ones where we looked good !... Also, I ran out of battery, but I know there were a lot of photos being taken, so you can add any you have into the Photo Gallery by following the instructions.You can also add  pictures of previous reunions, ( class of 64 and 66 ), and Friends to the gallery. Storage is at 8% right now...
           ..........Everyone said they really enjoyed seeing so many classmates and spouses at the show.......

Don O and Jake were talking to Ginger and me about the reunion next year..,,, Don said if the class wanted to do the picnic again as before, he has made a giant BBQ and could do the pork... class would need to buy it...... Everyone could bring a dish or we could buy in bulk....some others thought the meal at the golf course we went to before would be good... I will be glad if they are still having Pioneer Days, as I keep hearing there is no one to do all the work to make it happen.... Next year will be it's 50th too. My parents were in on starting the first one in 1964......but I missed it as we were already in Oregon..

I am not sure who is on the reunion committee, not sure if Dean, Burt and Ginger said they would do it again or not.... But since Ginger was gone, I thought I would update the class list, which is as up to date now as I can make it....
There are still some lost classmates ...if anyone knows of one I have missed, please send their info to me...

People said they liked having this site.... Lots of room on here for survey, poll, reunion notice, announcements, pictures, contact a friend, music... and could be something a classmate might want to work on.... I'm not involved as a class officer, or reunion committee member.... so starting the site was just a gift to the usual workers who do all the work to make a reunion happen....... Whoever is on the committee should contact me so I can put them on as another site administrator, so they can use it for the reunion.
It was a real Joy seeing everyone this summer. ...Please... make the site work for you,... contact old friends....
And  use the survey to talk about what to do for our Big 50th Class Reunion.....    Sheila


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Lanny Larson 5/6