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•   Kathleen Brust (Pixley)  5/23
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•   Ruth Nolte  8/19
•   Robert Sylvester  3/11
•   Terry Dhein  7/20
•   Michael Wyatt  5/6
•   Marilyn Langmade (Lee)  2/6
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•   Susan Burman (Dunlop)  6/23
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 47.5%

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B:   32   Not Joined

St Francis High School
Class Of 1964

               St. Francis Pioneer Days

                  June 9,10,11, 2017

 The Car Show will be on Friday, June 9th, in the mall parking lot on Hwy 47, to the west of the middle school,  between McDonald's, County Market and Beef O'Brady's,.

Classic cars usually begin arriving around 4pm, and most are in place by about 5pm or so, with others drifting in later...    O'Brady's has been a great place to run into old friends, whether it rains or not....  

  I made a plan to be home for Pioneer Days this year, and the car show is always on my list of places to see old friends... Haven't talked to any classmates who bring their cars to the show yet, but I expect some will be there...  

Pioneer Days information site...

Not all of our classmates are signed into this class site, tho their names are listed in the profile list.  I will send a regular email to everyone snail mail tho...  There is no formal activity for the class of 1964 planned for the car show, just an opportunity to run into classmates from our years together in St. Francis.

 You can use the survey below to let classmates know if we might see you there...Responses should be visible to everyone... I hope to see classmates on June 9th... Sheila

You must be logged in to submit this survey. Please use the login box in the upper right corner.

1)   Who thinks they may be at the car show on June 9th in St. Francis?


Correction to Old Announcements.......

Well... I have no idea how those old  car show and reunion announcements got sent out... and after I spent so much time trying to make the car show announcement right !.... Sorry.... I have shut them off now, I think...

One thing about the survey... tho instructions told me everyone could see the results, another set of instructions said you could  see results only, not  who posted each response, nor could I ever change that...

So if you want anyone to know you plan to go to the car show, go to your page and post a comment there, and we should all be able to see it... There is also an option to write to friends thru the site privately, by going to their page, and selecting private message...

Also,  if anyone in MN wants to put their hands onto this site, and make it do more, just let me know... I know people use Facebook and you could post photos here too, which would be seen only by our classmates... We all can post photos to this site, on our own page or into the Gallery.. I hope to get some photos at the car show this year...

I will be Happy to get extra input to make the site more informational... Hard for me to do much from so far out of the area...not knowing what is happening there... (  I had to look up store names just to put in the car show location !... oh, but maybe that is Something Else entirely ! )

The Pioneer Days car show is always packed... I will find Lanny and Eileen and get a sign made to make our  "Class of 1964"  easier to find... there is no pre-registration of cars, so if you have a Classic car, you can drive in and park, maybe try to be close to others from the class..You may have to be parked  by 5-pm or so tho.. especially if trying to be near classmates Classics... maybe check the town site for information.

It will be fun to see old friends again...If you plan to stay a while, bring a chair !... Let's hope for Sun....



Welcome to the St Francis High Class Of 1964 web site.....

It's About Time.....

    I started this classcreator site so we could stay in touch with our old friends. In 2012 we lost Richie Brieland, Janice Thompson, Sheila Mothershed, and a former classmate, Doug McDougall.. I would like to think that someone might use this site to say Hi to an old buddy, maybe make a plan to visit....

    I sent a letter to those without email addresses, so they could join the Classcreator site if they wanted to....If you know someone who wants to join, please send an e-mail to my address,   with the persons email address, so I can send out the invitation, as the classmates' e-mail address must be put into the site before they can log on.

Please scroll down to see new announcements...

  Just for fun, click on The People History at the bottom of the  This day in History column....

There are Q & A there for every decade......


~~~~~~~~~~~~  Vimeo  Update  ~~~~~~~~~~~

 ....Veronica Johnson   shared this with you: 

 To View: Highlight the Vimeo site

 Right click, choose "Go To http://vimeo96525181 "

She assembled these photos for our class reunion...

Thank You Roni ! What a nice memory of our school days..