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St Marys 1971 announcements

Alumni Association Events 
POSTPONED - 09-16-17 SM vs. DuBourg Alumni Soccer Match - POSTPONED
09-16-17 SM Tim Divis Night at the Races
10-01-17 Golf Tournament

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7:30PM October 19
Alumni Association Meeting


Sunday October 22, 2017
1:00pm - 4:00pm
3rd Annual Taste of St Mary's


7:00PM November 16

The Mack
4615 Macklind Ave

(another Dragon owned establishment)

7:30PM December 7   ?????
SM Alumni Christmas Party
SM Cafeteria
Time to renew your $30 annual Alumni Assn membership


Cindy (Beno) Ankelman sent a video
of Gary Bourgeois singing
BS&T Classic "
You Made Me So Very Happy"
Click the photo to see the video shot at Failoni's 
Gary is certainly one of our more talented classmates!
2017 SM Alumni Meeting Schedule
Meetings always held on a Thursday in St Mary's Cafeteria
Department updates, complimentary beer, and food
If you aren't an annual member please join for $30 
Thursday Meeting Dates:
17 August
19 October
7 December ?? Christmas party

 Please  join the Alumni Association by 
clicking the link below.  It's only $30 and all us  would love to 
be able to say Class of '71 has the most members of any graduating clas

Click the dragon to go to the Alumni Association's website to join up for only $30
St Mary's has a goal of a minimum of 500 annual members.
We are currently at 343
Let's do our part to help make it happen.
-Past Events-
Owned by Matt Windisch '07 and another Dragon
What a great place!
Record attendance for a Thursday....15-Dragons and one Dragon mom!
Joe Rekart, Mark Durham, Kevin Humphrey, Larry Held, Daniel Armbruster, Mrs. Armbruster,
Rich Rutledge, Steve Buchheit, Rick LaGrotta, Mick Rea,
Bob Simokaitis, Marty Erickson, John Pipitone, and Suprise Dragon; Phil Miceli not pictured
one more photo...can leave out Phil! 
Mick Rea, Phil Miceli, Marty Erickson, Steve Buchheit, Rick LaGrotta, Bob Simokaitis and Rich Rutledge
Money was collected to purchase a '71 Hole Sponsorship
At the 08-17 Alumni meeting from '71were:
Board members: Kevin Humphrey and Larry Held along with
Ed DeGreeff, Dan Armbruster, Rich Rutledge, Frank Flesch and Rick LaGrotta
2017 Grizzlies Game
LaGrotta, Fillman, Held, Rea, Buchheit, Flesch
SM Renaissance Meeting
at Sam's Steakhouse

At the meeting were: SM President Mike England and Director of Advancement Joe Divis.  
From '71 were Frank Flesch, Bob Simokaitis, Dan Armbruster, Rich Rutledge, Carl Collignon, Rick LaGrotta
and surprise dragons: Scott Puettmann and Leo Haas.
The school and its president are working wonders to maintain and grow St Mary's academic and athletic traditions
while slowly updating buildings, grounds and technology needed to be competitive in today's education market.
Choosing an educational path, young men and their families have some pretty good choices.
St Mary's is still in the running offering a great education at a reasonable price. 
The school's aim moving forward is to have and even stronger positive influence on the south side;
educating and guiding its young men while helping to stabilize the neighborhood
setting a high example and by welcoming all to make use of its state of the art athletic facilities.
The term Renaissance was chosen because of the program's objective;
a rebirth of St Mary's and of the South Side
St Mary's Alumni is one of the school's biggest strengths.  
18% of St. Mary's Alumni contribute annually to the school.  
Compared to 5-6% for alumni from other Catholic schools, we are far and away the best!
"St. Mary's" is a great answer to the St Louis question; "Where did you go to high school?"
You don't need a meeting or a special invitation to do what you know is right.  
Please donate as you can to help the rebirth and to keep the tradition alive. 
St Mary's High School
4701 South Grand
St Louis, MO 63111
St Mary's Dragonfest
Pictured in a photo taken by Larry Held, are Magdelen boys;
Mick Rea, Kevin Humphrey and Leo Haas also above is MQU's Scott Peuttmann
April 20 Alumni Association  Meeting
Mike England and Amie Koenen guest speakers.
St Mary's continues to disprove years of demographic projections
that indicated, by now our school would have less than 150 students.  
Each year, providing an excellent alternative to public and private schools,
with the help of dedicated and generous Alumni, St Mary's continues to grow.   
Present from '71 were; Simokaitis, Rutledge, Humphrey, Flesch, Held, and LaGrotta
February 23 at Doc Haus
Bob Simokaitis, Rich Rutlege, Mick Rea, Dan Armbruster
Mike Dauphin, Rick LaGrotta and surprise dragon:
Mike Badgley
February 9 at Bomber Obrien's 
Rutledge, Simokaitis, Held and LaGrotta
Supported a Dragon owned business by 
celebrating national pizza day with some fantastic
St Louis style pies, yes pies!
January 25 at  Biggies
Celebrating Larry and Phil's 64th pictured above Mike Dauphin, Rick LaGrotta, 
Phil Miceli, Larry Thaier, and Bob Simokais.  Not pictured; Mike Rea,
Rick Rutledge, Dan Armbruster and Jack Favre
2016 Doc Haus Christmas Party
Pictured above are Jack Favre, Marty Erickson, Phil Miceli and Rick LaGrotta
also present were Ed Degreef, Frank Flesch, Dan Armbruster, Mike Dauphin, John Pipitone,
and surprise dragon Tom Fitzsimmons
(Click the above photo to see more shots from the party)
2016 Alumni Association Annual Christmas Party
At the Christmas party with approximately 120-other dragons were:
Miceli, Armbruster, Favre, LaGrotta, Humphrey, Held, Panneri, Rea, R Simokaitis, Weindel, and Rutledge
To see photos from taken at the party click the above photo.
11-16-2016 at The Mack
Larry Held, Bob Simokaitis, Rich Rutledge
Phil Miceli and Rick LaGrotta
discussed how to get more '71 classmates to join the 
St Mary's Alumni Association
2016 Taste of St Mary's
Can't say enough good about the Taste of St Mary's
Pictured above are Reinhold, Thaier, Rutledge, Schwarz
Not pictured but also in attendance were Armbruster, Held, Ronshausen, 
Rekart, Flesch, Vetz, Humphrey and LaGrotta
 2016 Taste of SM earned $8700 almost doubling 2015!
To see all the photos from the event click on Rutledge's nose!
John Reinhold and Larry Thaier rolled up in John's Candy Apple Red '29 Roadster A genuine hot rod.
This was taken as they were leaving the Taste of SM.
Wonder if they were going to cruise Landsdowne Steak! 
The class reunion was a blast!
Paul Mueller, Mike Dauphin, Earl Carrol, Phil Miceli, Bob Simokaitis
Class photo 
Click either photo to see more shots from the reunion.
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