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Chattooga High School

Class of 1979 Alumni

Our Friends Are A Very Important Part Of Our Lives.  Treasure The Tears, Treasure The Laughter, But Most Importantly, Treasure The Memories.



This website was created to promote, celebrate and reconnect all the classmates of the Chattooga High School Class of 1979.  Your participation is essential for this website to be a success. 


 I hope you enjoy the site and check back often for updates!!


Welcome to the
Official Website of
Chattooga High School
Class of 1979 

Though it's been 40+ years since we graduated from CHS, we are still going strong and have been able to stay connected through the efforts of several classmates who have worked to gather our class together for the 10, 20, 25, 30 and 35 year anniversaries of our high school graduation year.  And now we are looking at our 40th Year Reunion!  Can you believe it?

So here it is 2019 and so many things have changed. We can now contact each other by using the internet, sending emails,  sharing pictures, videos, music, and some people actually still use the telephone.  

Here you will find the most complete database of everything from CHS Class of 1979, created and managed by your reunion committee, free of charge to you. You will find up-to-date reunion information, plenty of memories and a great way for you to see what's become of everyone

This website is dedicated to our classmates for the purpose of promoting, celebrating and reconnecting with all members of 
Chattooga High School Class of 1979.

Your participation is essential for it to succeed. The more you participate, the better it will be.