In Memory

By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Linda Young Simmons (Class Of 1959)

Pat M Long Brooks (Class Of 1958)
Thomas Larry Mitchell (Class Of 1960)  

LaFayette(aka Eddie) Jenne' (Class Of 1958)

Malia Choy Pemberton (Class Of 1960)
Jacob R Hutchinson (Class Of 1958)
Albert L Mills Jr (Class Of 1958)  
Don H M Peterson Jr (Class Of 1958)
Roy Wilcox (Class Of 1959)

Joan Marie Caraway (Class Of 1960)  
Bruce Everett (Class Of 1958)
Billy H McLeod (Class Of 1958)

Skeeter Bullock (Class Of 1959)
Juanita L D'Angona Plaugher (Class Of 1958)
Dolores Wells (Class Of 1960)

Mike D Thompson (Class Of 1958)  

Gloria Jean Getz Englefield (Class Of 1958)  

Tony Clayton (Class Of 1960)  
Frank W Gavin Jr (Class Of 1960)  
Raymond Gilbert (Class Of 1959)
Archie Hatcher (Class Of 1959)
Glenda Sue Holm (Class Of 1960)  
Don Pippin Sr (Class Of 1959)  
Loretta Pulley (Bownlee) (Class Of 1959)  
Sharon Reynolds (Karsen) (Class Of 1960)  
Richard Shores (Class Of 1958)  

Robert Boutwell (Class Of 1958)
Dennis Diaz (Class Of 1960)
Dorothy Jan Downs Holcomb (Class Of 1958)
Happy Montgomery (Class Of 1958)  

Roberta Cowles Hermann (Class Of 1959)
Allen Dayton (Class Of 1960)
Dennis Horrigan (Class Of 1959)

Eleanor A Eden Hughes (Class Of 1958)
Harland Ehlers (Class Of 1960)
Glenda Farrell Wyatt (Class Of 1960)
James R Greathouse (Class Of 1958)
Larry Heming (Class Of 1960)

Carolyn E Beverly (Shearouse) (Class Of 1958)  

Patricia Adams (Class Of 1960)
David Lane (Class Of 1958)  

Barbara Averill Gonzalez (Class Of 1960)
Paul Brett (Class Of 1959)
Nancy J Chuita (Fowler) (Class Of 1958)
Robert E Dowdy (Class Of 1958)

Franklin Alderman (Class Of 1959)
Paul W Hewett (Class Of 1958)

James A Allee (Class Of 1958)
George Chastain (Class Of 1960)
Jimmy Kingry (Class Of 1960)

Billy Arnold (Class Of 1958)  
Elmer Beasley (Class Of 1958)

Audrey Brookins (Carroll) (Class Of 1958)

Dennis Ferrell (Class Of 1960)

Robert L Burger (Class Of 1958)

Hedy Miller (Class Of 1960)  

David Baer (Class Of 1959)
Charles A Bardin (Class Of 1958)
Wilma J Beasley (Class Of 1958)
David H Brown (Class Of 1958)
John C Brown (Class Of 1958)
William Buie (Class Of 1959)
Joe Calderazzo (Class Of 1960)
James Carpenter (Class Of 1959)
Robert Cold (Class Of 1960)
Rhonda L Cole (Wilhite) (Class Of 1958)
Barbara Cork (Class Of 1960)
Joann Dabbs (Class Of 1959)
John Dirby (Class Of 1958)
James Edwards (Class Of 1959)
Nancy A Ewbank (Class Of 1958)
William Farmer (Class Of 1959)
Ralph Fernandez (Class Of 1958)  
Ronald Fielden (Class Of 1959)
Jim Flannery (Class Of 1959)  
Kenneth Fox (Class Of 1960)
Robert Galbraith (Class Of 1958)
Virginia Gaskins (Class Of 1959)
Clinton Gasque (Class Of 1959)
Murray Gay Jr (Class Of 1960)
June Getz Winn (Class Of 1960)
Jack Haney Jr (Class Of 1959)
Tommy Henderson (Class Of 1959)
Libby Holley Walker (Class Of 1960)
Michael Holt (Class Of 1960)
Ronie Ralston Huddleston (Class Of 1958)
John Hudson (Class Of 1960)
Karl F Johnson (Class Of 1960)
Jane Keith Stevens (Class Of 1959)
Sandra King (Class Of 1959)
John R Kirby Jr (Class Of 1958)
Hazel Kirkland (Class Of 1959)
James Klueh (Class Of 1958)
Karen Lackos (Class Of 1959)
Barb Lanyon Dunlap (Class Of 1959)
Philip M Lefstead (Class Of 1958)
Barbara Link Schwecke (Class Of 1960)
Charles Kenny Little (Class Of 1960)
Charles H Livingston (Class Of 1958)
Barbara Livingston Bonar (Class Of 1959)
Glenn R Lucas (Class Of 1958)
Thomas Luckey (Class Of 1960)
Sandy L Luke Mitchell (Class Of 1958)
Hildegarde Lupton (Class Of 1960)
Joan Malone Palma (Class Of 1958)
Gordon Martin (Class Of 1960)
Mary J Martin Muench (Class Of 1958)
Alexander McCraven (Class Of 1960)
Sylvia A McGuire Whitlock (Class Of 1958)
Sandra Middlebrook (Class Of 1960)
James Millard (Class Of 1960)
Joyce Mitchell Keen (Class Of 1959)
Marcus Moran (Class Of 1960)
James Mullins (Class Of 1959)
Henry Ned Mullis (Class Of 1960)
Miles Murphy (Class Of 1960)
Ellen Napier (Class Of 1958)
John Nash Jr (Class Of 1959)
Leo G Neupauer (Class Of 1958)
Walter H Nichols (Class Of 1958)
Joe Leon Perdomo (Class Of 1958)  
Paul Pergola (Class Of 1960)  
Joy Peverell Valiquette (Class Of 1960)
Karen Povetz Sipple (Class Of 1959)
Jacqueline Powell (Class Of 1960)
Prudence Prida Brown (Class Of 1960)
Anthony Prieto (Class Of 1960)
Joyce Prough Temples (Class Of 1959)
Judith Pursifull (Class Of 1959)
Julian Rackley (Class Of 1960)
Nick Raznoff (Class Of 1959)
Gerald Reynolds (Class Of 1959)
William Richardson (Class Of 1960)
Nathan Rosenblatt III (Class Of 1960)
Joel Ryan (Class Of 1959)
Jackie J Sacula Eady (Class Of 1958)
Gail Sanders (Class Of 1960)
Wayne Scarborough (Class Of 1959)
Leo Aubrey Scarborough Jr (Class Of 1958)
Don Schlechty (Class Of 1959)
Marvin Schroeter (Class Of 1959)
Patricia Sharp Perkins (Class Of 1960)
Sharron Shaw Reinhard (Class Of 1960)
Buel Simpson (Class Of 1960)
William Sims Jr (Class Of 1960)
Marilyn Smith (Class Of 1960)
Charles J Spell (Class Of 1958)  
Al Spencer (Class Of 1959)
James Stapleton II (Class Of 1960)
William Lavern Storch (Class Of 1959)
Patricia Stricker Fulford (Class Of 1960)
James Tamplin (Class Of 1959)
Glenn H Taylor Jr (Class Of 1958)
John Wallace (Class Of 1960)
Monroe Wanamaker (Class Of 1959)
Herbert Ward (Class Of 1960)
James Waynick (Class Of 1960)
George Wheeler (Class Of 1959)
James Wilson (Class Of 1960)
Sharon Wood (Class Of 1959)
Lynn Woodhead (Class Of 1959)
Frances Anita Woodhead Whitmore (Class Of 1958)
Patricia A Yearta Anci (Class Of 1958)
Dean A Zimmerman (Class Of 1958)

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