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Anthony Cappadoro


John Hannon Dies: Tampa Personal Trainer Dies of Lung Cancer

January 21, 2011 02:00 AM EST

John Hannon has died. The Tampa, Florida personal trainer passed away after a battle with lung cancer. He taught Body Bash Bootcamp at Bellast Point Park, and changed the lives of many who knew him.

He inspired many men to build muscle in their bodies, to lose the pot bellies and beer cans. For women, the teaching was similar, and many can thank this fine human being for their incredible bodily transformations.

Pain, to John Hannon was nothing more than "weakness trying to make its way out of thebody." That's how he lived his life to the end, very courageously, never letting pain take over the course of his life, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

In September, John Hannon, a Tampa, Florida personal trainer, loving son, friend, and walking inspiration, was diagnosed with lung cancer. For many, it didn't make sense. After all, he was the picture of health and top condition.

But John Hannon, who never smoked, had a history of cancer in his family. His mother is a survivor of breast cancer. But his older brother died of a blood cancer, and his father died of a liver cancer.  Genetics appear to be the only thing that explains his diagnosis of lung cancer.

Sadly, in just four short months, John Hannon would lose his battle to cancer. He died Tuesday, and to show their love of him and his legacy, a group of students, despite his death, showed up for a workout the next day.

Despite his frail health in the final days, he tried to press on, and would often join his students, family, and friends on Friday's.

In the end, Hannon, 43, gave himself permission to let go. Tampa, Florida has lost its beloved native son, the one who always blew the whistle.

John Hannon

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