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March 2019
Hi THS Class of ’64, 

It’s been a long while since I made an entry here, and it's time to find out what’s going on with everyone.  I have received a few inquiries about a 55th reunion, but only the question: Are we having one?  The answer to this is: if there are a few people who want to put something together, it sounds like there may be some interest out there.  What do you think?  Are you willing to take a leadership role?  Is there a friend you could partner with?  A committee?  This could be a simple event like a picnic where people bring their own food and supplies, or a weekend of activities or something altogether different.   Fifty-five years out of high school seems like a pretty long time and reason to celebrate!  Collectively we are much more vigorous in our early 70’s than previous generations.     

Myself, I have been very lucky and I’m mostly able to fill my days with things I like to do.  And there are the grandkids and some travel. How about you?  Good news?  Sad news?   What have you been up to?  Where is your happy place?   Special trip coming up?  One already taken?  Planning to move?  What are you doing for Pi Day?  If you write back to me, I’ll post the responses, maybe slightly edited, in this spot, so everyone will be notified of new material.  Deadline April 1, 2019 and likely there will be no reminders.  We are grown-ups now.  Hahaha.

Be well and continue to eat your veggies - plus chocolate.  
Hugs to all, Linda Chesman Byard


Good Afternoon...
I am the administrator for the class of 65 website and I am trying to get pictures of the Jr Class from your yearbook, which would be the class of 65. These pictures are by home room and would be a great new addition to our website.
If anyone has a yearbook and would be able to take photos of each class and forward to me I would appreciate it.
Feel free to contact me directly at or via this site. I am listed in the Guests profiles....

Guy Almy

Please note that the first draft of this announcement showed a wrong address for Peter Vander Voort.  It is  (It has also been changed below.)


Time has a way of flying by and things do happen even if I don’t get around to writing about them.  Last summer after I requested updates, two of our classmates did reply and I’m copying some of what they wrote below.  The first excerpt is from Greg Lurie’s letter:

" I turn 70 in a few weeks. I didn't think I would make it given my family history. My father died at age 50 and my mother was 62. I am a tribute to modern medicine. Fortunately, I am feeling well and enjoying life.
I am now semi retired. My youngest son is also a CPA and has taken over the firm. I help out from time to time but spend the winters in Florida. Otherwise I live in Delmar outside of Albany with my wife of 46 years, Eileen. We live about a mile from our two grandsons who are 6 and 9. We love spending time with them. They keep us young.
After almost a lifetime of being a CPA I recently decided to try and develop the other side of my brain so I took up painting. I tried oil paints and water colors but hated them so now I am using acrylics. I am not very good but my wife and two sons like my pictures. I remember all the very talented artists in our class. I have new appreciation for them.”   Thanks Greg!  I wonder if there are other “artists” in our class now.

Jerry Scheff wrote about “sweltering away in !00+ weather and thinking fondly of the upper Hudson River Valley in July and August.”  Jerry had been in Denver singing in major arts venues in downtown Denver.  Next up for him was to  make plans for a vacation break mainly in Scotland this year. Jerry sent his best wishes to "all my septuagenarian compatriots.”  I guess we are all pretty much in that category now.

Last autumn I found myself in the Boston area several times greeting a new grandson.  The stars must have aligned themselves perfectly because despite very full schedules some classmates could get together one evening: Marian Levinstein (and Bruce), Marla Mudar, Frank VandeKerkhove and I (and Cory) shared Chinese food, lots of laughs, and caught up on so much.   I know that some of you have been able to get together in the Troy area but have no idea how much fun the rest of us have missed.  

The last thing on my agenda today caught me by surprise.  Pete Vander Voort has put a video on U-tube from a film his Dad took during a Memorial Day parade in 1964 and there is a lot of footage from the THS marching band. Here is a piece of his note: 

 "I recognized Bill Gossick who has since passed away. He used to live by my grandparents and went to church with him. I recognized Marty Strosberg, Mr. Kane, Judy Derkowski, William Filarecki, Dawn Lee, Keith Trombley, Joe Ingalls and Richard Alber to name a few. It's just a time warp video back to the golden days of THS 1964.  I'm trying to stay warm in NC, we had 32 last night! I can't believe we just came through the warmest February on record!! I was enjoying the back porch at night watching the sun go down in a tee shirt!! Well here's the THS link.  Pete" 

The only person I  personally could make out in the video was actually Pete himself beating a drum.  Maybe you will be better at this than me.  But it was fun to catch a few scenes from over 50 years ago in Troy - the buildings, cars, clothing etc;   Pete also sent a picture of the program from our “Class Night" and a picture of the Beatles which Pete won.  If you want to see these be in touch with Pete. (

Here’s my perpetual request to please keep your email address current on the Class Creator site, so that we don’t lose you.  A big thank you goes to Bob Millington for sending me news he catches in the paper, usually obituaries.  This is the only way I know to post them so this is important.  Please don’t worry about me getting something twice, and do send me news that we all need to know.  And once again, if you want me to publish an update, and I hear from at least a few of you, I would be glad to do that.  No promises, but I’ll try to do be quicker than last time.

Enjoy 2017 as best you can.  Septuagenarians can still seek the truth, do good deeds, and love one another.  I’m going out for a walk now,  Linda


For many people in our class, 2016 is the year of our great big 70th birthdays.  When we were in high school who dreamed that we would be able to wish each other a Happy Birthday over the internet?  Who guessed what our lives would be like as we turn 70?  Who even imagined what it might be like to be a grandparent?  And we just keep making transitions - moving to different places, adding and subtracting family members, spending our days in new pursuits.  We have the ability to stay in touch with each other easily, so if one of your changes involves a different e-mail address, please don't forget to change it on this web-site.  We don't want to lose anyone!

If anyone wants to share what they have been doing, write to me, and if there are enough responses I'll send out a little newsletter.  Have you taken any interesting trips lately?  Seen any classmates?  Have things been difficult lately and you wish to be a little more in touch with some old friends?  Do you want to tell us about moving to a new area?  How about the cute little thing your grandchild did?    Have you amazed yourself lately by doing something that you never thought you would ever do?   A few lines to me will get us going:  Thanks!

Be well, be kind, be healthy, and of course a happy 70th birthday year to all, Linda (Chesman) Byard

Something new - and fun!  If you look on the left side of this page, you will see a tab called "THS '64 Photo Gallery." Click there and you will see just one photograph. Click on the photo to make it larger.  The picture is of School 14's 8th grade class in 1960.  Those graduates went on to form part of THS '64.  You sat next to some of these people in your high school classes.  Recognize anyone?

 Now you have the opportunity to share your pictures too.  Go for it - and let's see what everyone can find.  Linda

  Below is a list of people who have not joined the Class Creator web-site.  Most of these people are truly "missing."    If we can get any of these people to join our Class Creator page, then like you, they will get reunion information and will also get to know what is going on with various class members.  I hate the idea of leaving anyone out of the fun unnecessarily.  Please help.  Pick a few people and try to find them.  If you do, convince them to join this web-site.  Get in touch with me if you wish and I will give you any information I do have that might help you find specific individuals.  Linda


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