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•   Tiffani Ann Dickson  12/18
•   Katrina Lashaune Edmundson (Doyle)  12/22
•   Dustin W Blunt  12/24
•   Angela Maurcia Williams (Atkins)  12/24
•   Terry Myers  12/27
•   Megan St. Clair  12/28
•   Earnest Derboven  12/29
•   Lottie Mae Marquis (Stevens)  1/1
•   Brenda Lee Neeley  1/2
•   Mary Gwin  1/4
•   Cardell B Johnson (Johnson)  1/6
•   Matt Cummings  1/7
•   Michael Lee O'Dell  1/9
•   Thanh Hoang  1/11
•   Travis B Snow  1/11
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•   Jason Lee Hughes  4/29
•   Kelli Ann MClain  8/24
•   David Edwin Wade  8/6
•   Monica Lee McPherson  5/16
•   Layne Harris (Harris)  10/22
•   Bernadette M Goodman (91) (Atterberry)  10/20
•   Shawn Alexander Simpson  9/4
•   Jimmy Lee Hill  9/4
•   Cindy Gates (Courtney)  8/26
•   Lamond Eugene Young  6/23
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Will Rogers High School
Class Of 1989

Moving to FACEBOOK

I think it is safe to say that transitioning this site to a Facebook account is the most logical thing to do.  There is no cost associated to it, we may be able to find more classmates and almost everyone is on Facebook.  So, with that said, I will begin the migration process.  We will let this site continue to run but when the renewal comes up we will not continue the service.  Once I have the Facebook account setup I will post the link on this site and would appreciate everyone's help in spreading the invites on Facebook.

If you have any questions you can contact me at

See you on Facebook soon!

Buddy Brown




I just wanted to THANK YOU to everyone for all their hard work on the reunion. I think overall it turned out great. We had some minor clitches but what event doesnt. & THANKS to everyone that came, we couldnt have done this with out you!!!!


I am 95% done loading photos from Sat nite. Check  classmates profile 20th reunion. I was able to load several photos at one time, by creating a profile for the photos.

Please ck your own page I loaded individual photos to individual profiles.

If anyone has pics you want added to the site email them to me please or add them to your page.

Thanks Camille