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Union High School
Class Of 1981

Hi all: Now that our planned  35th UHS  reunion about a year away (we will have it sometime between April 15 and May 15 2016) we will need to get serious about planning this thing.

Please send a Facebook Message to me or Gynine Santoro? or email me @ if you want to help plan the reUNION...

Also - mark your calendar ... Saturday September 26, 2015 - we will have our 3rd annual Burnet vs Kawahmeeh Softball Rumble at Biertemphul Park. Game Starts at 1.

Come watch, play or just reconnect. We will have food, a few local dignitaries (we plan on having the Mayor throw out the first ball again), and hopefully full coverage from TV34 this year...




Go Farmers !!!!!

Hello again fellow Farmers! 

Based on the feedback received and discussion with some of the committee members, we have narrowed our choice of venues to the Union/ Springfield/Kenilworth Area or the Pines Manor in Edision.

We will hold the reunion in late April / early May 2016, so we still have over a year to plan.

The committee will meet soon and will provide more details. 

Please answer the survey below to help us get the planning process started.



You must be logged in to submit this survey. Please use the login box in the upper right corner.

1)   * Do you plan to stay over?

2)   * Is having the event or at a hotel or having a shuttle service important to you?

  Hold the event at a hotel and I will stay over
  Hold the event at a banquet hall and I would use a shuttle to a hotel
  Hold the event at a banquet hall and I will drive to the hotel
  It doesn't matter where we hold it. I don't plan to stay overnight
3)   Do you have any specific choice on a venue?

  Union Knights of Columbus
  Kenilworth Inn
  Galloping Hill Inn
  The new banquet hall at Galloping Hill Golf course
  La Affaire in Springfield
  Pines Manor in Edision
  The new hilton garden inn on route 22 in Springfield if available in time
  Other- please specify
4)   * What do you consider a fair cost per person exclusive of the hotel room cost

  Other-please specify...and no, halls aren't free.

Hello Classmates....sometime around April 1st,2015 we will start planning for the UHS Class or 81  35 year reunion to be held in April/May 2016.... and THAT'S no April fool!!!!!

Good Morning, all.
As promised, we are going to start planning our 35 year reUNION shortly, which will take place in early 2016. It is a year off, but as we all know, time goes by very quickly.

Many of us have remained in contact via social media, and other functions like the softball rumble, but we would still like for all of you to help network with other members of the class of 81 and let them know we are doing this. The 30 year reunion was a great time, and I'm sure this one will be as well.

Our initial idea is to have the reunion at a less formal place and probably somewhere in central Jersey (Edison Area).

A survey has been posted on the announcement page for your convenience.

We will be putting a planning committee together shortly, and Gynine and I would love to have others work on putting together a great event. Please contact us if you are interested.
Bill Scheiner


You must be logged in to submit this survey. Please use the login box in the upper right corner.

1)   Do you plan on attending?

Yes No
2)   Where would you like the reunion to be held? (specific town or area, please)

3)   Do you plan on bringing your spouse or significant other?

Yes No
4)   Are you interested in joining the planning committee?

Yes No
5)   Would you prefer a formal or casual event?

6)   Is there a specific month or time you would prefer that we schedule the event?


Hello all:

For all of us who attended the 30 year reunion back in 2011, we know what a great time it fact, it changed some people's lives forever.

We are starting to make plans for the 35th reunion (yeah, we are old...).

We are thinking about having this one fairly locally (Central Jersey - maybe the Edison area), and not AC again.

We are in the process of putting a new comittee together, and if you are intersted in participating, please email me at BLScheiner@

Go Union!!!

Bill Scheiner

Hello all:

For all of us who attended the 30 year reunion back in 2011, we know what a great time it fact, it changed some people's lives forever.

We are starting to make plans for the 35th reunion (yeah, we are old...).

We are thinking about having this one fairly locally (Central Jersey - maybe the Edison area), and not AC again.

We are in the process of putting a new comittee together, and if you are intersted in participating, please email me at BLScheiner@

Go Union!!!

Bill Scheiner

Here is the paid attendees list as of 4/27/11 (no spouses listed)

Adubato, Alexis (Martelli)
Arends, Lisa (Steinmetz)
Armenti, Gary
Baldwin III, Wade
Bauml, Alice (Greenwald)
Bleiwise, Susan (Laga)
Blozen, Fred
Bohannon, Dawn (Troncone)
Burbella, Walter/Bob
Centamore, Lori (DePaul)
Chambers, Cynthia
Cirone, LuAnn (Capista)
Crisafi, Kelli (Cerreto)
de Vargas, Kim (Blair)
DelleDonne, Billy
DelleDonne, Denise (Casale)
Delmonico, Sharon (Dockswell)
Drozdowski, Paul
Eddy, Deborah (Riker)
Eisler, Eric
Faiella, Kristine (Dunleavy)
Fein, Aaron
Ferrara, Guido
Foster, John
Freeman, Armanda (Dancy)
Friedenberg, Gail (Abramson)
Gaglione, Linda (Summers)
Giorgi, John
Grecco, John
Haggerty, Tom
Herriott, Stanley
Houston, Scott
Hughes, Albert
Jacobs, Patricia
Jahn, Edward
Kaiser, Arlene
Kalousis, Constantine
Kastner, Kathy (Steiner)
Kelleher, Jack
Kossowski, Wojciech/Steve
LaTorre, Debbie (Junge)
Lewis, Terri (Wager)
Liberto, Gerard
Licwinko, Ted
Maffey, Patricia (Sinck)
Mari, Maureen (Wierdo)
Matarante, Steve
Mattson, Maria (Palladino)
Mendelsohn, Rich
Musson, Laurie (Battiato)
Nardone, Bob
Natalewicz, Gina (Ginefra)
Osti, Eugene
Oyler, Janine (Rispoli)
Paglio, Tom
Patterson, John
Pearse, Jeff
Peoples, Walter
Peterson, Lori (Spivack)
Potter, Tom
Pronel, Thaddeus
Ransom, Gerald
Ratcliff, Toni
Reppert, Vincent
Reyda, Ellen (Shannon)
Rubinetti, John
Russomagno, Donna (Troncone)
Salant, Judy (Breitman)
Samaniego, Robin (Lopat)
Sampson, Anthony
Scannelli, Donna
Scheiner, Bill
Schreihofer, Ken Jr.
Segal, Benjamin
Sena, Karen (Zelko)
Solazzi, Daniel
Spyropoulos, George
Tarantin, Deborah (Barbiere)
Taras, John
Thomas, Barbara
Tomae, Andrea (Rudnick)
Tomae, Gabriel
Vreeland, Cliff
Vreeland, Michelle (Gallo)
Wagner, William
Washington, Merle
Wilder, Ellen (Jacobs)
Wirth, Don
Wright, Melissa
Young, Gynine (Santoro)
Zeiberger, Nancy

The Reunion was a success!!! Please click on reunion pictures to the left for more details.We hope to get even more pictures!!

Our subscription to the website needs to be renewed. We will gladly accept donations to maintain it. Detalils to follow,


For those who have registered and paid... WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! 

We have about 110 registered and paid.

For those who haven't:

UHS Class of 81... we have decided to sell a limited amount of $75.00 30th Reunion tickets at the door this Friday night - come on down for a fun night in AC!! If you are thinking about coming, please let us know beforehand if you can... we look forward to seeing you all !!!  7PM  in the Tiara Room at Trump Taj Mahal... BE THERE!!!...

Of course, you can use PayPal if you want...

OK - UHS Class of 81.. TODAY is the LAST DAY you can get a discounted room at the Taj for the reunion... also, please be aware that there are no 'tickets' to be sent. When you arrive at the Tiara Ballroom, you (and your guest) will be given nametags with your name and HS picture. IT IS TWO WEEKS AWAY!!

Greetings ALL:

Our classmate, Aaron Fein  -  National Sales Manager for Wheelhouse Wine Cellars

Has GRACIOUSLY volunteered to donate a case of each of the following wines on behalf of his company for our Union High School 30th Reunion Extravaganza at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City on April 29:

Featured wines will be:

·         Lucky Star Chardonnay

·         Lucky Star Pinot Noir

·         Zynthesis Zinfandel


More information about these EXCELLENT wines can be found at:

 We may give some wine away as prizes and will serve it at pre/post event parties…stay tuned for more details…

Please join us in AC if you haven’t bought your tickets already!! Time is RUNNING OUT!! 

There are now only three weeks until the reunion.

We have worked to extend the discounted room rates at the Taj until 4/15 for a limited amount of rooms , and will also roll the ticket price back to $75 through Friday April 22 - please join us on the 29th!!

We have finalized the menu (below)... DJ is booked and we are ready to rock and roll!!! Please buy yout tickets now.

7p - 8p - Cocktail Reception 
 (butler passed) 

Tuscan Chicken Fontina Bits
Kalamata Olive and and Artichoke Heart Puff
Cocktail Franks with Spicy Mustard
Panang Shrimp

8p - 10p - Reception
Make your Own Salad Bar:
Mixed Greens, Grape Tomatoes, Sliced Cucumbers, Julienne Red Peppers, Shredded Carrots, Sliced Red Onions and Sliced Black Olives
served with choice of Balsamic Vinaigrette, Buttermilk Ranch and Creamy Dijon Vinaigrette

Asian Station:
General Tso's Chicken and Steamed Rice
Tender Chicken in a Tangy Sauce with Steamed Rice served with "To Go" Containers and Chopsticks

Pasta Station:
Penne with Rosa Sauce
Served with Breadsticks, Grated Parmesan Cheese and Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

Carving Station:
(Chef attended)

NY Strip Loin with Cabernet Reduction
Chef's Selection of Vegetables

10p - 11p - Dessert Station
Assorted Jumbo Cookies



Our 30 year Reunion in AC is 60 days away now!! Your reunion committee has been working very hard for the past few months to plan this awesome event for you! And we can't do this without your support!
So... If you plan on attending and haven't purchased your tickets yet....Please do so now! Ticket Prices will be increasing to $90.00 as of March 15th!!! So go to and PURCHASE YOUR TICKET to avoid the price increase!


Also  hotel info:

Hotel details have been finalized - room rates are shown below - please note the taxes and fees below.

Please click on this link to register on line.

Or .....You cn book your rooms directly with the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort  in Atlantic City - you can call them at:

1800 825 8888

booking code is: BUHSR81

If you are interested in room upgrades to the Chairman Tower for an additional $20 per room, per night plus taxes and fees on Thursday, April 28, 2011, and an additional $30 per room, per night plus taxes and fees on Friday, April 29, 2011 and Saturday, April 30, 2011, PLEASE ASK THE RESERVATIONS CLERK AT THE TIME OF BOOKING.

We are working with the Taj on on line booking, but this has not yet been finalized - we will let you know when this is complete.



Single Rate

Double Rate

Triple Rate

Quad Rate

Run of House





 FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2011


Single Rate

Double Rate

triple Rate

Quad Rate

Run of House







Single Rate

Double Rate

Triple Rate

Quad Rate

Run of House






Current combined State and City sales and luxury taxes are 14 percent, and the Atlantic City Casino Hotel room use fee is $2 per room, per night.  In addition, there is a $3 occupancy fee per room, per night.  These taxes/fees are subject to change without notice.



Greetings all from YOUR reunion committee…. We are now at T minus 3 months and counting down to the BLAST OFF of the Union High School Class of 1981 reunion at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City on April 29th….Our class was special for many many reasons…and don’t forget that we were the 100th graduating class…


We urgently need you to buy your $75.00 ticket and book your rooms ASAP – we have deposits to pay for food and such coming up fast … and we also have a commitment to a block of rooms at the hotel, so we are asking you to PLEASE make a commitment by buying a ticket now…and please don’t forget to book your hotel rooms – you can have up to 4 guests per room…and those pre and post reunion room parties will be instant classics – embarrassing Facebook photos will be PRICELESS!!!


At this point, the people listed below have purchased tickets…. we urgently need your commitment to make this happen! Remember this reunion is being run by UHS Class of 81 and not by an outside company – our goal is to bring the group together and have fun!!!  WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO ATTIAN THIS GOAL!!! … And don’t forget, the first 50 paying customers get a free UHS Reunion T-shirt.


If you have any questions at all, please email me at




Registered attendees


John Zurka

Lori Spivack

Patricia Sinck

Maureen  Wiredo   

Donna Troncone

John Giorgi

Laurie Battiato

Bill Scheiner

Scott Houston and Guest

Robin Lopat

Ken Schreihoffer, Jr  and Guest

Deborah Riker and Guest

Guido Ferrara

Albert Hughes and Guest

Gina Ginefra

Lu-Ann Capista and Guest

William Wagner

Ellen Shannon (PayPal pending)                                                                      

Gail Abramson

Rich Mendelsohn (PayPal pending)

Gynine Santoro

Janine Rispoli

Hello all - this is the design of the front of the T-shirt we will be giving to the first 50 paying registrants.



Hello everyone - we recently sent out a mailing, and the mailings to all noted below came back as undeliverable. If anyone has their  adresses, please let us know ASAP



First Name Last Name
Patricia  Szczepaniak
David Alston
Joseph Ancmon
John Baldwin
Wade Baldwin
Scott Bartfay
Keith Black
Pauline Boraczek
Carmine Boxley
Ross Bram
Walter Burbella
Gerard Burdi
John Busalacchi
Virginia Cantarella
Michele Casserly
Wayne Consolo
Scott Cosentino
Robert Coulter
Toni Curvin
Jarbi Delosrios
Lori DeMartino
Doreen DePalma
Maria Egusquiza
Eugenia Esteves
Jeffrey Fessler
Natalie Florie
Frank Chimienti
David Fried
Kenneth Gaffga
Richard Gainor
Linda Gawryluk
Susan M Gerber
Mike Gernert
Richard Goldberg
Michael Goldsmith
Patricia Lynn Gotsch
Joanne Michele Graziano
Gilbert Grier
Cynthia Marie Hatton
Kathleen Hines
John R Horbelt
Kimberly Rae Jackson
Michelle P Jast
Virginia Ilene Jelovcich
Julie Ann Jenkins
Marvel Joyner
Kevin T Kalendek
Steven Karr
Maxine Katchen
Sandra Keane
Karen Klalo
Karen Kosec
Michael Kraus
Michele Krueger
Susan B Laga
Richard Lerner
Leslie Adler
Susan A Lueg
Donna Mascola
Scott Matusek
Terri Ann McClure
Sally Ann McGuiness
Timothy Mennitt
Sharon Mercurio
Susan Migliara
Kathy Sue Mollen
Keith Jordan Mollett
Carol Moran
Ron Naso
Peter Obermeyer
Earl Prather
Walter Rabow
Yolanda Renee Ray
Lisa Romano
Robert W Ronan
Barry Sapolnick
Cheryl Scher
Tonya Rakita Scott
William E Shine
Linda Simensky
Nancy Lynn Simons
Patricia Lynn Sinck
John Skubon
Risa Slovin
Ellen Staub
Dean Stragalas
Debra Renee Todaro
Linda Vein
Salvatore Verderame
Miriam R Yerich
Jeff Ziemieski




  If you received an  announcement from, please be aware that this is NOT from us. The class of 81 is doing our own reunion, and does not need outside help. I hope you will share our opinion, that the event we are organizing here is the ONLY official reunion. If you choose to go to one, we hope you choose the reunion BY the class of 81  OF the class of 81 & FOR the class of 81. !!  

  Class List Events Message Boards Games Music  

I guess I was thinking about promoting this event 30 years ago !!




 Paypal is now working !!! You can purchase reunion tickets or donate to help us plan the reunion... Click on <reunion tickets> on the left in order to purchase them... The earlier you buy them, the easier it is for us to plan...we need a HUGE turnout!!!

Ticket price is $75.00 each, and will include dinner and entertainment - cash bar - we will provide details as we have more information.

FRIDAY Room rates are $129 in the Taj tower  and $149 in the Chairman tower + 14%  tax + $5.00 fees

SATURDAY  Room rates are $219 in the Taj tower  and $239 in the Chairman tower + 14%  tax + $5.00 fees

You can fit up to 4 in a room.

Chairman tower  is newer ... and  a bit nicer



We are also on Facebook..

Reunion event!/event.php?eid=127299363952046&ref=ts

Class of 1981 page:!/group.php?gid=45231344134&ref=ts

If anyone is a tech-geek, or knows one, PLEASE let me know if you want to help administer this site!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!!! <3

Welcome to the Union Senior High Class Of 1981 web site. Please join us for the 30 year reunion of the 100th class on April 29, 2011.