Some buildings have been added, many have been remodeled, and some have had their uses changed, but the purpose has remained the same - to develop leaders for our Air Force! 


The Prep School Class of 2011 

The Prep School Class of 2011

Richard Wilson,  David Shields,  Mrs. Shields,  Mrs. Wilson



Richard Park, Richard Kennard, Mrs. Bready, Cope Mitchell, Al Bready, Craig Nass, Willie Cosby, Edward Zerambo, David Shields, Mark Shope, Phil Gronseth, James Eken, Don Henney, Larry Fariss, David Haugen, Dave Dillard, Mrs. Dillard

 David Shields, Cope Mitchell, Richard Kennard, Bruce Hancock

 Standing:  Phil Gronseth - great presentation, Al Bready, Willie Cosby

We were informed that our presentation and tour was the first and would be the last of its kind - A big 'thank you' to Larry Fariss and Phil Gronseth!


 We didn't have these!

 We didn't have these either!


Mrs. Layman, Rick Layman, Marvin Kobza

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Bruce Hancock