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03/25/08 11:01 PM #1    


James N. Dearien II (Jim Dearien Ii)

thanks for spending the time to set this up. I've really enjoyed all of the hard work that jim carlson has done to keep our class connected. The prep school started the journey.

04/27/08 06:26 PM #2    


Richard A. Finke

Julius, Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember your first skiing trip to Breckenridge. As I remember it, on your first trip to the top of the lower slope, you pointed your skis down hill and didn't stop until you came to rest in the parking lot at the bottom of the hill. I have told people this story over the years that I've gone to Breck. Correct me if Im wrong on this story, but I think I have it correct. I also remember Corrie Kunderts orange flight suit that he would wear. You could see him for miles away.

04/30/08 08:01 PM #3    

Bruce Hancock

Be sure to check out Richard Etters profile. He has added many bits of memorabilia that will make you pause and reflect.

09/14/08 11:41 PM #4    

Bernard Hajovsky

My second son Blake graduated from UT Austin with a degree in Aerospace Engineering thru the ROTC then earned his Masters in Astronautical Engineering @ AFIT at WrightPatterson AFB. He is now stationed at Scheiver AFB in Colorado Springs. He is a First LT. Anyone in the area should look him up. Funny how things worked out.

11/03/10 11:31 AM #5    


Richard A. Finke

Bruce,  Thanks for posting the pictures from the Prep School reunion.  I wish I could have attended.  I would like to see any more pictures anyone may have.  Thanks for labeling the names.  It has been awhile. 

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