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W. O. Griffin - principal

Clay Davis - Assistant principal

Mrs. Lenora Dixon - counselor

Mrs. Margaret Scott - registrar

Mrs. Maxine Hart - Shorthand

Mrs. Ruby Sanders - comprehension

Mrs. Elivce Clements - typing

Mrs. Evelyn Orr - choir and journalism

Mr. Jesse Day - Band

Mr. Dali Alexander and Mr. George Brooks - auto mechanics and shop instructors

Mr. M. A. Stevens - VIC instructor

Mrs. Irene Stevens and Mrs. Annetta Bridges - art teachers

Mrs. Cora Mitchell, librarian and Mrs. Juanita Ware, assistant

Mrs. Jewel Mayfield - Home economics

Mrs. Evelyn Gage and Mrs. Treasure Malone - Floral

Mr. Emory Debose- shop

Mrs. Janice Oliver and Mrs. Peggy Friedel - music

Mr. John Sheppard - math

Mr. Vernon Vaughn - wood shop

Mr. William Draughn - wood shop

Miss Sallie Moncrief - Senior English

Mr. Jim Davis - "Jungle Jim" - English

Mrs. Joyce Rigby - Economics

Mrs. Mary Cadenhead - Sophomore and Junior English

Mrs. Linda Cook - Speech/Drama

Mrs. Mary Brown - sophomore English

Mrs. Arlan Rose - Spanish and sophomore English

Mrs. Anne Bradley - Latin

George Batson - German

Joe Oliver - World History and Tom Huddleston - American History

Mrs. Arlene Fred - American History

Dan McLeod - World History

John Kenner - Civics

Mrs. Mary Lynn Gillespie - Biology Instructor

Mrs. Myrle Hickman - Biology Teacher

Mr. Manton Hannah Jr. - Chemistry teacher (We were the "Fastest Chemists in the West")

Mr. Lake - science

Mrs. Shirley Glockzin - Geometry

Mr. Richard Keiffer and Mrs. Jenna Baggett - Algebra and Elementary Analysis

Mr. Mac Lattimore - Trig

Mr. Doyle Ware - math

Coach Ira Conner

Coach Robert Duty

Mr. Carroll Harold - Driver Ed and Tennis sponsor

Mary Hinton - Girl's P.E.