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Military Service






 In Memory

I remember Mrs. Fred talking about the Vietnam War.  We had many dicussions in class about the war.  

These are the ones of our class who served.  We want to salute you and honor you for your service.  

If you know anyone who should be on this list, but is not, please let me know.  

Also, if any information is incorrect, please let me know.

(btaylor@hot.rr.com or contact me through the web site)




     Larry Abner                 Army National Guard

         James Alexander         Air Force

      Raymond Lee Barnard     Army Reserve  Airborne infantry

   Thomas Birkes          Texas National Guard

            Hershel Bray        Army

              Larry Bridges             Army

     Albert Brown         Texas Army National Guard

  Robert Buckner          Marines

         Grace Carbajal Coia     Navy


       Johnny Cardwell    Air Force

              Guy Clemmons           Army

     Dolan Culp                  Army - National Guard     Vietnam

           Mario Duron                Army

       Bill Farmer                 Army   Vietnam

         David Ford                Army 82nd Airborne Medic Vietnam 18 1/2 months                                     

           Tomas Fuentes         Air Force   Vietnam 3 tours

          Mike Groman             Air Force

       Marvin Hegar         Air Force

        Jessy Huebner          Army OH58D Kiowa helicopter Texas; Texas National Guard

      Glen Jenson             Texas Army National Guard

       Larry Kelinske           Marines

        Ken Kraemer             Air Force

                 Lamar Lampert          Navy and Air National Guard

      Fredrico Martinez       Air Force

     Charles Miller             Army

          Jimmy Moss              Navy submarine service

        Robert Oliver             Army  Vietnam 1 year

        James Payne            Texas Army National Guard

        Thomas Petty            Army  Vietnam

       Ronald Phelps           Army

        Eddie Robertson       Army; National Guard

                        Weldon Roe             Air Force

      Terry Stallard              Army Special Forces 

          Roy Swanner        Merchant Marines

                    Donald Williams     Army

               Donald Wright         Navy

          Thomas Yarbrough       Army   Vietnam

Letter from the Wall by Gay McFarlen Belcher

May 27, 2002  

copyright 2002 

Dear Brothers,

     You can't imagine how good it is to see you.  For so many years it was just us the Fallen gathered together, until this wall was built.  We often talked about you and wondered where you were and how you were doing.  And then this wall was built and you began to come.

     Over the years, you know, we've watched you age.  We've laughed and joked about that some.  You knew we would.  After all, we remember you with hair, and no gray:  and the extra 50 to 70 pounds you carried then was gear.  But we still see you, too, as the vibrant young men of strength just as you remember us.

     We've watched you come alone at times.  We've understood your need to do that.  After all it was always just us in Vietnam.  No families except in our letters, packages, and in our hearts.  We were our families, then, weren't we?  But we've also watched you come over the years with your wives, you sons and daughters, and now your beautiful grandchildren.  There usually isn't a lot of explanation about us taking place at the wall or any conversation at all for that matter, but something tells us that happens elsewhere.  What we see is love and compassion in the eyes of those with you.  Not so much for us, but for you.  It makes us feel so good to see that you have the love and support of those who come here with you.

     We stand and we watch and we listen.  We see the sadness in your faces, we see the pain in your eyes:  we watch the tears flow down your cheeks.  We know what you are thinking.  We feel what you are feeling.  Certainly we know what we have missed out on all of these years.  And we know that you feel so guilty because you are on the outside of this wall and we are inside.  But on a sunny day like today, you step inside with us.  Can't you feel us all around you slapping you on the back, hugging you and telling you that it's all right?  You have done what we would have done.  You have done the things we would have wanted you to do.  You've worked hard your whole life.  You've worked in your community and helped your fellow veterans.  You have made a life with a family that continues to help this country grow,  You have perpetuated the very values in which we believed and for which we died.  We wouldn't have asked for more.  Did you think we would?

     On any day that you wonder why we all did what we did, why we all sacrificed as we did-take a look around you.  Reach out to the wife who has held you close all of these years.  Gaze proudly at your children who have become fine men and women with families of their own.  Look at that curly headed little granddaughter next to you.  Hold that grandson close to your heart.  Watch him today as he stands and salutes the flag or marches in the parade.  He's your reason.  He's our reason.  

      Come again, Brother.  As long as you come, we'll be here.  As long as you live, so will we.

     Forever remembering and living through you,

Your Brothers in the Wall


"At the Wall"

Lyrics by Gay McFarlen Belcher - copyright October 2007

As I walk along this Wall of Black,

my broken memories take me back

to the band of brothers I knew when 

in the prime of life we fought to win.

So young, those men, with stronger wills

And ever so much braver still--

I wonder more as years go on

Why I am here and they are gone.

It tears my heart seeing names reflected 

of fathers, husbands, sons expected 

to come home, but who never did.

Why, my God, not me instead?

But my wife steps up and takes my hand

"I think I can help you understand."



You are here for me.

You saved my life back then,

And every day since then.  

You gave meaning to my world-

a fine, young son, a baby girl.

You taught them how to live, you showed them how to give.

You are here for us.


Then as I walk still filled with doubt, 

I see young soldiers looking out

at me, and one steps from the wall

and says, "Hey, Man, we need to talk.  Have you lived the life we would have lived?

Have you given all that you could give?

We only asked the best you could.

Never asked more, did you think we would

judge you as you came here weeping?

We hear your cries, we see you seeking

answers: but we walk with you

living, laughing, loving too,"

You've paid the debt you had to pay.

We've lived through you.  We live today!



"You are here for us.

You couldn't save our lives back then

and you've hurt each day since then.

You took our hopes and dreams with you:

Brought them home, and made them true.

Helped wounded souls to live.

Showed our brothers how to give:

You are here for them."


"Now I notice that young girl whose hand

you clasp and that handsome little man

who rides your shoulders as you pass.

"Whose names are on this wall? they ask.

So you tell them of your brave young brothers--

The ones you knew and all the others

whose stories hide within this wall.

Remembering them one and all."

Take that little grandson to your heart.

He's the reason you live, and in part

our reason too for he'll come on

these walks to see us when you're gone"


"Carry on, my Brother, no need to feel 

guilt or shame for we live still."



You are here for us.

You couldn't save our lives back then,

but you've carried us with you when

you passed the lessons that you gained 

to those precious children who'll remain.

You've taught him how to live, and showed her how to give.


You are here for him.

Your are here for her.

You are here for us!


You MADE IT HOME for us!