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Survey--Do You Remember?

Have fun with the survey and trip down memory lane. Hope to see you in July!

If you think of a question that should be added, let me know and I will add it to the survey.

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1)   What was your favorite hangout?

A & W
Write in Other Choice
2)   What was your favorite Drive-In Theater?

Waco Drive-In
Write in Other Choice
3)   What was your favorite restaurant?

Hickory Stick
George's Surf & Sirloin
Leslie's Chicken Shack
Write in Other Choice
4)   What was your favorite pizza?

Pizza Inn
Poppa Rollo's
Italian Village
Write in Other Choice
5)   How often did you make the drag?

Friday night
Saturday night
As often as possible
6)   Did you ever go witch hunting in Cameron Park?

7)   Did you ever speed down Mockingbird Lane?

Yes, with the headlights off
8)   What was your first car?

9)   Who was your favorite teacher?

10)   What was your favorite song to skate to?

Runaround Sue
The Wanderer
Write in Other Choice
11)   What was your favorite song?

Mrs. Brown You've got a Lovely Daughter
Unchained Melody
Mac the Knife
Write in Other Choice
12)   Where did you swim in the summer?

Sun Pool
Lion's Pool
Lake Waco
Fountain at Cameron Park
Write in Other Choice
13)   What was your favorite indoor theater?

25th Street
Waco theatre
Write in Other Choice
14)   Where was your favorite place to get ice cream?

Health Camp
Dairy Queen
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