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11/15/08 01:44 PM #1    

Gail Wright (Lodovice)

Welcome to the Northeast Metro Rgn Vocational High School Class Of 1988 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

12/15/08 06:42 PM #2    

Emilio Giugliano

Can't wait for the reunion just reading the website is bring back lots of memories. Lets try and get as many classmates as posible!!Happy Holidays

02/22/09 10:47 AM #3    

Melissa Smith (Hume)

Great job Gail, I think it's official everyone had a great time. Th ank you for all the time you took to put it together. Melissa (Smith)

02/22/09 11:39 AM #4    

Daniel Dellascio

gail great job

02/22/09 02:04 PM #5    

Christopher Adkerson

Great job Gail. Thank you for an awesome time.

02/22/09 07:45 PM #6    

Maria Pagano (Islami)

Thank you Gail for all your work it was very much appreciated. Last night was great time.

02/23/09 09:32 AM #7    

Patricia Jenner

Gail, thanks a lot, you did a great job. It was nice to see all those people again.

02/23/09 07:10 PM #8    

Kathleen Muse (Murphy)

All your work was definately evident on Saturday night. I applaud you and your organizational skills.... a bunch of us made a pact that night to bring one more person who was not there this year to the next one..... maybe by then my hangover will be gone. I had an unbelievable time! Great memories....great friends...and you did a great job!!!! Thanks again Gail.

02/23/09 07:43 PM #9    

Jennifer Powers

Thanks Gail. You did a great job.

02/24/09 10:29 AM #10    

KristIn Deveau (Deveau-Pina)

Thanks again Gail..seems as if it was a good time for all. I know I along with a few others are still finding our way back to sobriety. We should hire atleast 2 bartenders nexttime. I think he was a little overwhelmed! Nonetheless, We had a great time.. Thanks again, Kristin

02/25/09 10:45 AM #11    

Robert Dimare

Thanks Gail, I really appreciate everything you did.I had an awesome time, can't wait till the next one!

02/25/09 08:11 PM #12    

Richelle Paci

Gail you really did a great job! Awesome night!!!

02/26/09 11:49 AM #13    

Robert Dean

hail to gail.... for a great job.... everything was great, the food, the place looked great, thank you and your husband for all your hard work and effort to put this together and pulling it off, keep in touch and look forward to the next one.

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