30th Reunion highlights

A good time was had by all at the Reunion... could it really be 30 years?? sure seemed to melt away as we remembered the 'good ole days'! More pictures now available for viewing and purchase at:

Thank you to all the reunion committee members who worked so hard to make it a wonderful night! We would like to extend a special Thank You to Cheryl and Paul Schatzman for the Pointsettia center pieces that they generously donated. They were just beautiful!

and to the DJ, Joey Loubier, GREAT job!! Thank you all.

Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.~ G. Randolf


Reunion Weekend

Thursday November 26th       

Linn Delmolino Dallas,Veronica Zemke Kastukevich,Beth Allen Byrd, Debbie Sireno Doll, Sheila Tierney Schatzman, Liz Rascati Landow and Jane Thurston Malone all manning the Reunion tent at the game.                


What a winning combo--

Powder Puff- Sheehan 45 LH 33 (Highest scoring game in Samaha Bowl history)

Boys Football- Sheehan 35 LH 28

Friday November 27th

Good time, good friends and more memories!

More pictures, Thank you Kim Emerling for sharing them with us!

Kim Emerling and Jim Kelley

Jim Kelley,Meredith Fellner Meilleur, Cheryl Geremia & Kim Emerling (posing as our friendliest classmates 30 years later) and Lori Connor Comen

Bob Reutenaur, Liz Rascati Landow, Linn Delmolino Dallas, Tim Cann, Joanne Cuomo Beuler and Kim Emerling

Cheryl Audette Hulett, Kim Emerling, Karen Eckels Gamble, Karen Ruggerio Lovington and Don Avigne

Mary Barbeau, Tracy Alia and Kim Emerling

Jodi Walton, Gary Walton, Val Jackson McDonald, Donna Bechtold Potter, Kim Emerling

Gary Walton, Jody Walton, Val Jackson McDonald


Thank you Jane Thurston Malone for sharing these pictures with us!!! As I receive more pictures from any of you, I will post more.....keep checking back. :) 

Veronica Zemke Kastukevich, Liz Rascati Landow, Robin Short, Sheila Tierney Schatzman, Lori Connor, Mary Pashley

Linn Delmolino Dallas, Nancy Hinman Crowther, Karen Ruggiero Lovington, Sheila Tierney Schatzman

Bill Dallas, Jim Crowther, Eric Davenport

Cheryl Geremia Schatzman, Tim Cann, Lori Connor Comen

Joan Pashley Baynes, Mary Pashley, Jim Kelley, Greg Kastukevich

Joanne Cuomo Beuhler, Veronica Zemke Kastukevich, Liz Rascati Landow, Teri Loubier (Joe's wife), Sheila Tierney Schatzman, Sue Oertel Castelli

Joanne Cuomo Beuhler, Nancy Kobrin

Joanne Mushinsky Rauert, Jeff Blakeslee, Jeff Oswald, Patty Werner Els, Dave Lazuk

Karen Ruggiero Lovington, Nancy Hinman Crowther, Linn Delmolino Dallas, Lynn Kovacs Wilson, Veronica Zemke Kastukevich

Lynn and Rory Wilson

Veronica Zemke Kastukevich, Liz Rascati Landow and Robin Short

Saturday November 28th

Another great night!! Beth you are amazing!! Thanks for the good times!

We are still looking for many missing classmates, please keep spreading the word about this site! We will be keeping the website going ...