40th Reunion Photos

Welcome Back! 40 years?????? Really?????


 We gather once again for a tour!                          








...and off to Captain Bill's we go...

Sr. Elizabeth Moore aka Sr Maureen Peter aka MoPete aka Aunt Betty. "Hey, you, stop taking that picture and get inside and eat before I have to call your parents!

....and here we are at last! What a great looking bunch!



Left: Our thanks to the team that made the St John's pre- and post-, and St. Anne's reunion parties happen: Michele Datre Infante, Allan Lott, Anne Oconnell Berger , Frank Sancineto

Right: Anne O'Connell Berger & Susan Farrell Harris, and spouses



Left: Virginia (who now identifies as "Ginger") Walsh & Michele Datre Infante. So, okay, why Ginger now, but Virginia or Ginny then?  Our beloved Father Mulligan didn't think the name Ginger was an appropriate nickname for a Catholic School teacher.  Go figure!  Did he not realize that we called her "Miss" Walsh??????

Right: Stella DeVenuta, OSF (our prolific photographer) & Stephanie Morton




Left: Sandy Chernauskus looking better than 17! Awesome or what?!

Right: Joanne Naso & Ann E Fagan reminisce about their antics in days gone bye as John Arnold looks on - Ah the memories! 



Left: Deborah Sableski Willox, Loretta Makovy, Rosanne Williams Sullivan

Right: John Danaher and Rosanne Williams Sullivan


Left: Linda Hillery, Kathleen Hughes Goulding, Loretta Makovy, Rosanne Williams Sullivan, Deborah Sableski Willox, Michele Datre

Right: Loretta Makovy and Rosanne Williams Sullivan 


Left: Barbara Brazel, Sr. Maureen Peter, Ellen Phillips, Peggy Roberts

Right: Kevin Tobin, Eileen Maroney, John Arnold, Diane Papp, Kathleen Hughes


Left: Patty Kolmel and Brian Maher

Right: Kathie Cunningham and Mary Anderson


Left: Larry Jordan, Ellen Phillips, Diane Barry, Donna Bolin

Right: Kathy McGee and Phil Baciuska


Left: Brian Maher and Peggy Roberts

Right: Peggy Roberts and Sr Maureen Peter



St. Anne's Group gather at a pre-SJB party








Eileen Maroney, Larry Hanken, & Eileen Hetzel laughing and loving it



....and after the all the parties...

 Tim Hanley and Mari Fallon Hanley are ready to call it a night!