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•   Kate Satterfield (Couture)  9/12
•   Nicole Strader (Manseau)  12/20
•   Cathlene Connors  11/26
•   Christine Desorcy (Garcia)  11/21
•   Keith Burrows  11/21
•   Stephanie Subocz  11/21
•   Mike Dunphy  11/18
•   Scott St. Marie  11/16
•   Francis Tokarski  11/11
•   Jill LaVersa  11/1
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•   Scott St. Marie  9/27
•   Kate Satterfield (Couture)  9/30
•   Steven Wickland  9/30


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Welcome to the Hampshire Regional High Class Of 1990 web site.

Add any additional home page content here...


If you are trying to purchase tickets for the Reunion, click on the "20th Reunion" button (red button, white fonts) on the upper left side of the page. The Reunion page will show all of the details, and a map of the Northampton Country Club. At the bottom of the page, you can purchase tickets if you are logged in.

Once you buy the tickets, the site will show you what you've purchased every time you visit that area of the site - in case you didn't print the confirmation, or lost it.

You don't really need to document your purchase when you arrive at the reunion, we'll have a list of all the ticket sales on hand.

Let me know if you have any problems or questions!


 Okay everybody, I know things have been a little quiet around here, however I plan to make up for that by posting this excessively long announcement. We've heard from a few people who wanted to know what was happening with the Reunion. Here's the latest and greatest:

-We have a caterer for the reunion. We're using Seth Mias, who does all of the catering at Northampton Country Club. He is highly recommended in the area, he's easy to work with, and the pricing is very reasonable. Pete recently attended a function that was catered by Seth, and he said it was truly some of the best food he's ever had a wedding. Pete also found out a few days later that it was actually an 80th birthday party that he attended, but either way he said the food was great. I won't tell you what he said about the dollar dance!
-We have some very generous classmates who have stepped up to the plate, and offered to provide their services for the reunion. We're still confirming the details, but once everything is locked in we can elaborate more on this. Suffice it to say that the generosity of your classmates will make your reunion more festive and more fun without costing you a dime. That's a great reason to support them, and their business, but we'll have more details on that soon.
-We have the ability to sell tickets though this website using credit cards and personal checks through a secure server. This will greatly simplify ticket sales, and we hope there is some interest in buying tickets online.
We want to know how many people are planning to attend the reunion for a few different reasons. The most important of which is so we can finalize a ticket price. The greater the number of attendee’s means the expenses can be spread out a little more, and we can charge lower ticket prices. If six people are planning to show up they, had also better plan to pony up, but if we get 50 or 60 people, ticket prices will be crazy cheap. Seriously though, they’re going to be affordable (way under $50/pp).
What we need from you…
We have only made contact with about half of our graduating class so far. If you know someone who may be interested in going to this reunion, please give them the details, or the link to this site so they have the option. We need some help finding some of these people, and we’re not going to cold call everyone’s parents to track everyone down like we did for the 10th reunion. (A few of you must have really pissed off your parents, because I got dressed down several times trying to track everyone down!) If we don’t see them on this site or the Facebook page, we can only assume they aren’t coming.
Seriously, if you have a number or and e-mail for someone not on this site, please give them a call, or e-mail them to see if they are interested in the details of the reunion.
Log onto the website, and take the RSVP Survey. It’s four questions, it gives us a tentative headcount, and with that we can set the ticket price and have the tickets ready by November 1.

So, it probably took you longer to read this manifesto than it will to answer the 4 multiple-choice questions in the survey. But we need to feedback to wrap these details up.

Click on the "RSVP Survey" button in the upper left corner of the homepage to access the survey.


The HRHS Class of 1990 20th year reunion has been booked. It will be at Northampton Country Club in Leeds, Ma the evening of Saturday November 27th, 2010. More details will follow.
Looks like 50 classmates have found the Facebook page and about 30 have found the web page ( This is great progress, please make sure that any classmates you know have seen one of these sites so we can keep everyone posted on the details.
Keep an eye on the website, I’m working on a way for you to RSVP and also purchase tickets via secure online transaction. Once all the details are in set in place, it will be simple to lock in your reservation, and also see who else is planning to attend.
As you may have seen in Pete’s Facebook post we are still trying to find a lot of classmates, so anything you can do the help track them down is appreciated. In addition, if you have any ideas about things that could make the reunion more fun – we’re all ears. Whether it’s funny pictures that you want to blow up and bring, decorations, or maybe we could create a little quiz about events that happened in 1990, things like that can be fun.
Thanks to those who contributed suggestions and helped to check out our options. Special thanks go to Pete Lustenberger, who did a lot of the legwork to research and lock in the date. Also, Rachel Brooks Epstein, who suggested Northampton Country Club, and with the help of a family connection at NCC secured the venue. Becky Lashway Fitzgerald graciously volunteered to supply fresh flowers for decorations from her floral shop – Forget Me Not Florist. That was extremely generous, and everyone should look Becky up the next time they need flowers!
It’s beginning to sound like a fun night.


Great news... reunion venue was booked today! Thanks Pete & Rachel! Guess that means I can kill the old survey and start a new one. The suggestions and feedback were helpful, so please weigh in on future surveys so the reunion doesn't suck. We're looking for your input on menu options and some of the other arrangements. Keep your eyes open for a new survey soon.

From here on,the goal is to make sure that every member of our class is contacted so they are at least aware of the reunion details. I am hoping that we can do this without having to launch a telemarketing campaign, so if you are in contact with any fellow classmates, please give them the link to this site, or keep them posted on the details.

Date: Saturday November 27th 2010

Northampton Country Club

135 Main St.

Leeds, Ma 01053

Check back soon for more info!