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West High School
Class of 1963

The 1963 Class of Wichita High School West is having its 55th reunion October 19 and 20, 2018, in Wichita, at the Hotel at Oldtown.  Attached is the registration form that must be completed and paid for in order to participate in the activities and receive a meal at our Saturday night banquet.

Here is the registration form.  Be sure to indicate the meal you want...Pork, Beef, or Chicken.  /000/0/1/2/31210/userfiles/file/55th_West_High_Class_Reunion_Registration_Form.doc

Hope to see LOTS of our classmates at this reunion!!!

We haven't forgotten you!!!  This website creators reminded me, today, that it has been 6 months since I sent out an announcement!  Time sure does go by fast, doesn't it?   We are confirmed for our 55th West High reunion to be held October 19 and 20 at the Hotel at Oldtown in Wichita, KS.  Our committee is meeting Friday, Sept. 8 to continue our planning.  After that meeting, I will send you more updates as well as the link to go ahead and register with the Hotel at Oldtown.  We will send the registration to the reunion link soon. We need to establish costs for the meal at the banquet, etc. 

We only have $1,143 in our bank account.  $500 of that had to go to the hotel to hold the dates for our reunion. Doesn't leave much, does it?  I have received one donation (haven't deposited it yet, but will when I have more checks to go with it! )  We want to keep the reunion registration price down to ensure more of our members attending.  But, we could use some donations to help fund some other activities.  The check can be made out to "Wichita West Class of 1963 Reunions."  It can be sent to me, Loretta Koehn Miller, at 2331 N. Lakeway Ct., Wichita, KS 67205.

If you haven't joined our website, please do so.  We have 30+ registrants so far.  It is a secure site, so don't worry about that.  We'll be having the registration links on this website.  (Don't worry...those who don't wish to join our website will receive the links, as well.)  This website has other information, photos, and our 50th reunion video.  You can communicate with other classmates through this website. You can add pics from the past or post pics of your current family.  If you have information about classmates, please send them to my email,, or if you register on this website, put your information in the comments section and it will go to everyone or just to one person, as you so desire.  

The link to register on this website is below.  Be watching for more information soon.  Our reunion is a tad over a year away! 

Please join us on our website.  Register.  Listen to the music, scan through the pictures from our high school years and our reunions.  Read your classmates' stories.  Put your own story on the website.  Come on.  Join us.  Register for our 55th reunion when we send you the information via this website and/or email.  October 19, 20, 2018.  We are confirmed to celebrate at the Hotel at Oldtown in Wichita.  Get your rooms there and celebrate with us at the conference center right across the street the night of the 20th.  We are still planning activities for the rest of the time, but put these dates on your calendar and join us!     Watch for the registration information to come via this website or email.  We're getting "up there", folks, so let's hang together and enjoy our "golden years" together!  Register on our website and we'll go from there....  And, oh, yes, join us on our facebook site!  Copy and paste this in your brower.

From the 55th Reunion Committee:

Our committee met Friday, Feb. 17, to do some more planning for our 55th reunion October 19 and 20th, 2018.  

Thanks to Sherry Herndon Elder’s son-in-law, a logo is being developed for a T-Shirt and other items for the reunion.  The shirts will be available for a reasonable price!

We know that some of you are concerned about costs, so we are working to keep them down.  Also, giving you plenty of time to squirrel away a little bit each month to help.  In our last announcement on this website, we explained the costs of the hotel.  So, refer back to that communication on this website.  We haven’t determined a reunion cost yet.

Thanks to you who have sent donations to help us get started.  They haven’t been deposited yet as we are waiting for more to come (hopefully!) and we can make one large deposit.  We do have to put down $500 to the hotel to hold the reservation.  Won’t leave us very much from the current balance, so donations would be greatly appreciated.  You can make the check out to “Wichita West Class of 1963 Reunions”.

We plan to send out the registrations this coming October…one year ahead of the reunion.  We are working with the hotel to make the registration available on this website.  But, we will also send out the registration form via email.

Our master class list, obviously, has some incorrect information.  We receive 8 bouncebacks when this website sends announcements.  If you have contact with any of these class members, have them send us their correct emails:  Anne Lockhart, Larry Smith, George Chapman, Susie Burgess, Roger McDowell, John Hinderliter, Glinda Anderson, and Karen Sue Kardatzke.  We have several other classmates that have no information, at all, and may never have it.  But, if you have contact with classmates, confer with each other about the reunion and have they heard about it???  If not, send us their information if they are willing to give it.

Please sign up on this website.  We have about 30 who have registered to be on this website.  Those who register get to communicate with each other, post pictures, and will be able to register for the reunion through the website.  Lots of pictures from our years in high school and reunions have been posted in the photo gallery on this website.   You may sign up through this link: 

David Dendurent, Gary Rebenstorf, Mike Kemmerer, Sherry Herndon Elder and Loretta Koehn Miller (Lottie) are working hard to provide you a successful 55th reunion!  Hope to see a big group attending!

November 19, 2016

Our West High 55th Reunion planning committee met today. (David Dendurent, Gary Rebenstorf, Mike Kemmerer, Sherry Herndon Elder, and me, Lottie Koehn Miller.) We approved the Hotel at Oldtown agreement and will sign it by Dec. 2 to keep the lower price for rooms.  

So that you can start saving money for the reunion, the cost of a hotel room, group rate, is $119 for a studio room and $139 for a queen studio...little larger.  There are King studios available at $129 and one bedroom suites for $189.  Keep in mind, prices are as much as $80- almost $200 cheaper than the standard rates.  If you go to "", you can see some of the rooms.  When it is time to start making reservations, we will let you know. We are working on the menu for the banquet that Saturday night, as well, and hoping to provide a selection at a flat rate.  Our plans are to have a luncheon served by the culinary dept. students at West High. (The Sunday breakfast is included in the room cost. That way, we can all spend our last day together in the Atrium...which is beautiful!)

As for the fee for attending the reunion, we are still working on that.  We have $1100 in our budget and are watching it very closely.  We have to put a $500 deposit down upon signing the agreement (part of which can be returned depending on how many rooms are reserved for the 2 nights).  That doesn't leave much, so we will need to assess a fee to pay for the entertainment, beverages, photo booth, ballroom costs, etc.  I'm holding back on paying anything to maintain this website...this is why there are still ads on the costs a lot to get rid of them.  Ignore them or "x" out of them!  We are at 1/2 the storage for the website, so we may have to put out a little to get more storage space.  SO, if you wish to send a donation to help us get started, please send it to me at 2331 N. Lakeway Ct., Wichita, KS 67205 and make the check out to "Wichita West Class of 1963 Reunions".  We could use donations next Fall when we start securing these services and sending out the registrations.

If you keep in contact with some of our class members and they have not registered on this website, please encourage them to do so. We hope to be able to take registrations online here on this website. Of course, we will have registrations available by email or snail mail, too, but online registrations would be so much easier.  Just hope we can go that direction.  We will make those decisions by the Fall of 2017.

I have received a couple of concerns about the cost of reunions.  This is why I am letting you know now about some of the costs.  Fees for the 50th reunion were around $60 per person.  We plan to not exceed that.  No promises...but, we understand, totally, the need to keep costs down as much as possible so that many of our classmates can attend.  

Looking so forward to having a successful 55th reunion!

Lottie Koehn Miller

Some of our classmates may be concerned about privacy with this website.  If you check out the "First Time Visitors" link on the left side, you will see that your privacy is safe.  I have copied and pasted that page here.

Hope to see more of you registering!!! This website is an amazing way for all us to keep connected and to learn more about the 2018 reunion!

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This site was created to connect and re-connect with our classmates (even those who will not be attending the reunions). We hope that this website will encourage more of our class members to attend our 55th reunion.  We had a great attendance at our 50th reunion.  Let's make our 55th even greater!

Everything you need to know about setting up a profile to gain access to the rest of our page is on this page. If you have questions, please contact Lottie (Loretta) Koehn.

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All class Email news sent from us to you via this web site: For those of you with spam blocking or email filtering capabilities, please add to your email account as a safe sender in order to ensure you receive email communications from us.

Please note that if you do not want your name and picture on this site it may be removed by contacting Lottie (Loretta) Koehn. This will end all communications to you from the West High School Class of 1963, unless you ask that special arrangements be made.


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Also, please note: We need your help to contact EVERY classmate. If you have information about any classmate, listed or not listed, please contact Lottie (Loretta) Koehn


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If you're ever curious about any link on the site, just click on it! There isn't anything on our site that will wreck your computer. Relax! Enjoy

I have already booked our 55th high school reunion at the Hotel at Oldtown!! Right there in Wichita's Oldtown. I led a conference there in 2012 and it was awesome...the rooms are beautiful, the hotel, itself, is beautiful, and the conference center is right across the is also booked for those dates. Reception in the atrium with a band playing to keep us entertained, buffet, on that Friday night and the "party" on that Saturday in the Conference Center. Put this date on your calendar, to log on to the next year until....Oct. 19 and 20, 2018!! Please pass this on to all the classmates with whom you still have contact!  Maybe with the earlier notice, we can have more people attend!

Loretta (Lottie) Koehn Miller