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•   Jim Gilroy  10/14
•   Joseph DiLalla  10/14
•   Beth Vanderpool (Bracale)  10/6
•   Cecilia Rolf (Duer)  10/5
•   Kimberly Agapi (Croyle)  10/4
•   Linda McIndoe (Ross)  10/2
•   Joseph Jamrus  10/1
•   Sue Arter (Palmer)  9/30
•   Greg Grimm  9/30
•   Ruth Shaffer (Harber)  9/29
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•   Lisa Mance (Mance)  10/29
•   Michael Shaffer  11/1
•   Doreen Stone (Parker)  11/3
•   Laura Gradwell (Balla)  11/5
•   Nancy Mackey (Brothers)  11/5
•   Vicki Kiehl (Grover)  11/6
•   Greg Grimm  11/8
•   Jim Gilroy  11/11
•   Theresa Foley (Trubiano)  11/19


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 33.2%

A:   156   Joined
B:   314   Not Joined

Willoughby South High School
Class Of 1978


Dear Classmates,

As promised, here are the results of our reunion survey

To sum things up, we learned the following;

-as of 3/21/17 59 classmates responded to the survey. 

-56% (33/59) voted for a casual affair with a meal (much like our 35th reunion) with a price around $25 per person.  (3 comments- click on blue "response" tab to read these.)

-50% (29/59) voted for no preference on a date.  June (8), July(7) August (6) September (6)  so no clear decision here ( 2 comments-click on blue "response" tab to read these.)

-32% (20/59) voted to have a tour of South High School, 12/59 voted for a golf outing and 12/59 voted for a family picnic (percentages off as you could vote for more than one option) (5 comments-click on blue "response" tab to read these.)

-16% (8/59) voted to hold the reunion at the Eagles Club again, 18%(9/59) voted to hold it at the Willoughby Brewing Company, and 16%  (8/59) voted to hold it at the Willoughby Brim Brewery.  No clear winner here.  (7 comments-click on blue "response" tab to read these.)

-72% (41/59) of the class voted to continue having reunions every 5 years, 26% (15/59) voted to hold them every 10 years.  (1 comment-click on blue "response" tab to read these.)

-14 classmates left comments-(click on blue "response" tab to read these.)

Some feedback on some of the comments

If attendance seems like it might be low, perhaps we could combine our reunion with other graduating classes, like 1975 through 1980."    We tried to do this- I even met with class of 77 at their inaugural meeting- they passed"  I mentioned it to class of 79 as well- no response.  Maybe next time!

"It would be nice to have an informal get together on Friday (Willoughby Brewing Company?), a formal dinner on Saturday night, and a golf outing/family picnic on Sunday (Punderson?). That's my thoughts."   We will be discussing this, if we plan it,will you come?

"Have people send on Old photos put them on a slides how to play during reunion"  We have tried things like this before- would love to do it again!  Let us know your thoughts!

"ask trixie to have it at her house. We could rent a tent, port a potty and hire food"  Is this from Trixie?  Let us know!

We will be meeting again tomorrow, Wednesday March 22nd at 6:30 at the Willoughby Brewing Company. (All welcome!) We will discuss all of the information and begin to make decisions.  We will keep you informed of the planning.  Please continue to share the website address and encourage missing classmates to sign up!

Thanks again!

40th Class Reunion Committee