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08/19/14 06:59 AM #7    


Joe Bailey

What is the appropriate attire for the Saturday night event?

08/19/14 02:57 PM #8    


Charles Sovick

Joe, this came from Judi:

This is for Saturday Night:

No men are not wearing suits
Dress code: casual dress meaning Sunday best. 
NO SHORTS. Men wear pants and golf shirt jacket would be nice. Tie is not necessary. 
NO SHORTS. Woman wear slacks, shirt or dress. 
Sunday afternoon?


Shorts welcome at all other times!~


Chuck Sovick

08/19/14 07:24 PM #9    

Ronald Jackson

Good to know. Casual is fine because I am preparing for Spine Surgery on 8/25 in Cincinnati. My legs are giving me problems, but I will be there Saturday..


Ron Jackson

08/20/14 02:04 PM #10    

Jean Headley (Darmody)

As Ron Jackson says, I'm also having leg problems (had knee surgery in April and still not totally right).  Can't stand for very long or walk any distance, so hope there will be lots of places to sit (and FANS to alleviate what is sure to be a hot and humid weekend).  I'm looking forward to seeing all the classmates, and there will be plenty of Clean Jean the Cookie Queen Chocolate Chip Cookies to share at all the various events, even the "after party" in Happy Silverman's and my adjoining rooms after the Saturday night reunion.  See y'all soon!!! Jean Headley Darmody, Pacifica, California.

08/26/14 07:21 PM #11    


Joe Bailey

I would like to take this chance to thank everyone on the reunion committee and everyone else who had a part in putting together a wonderfull event.  As some of you know, this was my first reunion and I honestly did not know what to expect.  It is hard to describe all of the emotions that I felt during our time in Youngstown.  Martha and I had a great time (she says she thinks she had more fun than I did) and truly enjoyed seeing everyone from the class of "64".  

08/27/14 09:38 AM #12    

Patricia Bannon (Sprague)

I would also like to thank all the reunion committee members for all the time and thought they put into planning a wonderful reunion.  I know those of us who attended can't imagine all the details and hours that went into making this reunion so successful.  I have been lucky to attend all but one reunion, but this one being the 50th, was very special.  I feel lucky to have been a part of such a wonderful class.  Thank you again for all your thoughtfulness and I wanted you to know how much it was appreciated.  It was a very special weekend!


08/27/14 03:36 PM #13    

Judy Handel (Stone)

From Judy Handel Stone

It was so wonderful to spend the evening with so many amazing classmates.  Thank you for a great time!  See you in 5!


08/27/14 06:19 PM #14    


Charles Sovick

The Half-Century Reunion was a honor to attend and will hold memories for life. I thank the fantastic Reunion Committee for all their hard work for making this a memorable three days.

The Committee spent time taking care of every detail of the event.  Many may not know but they start working on this as a group a year and half from the actual date of the event. It unbelieveable they have been doing this for fifty-years.

We are the benefactors of a great event that our classmates have worked and put great effort to make successful.

I will cherish the friendships of this event for the rest of my life. i look forward to seeing you with God's help in five years.

God Bless You All!


Chuck Sovick

Warriors 1964 Forever!


08/28/14 12:18 PM #15    


George Alexee

...just wanted to add my thanks to the 50th Reunion Committee for the great job they did for us this past weekend...enjoyed seeing and speaking with all I was able to do so...

08/28/14 09:11 PM #16    

Ronald Pusateri


Hey all classmates and especially the 50th reunion committee.  WOW!  What a great time Tammy and I had in Y-town with the great class of 64!  Starting with the reunion committee...thank you so much for all of your hard work; we attended everything including the bus ride.  That was actually my first ride on a school bus,  otherwise I walked those 5 miles, well maybe 3.  I was pleasantly surprised with the bus tour, really feeling better about good ole Youngstown.  

I know there was a lot of work but you managed to make a whole bunch of classmates and spouses very happy.  Now on to my next thought...yes when can we get back together...can't wait for the next 5 or 10 year, we all may not live so long.  Every year that goes by puts us at risk to lose another class mate.  Any how we should consider a 70th birthday party event, somewhere, someplace outside Youngstown and even outside the state of Ohio.  

Thanks again to all who attended, I really enjoyed seeing everyone, and hope to get together with some of you in Columbus.

Thanks again,

Ron and Tammy Pusateri


08/28/14 10:42 PM #17    

C Michael Gooden

My Fellow Classmates,


I just wanted to send this message to express my sincere appreciation for all of the effort that made our 50th Reunion weekend so successful. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in several of the events, and particularly the Reunion celebration Saturday evening.

During the weekend, I was reminded of what a special group of individuals that I had the privilege of sharing my formative years with. I do believe that I am qualified to say this, as I have a large basis of comparison. I left Youngstown within a few days of our graduation for duty in the U S Navy. Since that time, I have lived in some 24 different places throughout the country from New Jersey to California, east to west; and from Illinois to Georgia, north to south. I have visited every state except North Dakota. And I have traveled to over 47 countries. I continued my education while serving in the navy receiving an undergraduate degree from a “public Ivy” and a graduate degree from an Ivy league university. My professional experiences encompassed the military, industry and academia, and I have worked from the deck plates to the boardroom. Needless to say, I have encountered a broad cross-section of humanity over the past 50 years, and you, my fellow classmates, represent the “cream of the crop”.

I read a book some years ago written by Jared Diamond, an evolutionary biologist. The book, “Gun, Germs and Steel”, is based on his research in the evolution of humans over the past 13,000 years. His premise is that historically, environmental factors are actually responsible for history's broadest patterns in humans. In this context, when I think about the Petri dish that was the public school system on the Southside of Youngstown during the ‘50s and early ‘60s, and consider the results 50 years later, I have to believe that there is a lot of merit to Mr. Diamond’s premise.

It is my perception that our environment resulted in South High’s class of ‘64, a group of individuals who are very capable and competitive, but who also possess a sense of fair play; who have a strong work ethic, balanced with the ability to enjoy down time; who are committed to family and country; and who delight in seeing the successes of each other. These were some of my many thoughts over the weekend as I shared time with you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people throughout the country and the world held each other in such high esteem?

Thanks again to the Reunion Team for all of your hard work in making the weekend so enjoyable. I will have fond memories for many years to come.

Best wishes to all in the years ahead.


Warmest Regards,

Mike Gooden











09/01/14 11:14 AM #18    

Peter Cordon

I like every one else wish to thank the committee for a wonderful reunion. The hard work showed. What I enjoyed was all the different venues, golf, picnic, private social club gathering, bus ride and of courses the main event on Saturday night. What this offered, for those of us not local, was a chance to visit longer and catch up with more people over the three day period of time.

This approach was excellent.  


Peter Cordon

09/01/14 07:17 PM #19    

Janie Wagner (Lamar)

Kudos to our ever faithful reunion committee for creating such a stellar weekend to celebrate our 50th.  Such fun!

09/03/14 02:38 PM #20    

Barbara Leonard (Smith)

On behalf of the 50th SHS Reunion Committee members, we would like to take the time to thank each and everyone of you for your very kind, thoughtful, and heartwarming comments posted on this website message forum.  We loved planning and organizing it, but it would never have been the success it was without your support in attending all of our events.  Every thing was so worthwhile knowing how much you enjoyed our reunion.  We thank YOU!  Rich and Judy Berg planned our picnic at Boardman Park, and I think everyone who attended felt it was a huge success and we thank them.  And for our Friday night "meet and greet" at the Sigma, we thank Rich Nagel for arranging our use of it, as well as Cole and Sandy Pentz for so graciously supplying the beer kegs.  Those of us who went on the Youngstown Bus Tour on Saturday morning had a wonderful trip thanks to Tom Anderson who arranged for the free cost of the trip and he donated $50 as a tip for the bus driver.

Thank you to those donating toward the Youngstown Historical Society and to Bill Lawson President of the Society and our tour guide.  We collected $500 to present to him for a copper plaque in honor of Harry Burt, original owner of the building.  The plaque will be displayed in the building and will be engraved with "South High School Class of 1964."

We were so happy to welcome some of our first time attendees and hope it was everything you expected.  Please come again.  We would like to possibly plan a much more simplified party in the year we all turn 70, which is creeping upon us very quickly.  We'd also like to plan a 55th reunion, but we are a small committee and would like your comments as to how we can simplify it, but still make it an event everyone would like to attend.

We would like to encourage everyone to use this, our SHS website to stay in touch and keep your information updated.  We paid for it for five years, but it began in Feb., 2013 so we still have three and a half years left before it would be renewed.  Please also send your current email addresses to Marlene Maurer Dailey at:   Again on our behalf, thank you so much for coming and celebrating such a wonderful reunion.  Please stay in touch.



09/06/14 05:46 PM #21    

Michele Jeffries (Tate)

Hello to all , I had to respond to all the wonderful comments posted . Here it is September 9th and I Am Still smiling . Thank you planning   committee  for such a wonderful weekend even though I live in Cleveland ,I don't often get to youngstown . I loved re-connecting with everyone . Everyone looks so great (class of 1964 ages with grace and  class) . Our senior year a group of 15 class mates formed a social club called SIC'S= sisters incorporated We had our own sorority. and partied for ever :) To reunite with them was so wonderful and special . Mary Bowman you are so special Made all of us hang with you until 4 am .If God willing I hope to see all of you at 55yrs . I can't say enough about the planning committee ,from my children to friends in cleveland I tell everyone what a GREAT job,  You can tell lots of thought and love went into the event . Always remember, The best way to bring focus into your life is NEVER place a question mark where God has put a period. God Bless.  Michele (Miki) Jeffries  XOXO

10/17/14 10:18 AM #22    

Judi Nussbaumer (Hanna)

Happy Friday Birthday to our buddy Chuck Sovick!!  Enjoy your special day!

12/30/14 12:35 AM #23    

Adilah Bilal

I had such a wonderful weekend at our reunion.  It was wonderful to see everyone and I am looking forward to the next time.  To all those who participated in the planning of the events,  I say thank you so much for the great job you did.  It was fun from the beginning to the end and I am so happy that I was able to participate.  I have pictures but have not figured out how to add them to this site.  Sorry, I am challenged in that area.  Anyway, my email is  If you want some of the pictures, I will be happy to email them to you.  Here's wishing everyone a wonderful New Year and I am looking forward to seeing all of you again.



07/18/15 10:50 AM #24    

Dennis Vitt

Here it is almost one year after our 50th class reunion and I still think of all of you often. Words alone can't describe my feelings toward the special people that I have been lucky enough to know for over half of a century. 

 If anyone out there would like to talk about "anything" I would be more than simply happy to listen.




Your class and friend,


 Denny Vitt 

 Home phone# (330) 755-2559

 Cel#(330) 423-8360




07/19/15 01:20 PM #25    

Sylvia Dick (Mckinley)

Denny, How sweet of you, yes it was wonderful to see our old classmates and it was just a great weekend. Hard to believe almost another year has gone by. 70 is approaching for most of us, not long ago that seemed "old" to me. My knees feel old but I think most of us are facing 70 younger and healthier than our parents and grandparents. Hopefully most of us will be around for the 55th reunion. Will be here before we know it.


07/20/15 02:53 PM #26    

Marlene (Helen) Maurer (Dailey)

So, who wants to take on the task of planning a 70th birthday year get-together for all of us for next year????  Wouldn't that be fun and we wouldn't have to wait 4 more years to see each other!  Oh come on.  Don't all volunteer at once :-)

Marlene (Maurer) Dailey

07/20/15 07:57 PM #27    


Perry Santangelo

Hi, I heard that some where meeting at qunicy bar on Market street if so what night. Perry Santangelo. Email

07/21/15 05:14 PM #28    

Dennis Vitt

I'll help out, keep me I formed.



07/22/15 11:40 AM #29    

Judi Nussbaumer (Hanna)

Ray's Boardman 1963 class is having a 70th birthday picnic next month, Aug 22 in Canfield at a classmates backyard.  We plan on attending  I'll let you know what the agenda will be   I think if our class would have the same thing many classmates would attend.  Five years is a long time to wait,  although I pray we'll all be here for our 70th HS reunion just not our birthdays.  You started a Great conversation Denny!   Thanks Mar for your suggestion to celebrate a milestone for all of us!  Happy Summer!   It's been HOT in the south for the last 8 weeks and I like it hot!  - Judi 




01/25/18 05:13 PM #30    

Judi Nussbaumer (Hanna)

We appreciate those who have updated their address and email.  This is important as it's our way to continue to keep in touch with one another.  Hope everyone is healthy and enjoying life!   - Judi Hanna

06/11/18 06:39 PM #31    

Judi Nussbaumer (Hanna)

Peter Cordon, Jane Richardson, & Barb Turner's emails keep bouncng back.  If anyone has their current email please send it to me.  We want to keep our records updated.  This helps the committee when sending information to us for any gathering.  Please email me their current email address and I'll update their profile.   Thank you!   I'm wishing you all good health and have a fun safe summer!  My head tells me I'm 50 but that's my daughter!  That's hard for me to say!  - Judi

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