20 Yr Pictures


         THANK YOU to Jodi Zimmerman (Sauer) for the delicious cake!

Tina Maass (Small), Lori Poznanski (Nelson), Scott Nelson and Jeff Hebel

Becky Ane Roth and Dan Thurston

Sarah Braun (Payton)

Eric and Tammy Scott, Roxanne Thurston and Rick Kutz

Rick Kutz and Dan Thurston

Michael Morgan, Kris Klaila (Morgan), Dale Small, Scott Nelson, Lori Poznanski and Tina Maass (Small)

Eric and Tammy Scott, Janeen Laatsch (Ruby), Julie Barnharst, Dan Thurston and Rob Barnharst

Adrienne Buchanan (Sickenberger), Mike Gladem and Faith Baal (Gladem)

Janeen Laatsch (Ruby), PJ and Jodi Thieren, Dan Thurston, Rob Barnharst, Matt and Janeen Hutchinson

Sarah Braun (Payton) and Jonathan Sopha

Mike and Faith Baal (Gladem)

Lynn Monteufel (Rathsack), Angie Kowalske (Koppen), Kitzi Wells (Muniz), Kim Caldwell, Amy Reddeman (Kangas) and Sarah Braun (Payton)

"Primitive Culture"

Lynn Monteufel (Rathsack), Scott and Lori Nelson and Angie Kowalske (Koppen)

Cyndy Hipke (Korb) and Kitzi Wells (Muniz) aka Energizer Bunny!

Kim Caldwell, Amy Reddeman (Kangas) and Dana Hebel (Westberg)

Lynn Monteufel (Rathsack), Angie Kowalske (Koppen), Kim Caldwell, Kitzi Wells (Muniz) and Amy Reddeman (Kangas) and Rick Kutz

Cyndy Hipke (Korb) and Mike Morgan

Shawn Wheeler, Zoe Payton, Amy Reddeman (Kangas) and Sarah Braun (Payton)

Jason Korb, Erik Kangas and Dwayne Payton - playing "Kubbe" (I think thats the name)

Chris Koppen, Erik Kangas, Jason Korb

Mr. T! and "Wheels"

Angie Kowalske (Koppen), Adrienne Buchanan (Sickenberger), Kim Caldwell and Lynn Monteufel (Rathsack)

Dana Hebel (Westburg), Kim Caldwell, Sarah Braun (Payton), Adrienne Buchanan (Sickenberger), Amy Reddeman (Kangas), Angie Kowalske (Koppen) and Patti Judd (Purtell)

Matt Kendell and son

Kitzi and Sarah - setting out Kitzi's homemade beans and SALSA!!! 

Yum, who can resist all this home made food?!  

Kitzi, Tom Rathsack, Sarah and Ray Wipperfurth in the background.

Ray Wipperfurth and Lee Kreyer

PJ Thieren and Lee Kreyer

PJ and Jodi Thieren, out for an afternoon ride.

Matt and Janeen Hutchinson - also on the boat tour

Rob Barnharst - the Tour Guide

Tom Rathsack, Pat Westberg, Roxanne Thurston, Jonathan Sopha, Shawn Wheeler, Dana Hebel (Westberg) and Dan Thurston

Kitzi - doin' her thing!

Janeen Laatsch (Ruby), Matt Hutchinson and Cyndy Hipke (Korb)

Adrienne Buchanan (Sickenberger) and Danny Sickenberger

Sarah and Ray

Sarah and Dwayne Payton, he was tired after hanging out for over 10 hours.

Wheels and Energizer Bunny!

Adrienne Buchanan (Sickenberger) and Jodi Thieren

Statistician Hutchinson and Attorney Sopha


Dan Thurston, PJ Thieren and Mike Thurston

Jesse Dahnke and Jeff Blazek

Don and Rachel Weisensel (Hehl) and Rob Barnharst

Rick Kutz and Dwayne Payton

Chuck Brokish, Sarah Braun (Payton), Kara See (Brokish) and Dana Hebel (Westberg)

Chuck and Kara See (Brokish)

Rick and Kitzi

Dan Thurston - not sure what song he's signing!

hhhmmm, Lynn and Kitzi aren't quite sure of the words......

Jesse and Lee

Kitzi and Chris Cook

Dana Hebel (Westberg) and Jonathan Sopha