Teachers and Staff

Principal - Kent Rosberg

Assistant Principals - Thomas Lovett and Warren Tickle

ENGLISH - Robert Coolidge, Ernest Bainton, Al Southard, Bruce Ives, Mrs Randy Lyman, Larry Heath, Charles Churchill, Susan Poor, Johanna Sweet, Paul Quimby, Ray Lord

SPECIAL ED - Janice Hayes and Judy Lavoie

LIBRARY - Ruby Pearson, Martha Roundy and Muriel Stockman

SCIENCE - Helen Steele, Phil Martin, William Wood, William johnstone, Wayne Shipman, Donald Gagner and David Kinmond

MATH - Roger Person, Robert Thomas, Steve Metz, Dorothy Conery, Ed Roundy, Herbert Petelle, Bruce Herrmann and James Taylor

HISTORY - David Knox, Peter Hayes, David Robbins, Phil Decelle, Stephen Durgan, Barbara Zulauf, and Marcia Walters

ART - Nancy Lindsey, Lee Gridley, Kenneth Heleen and Sally Allen

FOREIGN LANGUAGE - Fred Fernald, Jean Perkins, Linda Allison and Ray Lambert

BUSINESS - James Hathcock, Claire Sleeper and Kent Lauber

HOME EC - Judy Tickle

FAMILY LIFE - Carrie Jane Robinson, Barbara Belanger and Barbara Bald

INDUSTRAIL ARTS - Mark Rines, John Aron, John Markowitz, Doug Cady and Edward Sayce

VOCATIONAL ED - Arthur Brunt, Carl Contois and John Caneen

MUSIC - Virginia Jackson, Kenneth Hamel and Ted Hewitt

GUIDANCE - Richard Ziegler

HEALTH - Priscilla Lord, Andre Lavoie and Eleanor Fairfield

DRIVER ED - Frank Tupper

PHYS ED - John Rumpf, Carol Pierce, Larry Urda and Constance Tanguay

OFFICE - Helen Thielker, Virginia Corson, Dorothy Robarts and Betty O'Connell