Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I upload photos or other content into the site.
    1. Click on the "Archive" menu button to reveal a sub menu. Click on the sub menu that would be the most appropriate place to upload your file. Select the menu with the word "Gallery" in it. Click on the button to open your own gallery that will store and display your images. You can add to the gallery or delete from it. Other people willl be able to see the image but not change it.
    2. A second way of uploading photos is by clicking the menu button on the left hand menu called "Edit/Upload Photos" This will add images to your personal profile.
  2. I would like to upload a pdf file rather than a jpg image. How can I do that?
    1. Photo galleries only accept jpg files. It is relatively easy to to convert a pdf into a jpg. See below.
    2. Site administrators can upload pdf and other files like video and audio and would be happy to do that but they will not be shown in your photo gallery. The photo gallery only accepts jpg files. Send an email to editors if you would like to upload any file other than a jpg. They will be able to load it into a page, but not into your gallery.
  3. How do I convert a pdf file into a jpg file?
    1. There are several ways to do this;
      1. If you have Photoshop then you can open your pdf in Photoshop and then save it as a jpg.
      2. If you have Powerpoint then you can do screen shots of the jpg (by hitting shift Prt Scr on an IBM compatible) and pasting into Powerpoint. Trim and resize to suit and then print the Powerpoint presentation as jpgs.  
      3. Relatively inexpensive (i.e. less tha $50) and free software is available over the internet that is purpose built to transform pdf files into jpg and other formats. This site  and this site are both recommended in the forums however the eidtors have not used the products.
  4. The software asks me to "whitelist" the site. What does that mean?
    1. You may configure your email software in many different ways. Some people set up their software to block "spam" software. Generally the software looks for patterns to decide whether to block or not. One of the common patterns that triggers a blockage is when a broadcast email is received that is automatically generated to be sent to many people. Our web site does this to, for example, broadcast information about forthcoming activities. It is generally possible to "whitelist" emails from this site so that your email software does not block them. Try looking up "whitelist" in your email software help menu.
  5. Is my information kept confidential?
    1. Generally speaking options have been set so that only class mates can see information which is managed through the password protection at login.
  6. However as a general rule it is safest to assume that nothing on the web is confidential. You should assume that a "clever" person can break in and copy anything.
    1. So please don't enter anything that you would not be happy for other people to see.
  7. What happens with the information that I am asked to upload during registration?
    1. The only mandatory information required is your email address and a password. You are wise to use a password that you don't use on other sites.
    2. If you don't wish to enter information in a field then leave it blank or if the software won't let you then put "not applicable" or similar in the field. If you leave a field blank then the topic does not show on your classmate profile.
    3. The information that you are happy to input is shown to classmates. The software automatically shows forthcoming birthdays. Who knows you might get a birthday greeting you didn't expect.
  8. I would like to get occasional emails with worthwhile news about activities I might be interested in, but I don't want to recieve emails on everything.
    1. Click on the "Notify me" menu button to select what you would like to receive.
    2. We do recommend that you select at least the button which says "An administrator sends an email to all Classmates."
  9. What if I find some remark offensive? What can I do about it?
    1. One person's idea of a minor practical joke can be embarrassing for another. If you find anything that is offensive to you then please report it to the editors who will endeavour to remove it.
    2. The editors reserve the right to remove anything from the web site without apology or explanation.
  10. "In The News" provides another way to help keep abreast of what classmates are up to. Please let us know if there is a reference to you or your work or to fellow classmates on the web that might be of interest to your classmates.
    1. If the refererence is in printed form rather than on the web then please scan it and attach it as a jpg file so that we can show it "In The News".
    2. We are not a newspaper so we don't feel the need to cover every point of view. We will only refer to positive "News" and will remove anything on request.