Interest in 35th year reunion Survey

Hello Classmates!  In June of 2017 will be 35 years since we graduated high school.  Yikes!  The reunion committee will continue to plan our annual informal picnic each summer as long as there is interest.  But, we want to know if there is an interest in something more formal for our 35th.  Please fill out the following survey.  Individual answers will not be seen by anyone other than administrators of the site but general results will be displayed.

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1)   * Would you like to have an official reunion in 2017 for our 35th?

2)   * How often would you like to have an official reunion?

3)   * What type of reunion would you like to have?

4)   * If we have a official 35th reunion are you planning on attending?

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5)   * How much would you be willing to spend to attend an official reunion?

6)   I would like to be on the reunion committee.

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7)   Any additional suggestions or comments for the reunion committee.