40th Class Reunion

Hello Classmates!

Please complete the following survey about our 40th class reunion.  We would love to have your input.

Also, please make sure your email is updated on this website.  If you see one of your friends hasn't joined yet, please encourage them to do so if they want to get notifications.



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1)   Are you interested in attending a 40th class reunion?

Yes No
2)   If we have a reunion this year, what type of event would you most enjoy?

  Picnic/ bonfire at a local park
  Picnic/ bonfire at a classmate's house
  Formal sit-down dinner
  Casual dinner at a restaurant in a private room
  Casual dinner meet up at a local restaurant
3)   What activities would you like to be included?

4)   How much would you be willing to spend to attend?

  Up to $25 per person
  Up to $50 per person
  Up to $75 per person
  Up to $100 per person
5)   Do you have any suggestions and/or connections for where we can have the reunion?

6)   Would you like to help with the planning?

Yes No
7)   Would you be interested to have other events planned in addition to the actual reunion?

  Golf - morning of event
  Golf - day after event
  Golf - day before event
  Casual meet up at a bar night before
  Meet up Walk / bike in the park day after
  Meet up Breakfast/ brunch day after
  Something else?
8)   Any additional comments or suggestions?