55 Year Reunion


Hello everyone.  Your committee has prepared information and registration forms.   The forms will be in the mail the first of June.

Hello again.  By now you should have received your information/registration packet.  We are pleased the way it looks and that we got it out on time.  HOWEVER, the information did not include to whom you should make the check payable.  Make it payable to Alton High School Class of 1960. 











The committee was able to hold the cost to $45 for a sit down dinner at a beautiful setting.

The fun begins October 1 at the Regal Beagle for those who arrive early.

A mixer is at Mac's Time Out Lounge the evening of the 2nd.

On Saturday the 3rd you can play golf, shoot pool, take a river cruise, and/or tour the campus of LCCC before joining your classmates for dinner.

Watch for your invitation to get all the news.  If you do not receive the information, call Janet (Baxter)  Hansen, 618 466 1970.

Go to the following link to see what you have been missing if you have not been home for a while.



Please send Tom Wyatt any information/photos you would like to include in a slide show he is preparing.  


     Marilyn Hope Waide Lake is still monitoring the passing of our classmates.                         Let's hope she has a slow year.   Thanks Marilyn 

                             lakehope@msn.com   620-663-5563








                                                                          Janet Baxter Hansen

                                                                                   618 466 1970



Jean Kolkmeyer Rathgeb                    Allen Tuetken                                     Jo Ann Goodwin Huntsman

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      Pam Flory                                                   Larry Donahue                    Georgia (Overby) Unthank                                   618-463-1709                                    618 259 1998                                618 466 3505

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     Shirley (Clowers) Noble                               Stan McAfoos                                  Joan (Carroll) Butenbach

    618 466 6697                                                            618 462 8324                                                   618 830 6845

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 Sandra Rives                                                                 Phil Kardis                                                 Tom Wyatt                          818 935 4743                                                                618-208-7523                                               618-465-3405                              rives17@yahoo.com                                                 pjkard@cs.com                                tswalton@att.net