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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In New York, NY USA
Spouse/Partner Robert C. Dawson
Occupation Artistic Director, theatre/classical music company, NYC

COLLEGE: Hobart and Wiliam Smith Colleges, Geneva, Up State NY.
FIRST JOB: English Literature, American Lit., Poetry, Drama HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER, UpState NY. How I LOVED teaching! I had AMAZING students, grades 9-12; both college bound and finishing high school……Taught acting/direction/set design to interested students; they performed for a large comunity——BRAND NEW to the population, and very well received. Broke my heart to leave…..but my lifelong dream to work in the professional theatre, to study at an excellent acting/directing studio; to go to New York University for Masters Degree, all in New York City, was pulling me away from UpState NY.

Moved to NYC in 1974; landed a fascinating job as the Education and Marketing Director of a Union theatre company; the USA was my territory; did a treendous amount of traveling; met marvelous, creative, productive artists and administrators, all working for the good of the “theatre” everywhere in the USA. This work was challenging, and rewarding. Worked at this job for over 10 years, during the day;
studied acting ( Sanford Meisner “Method”) for four years, two nights a week in class; rehearsals with acting partner every day; very serious commitment, but it FED me; continues to feed me daily in my current job, which is so much fun! as well as demanding. NEVER going to retire……except to travel.

Have lived in NYC nonstop since 1974; have worked as Managing Director; Artistic Director of a theatre company; Consultant in all areas of the performing arts; Lecturer; Writer——After i finished studying acting/directing in Ed Moor’s Studio at night, publisher Holt, Rinehart and Winston asked me to co-author a university textbook about the theatre. Hardest work I have ever done: to conceive a brand new, "different" book and to WRITE IT at night and weekends——turned out to be a best seller; was on the market for 21 years; now out of print. ( Currently writing another non fiction book, not about the theatre.) Yes, I am arts-driven. My fiancé is a constantly working pianist/composer; very talented.

BIG REGRET: Never had children; missed that miracle; met Dawson too late to start a family. I extend my congratulations and my deep appreciation to all you parents/grandparents in our class…….I helped to raise five glorious nieces—loved ALL of it, even the bad colds, unhappy moods…..the LIGHTS of my life, they are….

So terribly sorry illness prevented me from attending Reunion, to visit with my good friends, and with those of you I did not really know at AHS….( I was a shy Geek….) Huge disappointment, after anticipating for two years…….I have received recent emails about what a SUCCESS the reunion was, for so many alumns….

Very few of us settled in NYC——Lorraine Broderick and I live within 8 blocks of one another——What a career she is still having! We hang out, when we both have time off from work. Lorraine hosted Christine Borreli Cook and Mary Kyger Norman and her husband, Dr. Jeff, last week. Our friendships go back to grammar school in Andover, and are life long. What wonderful, relaxed hours we lived………priceless time….. as AHS Reunion would have been for me, if I had been healthy enough to travel. I AM well——just have had chronic migraine headaches since 2001; I experienced a tough one on travel day.

Lastly: the planning of Reunion brought Judith Kane to my attention——we have deeply renewed our friendship. My thanks to the devoted, helpful, smart Reunion Planning Committee——You “opened the door” to my renewing relationships. I am very grateful. Warm wishes to every AHS alum who has had the patience to read my comments. I thank you. I would love to hear from you. Christine

School Story

Best lession learned: Had the great, good fortune of studying with Mr. Hixon, History, senior year. Our last responsibility in his remarkable class was to write a relatively long paper on a 20th Century historical event. I chose June 6, 1944, “D-Day.” But I was very busy studying, writing for our yearbook, singing with Mr. Gould—wasn’t HE WONDERFUL? Studying voice after school; practice; practice daily. Bottom line: I got “behind” in my “D-Day” essay; I needed MORE TIME to write a really comprehensive paper, or so I thought. On the Monday before the Friday Mr. Hixon’s essay was due, I met with Mr. Hixon; was SURE he would give me “an extension.” He simply said, “For a long time you have known the paper is due on Friday. Listen to me: THE PAPER is DUE on Friday. NO EXTENSION.”

The value of what he taught me with his decision: I discovered very FAST in college that “No EXTENSIONS” was the rule——an unbreakable one. I have experienced in living my NYC life that there rarely are “extensions” in living one’s life. Mr. Hixon held a very high bar for me at AHS; his choice imprinted itself upon my personality——I always plan on sailing over that bar. Often I fail; when I do, I decide to do better the next time.

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Looking forward to June 3rd at Jeannie’s home in NH for mini-Reunion…….The list of classmates attending is very intriguing. Should be a fantastic day! Wish more of you were attending——I was unable to go to AHS September 21-24, 2016 Reunion due to illness, but heard how absolutely wonderful it was. IF you wish to join us on the 3rd, just reach out to Jeannie ( Ellis) Ormord, or Jane (O’Connor) Franz. It is NEVER too late to reconnect! Chris

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Dear Marshall,

I am not sure if we were friends or acquaintances at A. H. S., but if you are a good friend of Judith Kane, who is one of my closet friends, then I bet we knew each other. I am hoping you will come to the Reunion, that we may see one another again.
My late uncle Randy was in the USAF in WWII……unfortunately he didn’t come home. I have always held the American Service people in very hgh esteem, even during the unfortunate Vietnam War. I always felt so ashamed of the way young Americans treated our service people when they came back home to the States. I hope, if you fought in that terrible war, you were not wounded; and received a warm welcome upon your return.

If you worked in the USAF in another capacity, I hope it was fulfilling.

Warm wishes,

Christine Prendergast