2021 Class reunion

Maureen, Patti, and Debra -

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50th reunion survey -

Sure, we’ve all heard of a fiftieth year class reunion, but we never really thought it would happen to us.

Well folks, here it comes! We’re a small group of slightly twisted people who brought you the 40th, 41st, and the 45th class reunions and have gotten together again to endeavor to make the fiftieth a reality. Things have fallen into place in a surprisingly organized fashion and we’re moving ahead with a single focus, your enjoyment.

The idea is to come, have fun, tell a few lies and renew old friendships with the other Atoms that made Annandale High School the legend that it is. You'll be missed if you don't show, so come and help make this a reunion to remember! 

So, come as you are, not as you were, and join with us in celebration of the friendships that have shaped us and the memories that remain.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Your Class Reunion Committee

PS - Enjoy catching up with people you’ve lost track of over the years. Enjoy some downtime with good food and drink. Don’t stress out about the details, it’s all very casual.

Please let us know if you plan on attending so we can plan accordingly –

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The reunion date will be near the end of September or early October 2021.
The price will be approximately $130.00 per person for the Friday night ice breaker and Saturday night gala.  There will be other activities and events throughout the weekend at additional costs.  Your reply will help us determine the venue size, ultimate individual costs, and event plans. Please complete the survey and return by March 1, 2020.

Thank you


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