A lot of you that come to this site will not remember me. I was just another student in a very large class.  BUT I was a TWIN!!!  (My claim to fame).  I hadn't been to a class reunion since our 10th so for our 30th I wanted to reconnect with some of my friends from the days of our youth.  I thought I would setup an account on but with the costs, the ads and the openness, I was leary of sharing my information.  Facebook was a nice tool, but it is becoming too large, unpredictable and unsafe to connect with others, although we do have a group on Facebook for our class.  I felt that our Reunion Committee needed a central location from which to gather all of us together.

I thought about creating this site from scratch, but quickly realized that I did not have the skills to do that.    My goal of pulling everyone back together for the long term was an important one and I wanted a site that could be easily maintained by anyone with common sense and the willingness to take over should I no longer be around or able to maintain it.  I spent quite a bit of time researching and comparing website systems before selecting the current system.  My attraction to this particular system was the stability of the company as well as their product's flexibility, features (current and planned) and backup processes (on and offsite).  I went to work on creating the pages and to add all of the names of the students in our graduating class.   I am in process of scanning in and cropping the class pictures which I am loading up to the student profiles. (Very slow on this though).  Our reunion committee is hoping this site will bring us all together for the future.

With this site, you may restrict your information from the public and from search engines (See FAQ & PRIVACY).   You may even protect it so that only the web administrators have access to your information.  I have locked down most of the pages, so no trolling is allowed by casual observers.  You will have to sign in to access any of our information, other than the list of classmates and Home Page.

I have enjoyed reconnecting with some of my friends in the last couple months, a few that I had never really known in school. 

So, please come in.  You are welcome here.  I am looking forward to seeing the ones I know and in getting to know many others.  To get started - make a profile and start looking around!

God's Blessings,

Charlene "Butcher" Burns

P.S.  It's now time for our 35th Class Reunion and boy has time flown.  I haven't done very good at all in keeping up this website, but I hope I can do better in the future if I can keep healthy.